December 21, 2011

Songs of the Season/ Canciones de Crisma

♪♫ Si-i-lent Night, Ho-o-ly Night. All is calm, All is bright ♪♫

As a child I remember being enchanted and entranced by the haunting music of Silent Night. Not only was the melody so peaceful and calming, but the lyrics spoke of a dreamlike world, one that could only live in my imagination. Silent? Calm? In a Cuban household?     JU SO FONII !!! 

Bueno, we did get the “bright” part of it right. Ok, ok, si, I know, I found out years later that this song is also in Spanish, but bb (that’s BB as a child) didn’t know that and thought it must be a school song because it definitely didn’t reflect any Christmas she ever knew. And how about “White Christmas” or the ever popular, “Winter Wonderland”? Being a niña from Miami, bb knew these had to be make-believe- kinda like Frosty the Snowman. Now, the Little Drummer Boy- at least that one had a drum in it and she could relate.

As an adult I of course enjoy a slew of holiday songs, with topics from sleighbells to sentimental. However, my first Christmas song I heard in Spanish will always be my favorite, Mi Burrito Sabanero. The original version of this song is the one we played in our fiestas Navideñas, and everyone danced, young and old, when this was on. ♫♪ tuqui, tuqui, tuqui, tuqui, tuqui, tuqui, tuqui, tu ♫♪ Isn’t this the perfect Christmas song? It tells the story of Christ’s birth, es bailable, the voice of the little boy pulls at the heart strings, and it’s even a bit comical if you visualize it. The Little Drummer Boy a lo latino. Come on now, can’t you just see that burrito trotting hurriedly to see the King while the claymation Little Drummer Boy is being jostled up and down? Now you know the real reason he was so serious in that show…

Esta bien, it’s true, I’m a child of the sixties, but you have to admit, the visual will get you smiling. And isn’t that what the songs of the season should have you do? So be it for glorifying or gratitude, joy or joyful memories, sing and celebrate from the heart your true reasons for the season.

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

P.S.  This post was originally written for the TikiTiki Blog and updated for Babushka's Baile. Can you believe BB was asked to guest post? The honor! The shaking nerves!! hehe 
But I think BB did ok- que creen? 

Here's the link to the original and look around the Tiki Tiki Blog- you'll be most impressed. BB2U

The YouTube video of "Mi Burrito Sabanero"

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Bohemian Babushka

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