June 20, 2019

#Tallahassee Twofer- Tallahassee Hispanic Theater ,Second Annual Micro Theater Festival

Babushka was gifted tickets to this years festival. After the wonderful time last year, teatro/comida, 2 of BB's loves, had to say a definite Si & Eso! 👍

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
Hispanic Theater is alive and well in Florida's capitol, Tallahassee. Quee?? Ju So Fonii!! Ok si, not in Spanish. Excepto for a few words in BB's Beloved TWAM, Tally isn't quite ready pa' eso, but en English, plays written by Hispanic playwrights, are the reason for the Tallahassee Hispanic Theater . They perform throughout the year, both for adults and children, showing the richness and talents of nuestra gente. Last year they started doing a showcase of short plays, in one venue, pero it's the audience who moves to view the show. BB wrote about the Premiere Microtheater experience,thoroughly enjoying the mexcla of theater, community y comida. 

Now, you know BB, she doesn't work harder than she has to, especially when the original is excelente. Here is their press release:

"Following the success of its Micro Theater Festival in July 2018, the Tallahassee Hispanic Theater will  present the Second Annual Micro Theater Festival on June 21-22,2019 at 7:30pm at the Carriage House at Goodwood Museum. The Second Annual Micro Theater Festival will present a series of short, 15 to 20-minute plays written by Hispanic playwrights. In addition to the plays, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy drinks and Hispanic food provided by Tally Arepas (available for purchase), and live Hispanic music throughout the event.

The Festival will be a presented on the historic grounds of the Goodwood Museum and Gardens. The audience will be able to enjoy the setting, music, food, and performances (presented all in the same open space) while moving freely around the space and mingling with others. The plays will be performed in English.
This year the Tallahassee Hispanic Theater will present five short plays as part of the Festival.

Mother Love by Almúdena Grandes: this fiercely parodic monologue (originally a short story) tells, from the perspective of an apparently exemplary mother, a black tale about the disintegrating relationship between a mother and a daughter.

A Mommy and a Daddy by Ignacio del Moral’s is a lively, and somewhat melancholic dialogue through which two people, a man and a woman, find each other and express their longings while they take their respective babies for a stroll.

A Night in the subway by Paloma Pedrero: Late at night, in a deserted subway station, a man and woman meet and have a conversation. “Sometimes, random encounters with a stranger can surprise us, and we learn as much about them as we do about ourselves.”

Castings by Cristina Colmena: An actor and an actress meet at a casting where both of them are auditioning for the same part. “This comedy plays with the old metaphor of Life/Theater just like Pirandello did but with a comic undertone.”

Capricho by Nilo Cruz: a forgotten understudy waits in vain for his call, still in his costume for some long-ago Lope de Vega play. “Foolish and forlorn, he’s a leftover trouper, and old-world soul doing a ten-minute vaudeville turns on the virtues of standing by.”
Tickets are available for purchase in advance from the Tallahassee Hispanic Theater website, www.tallahasseehispanictheater.org. Festival Tickets are $15 (adults) and $12 (students, seniors and Goodwood members). For additional information, contact tallahasseehispanictheater@gmail.com."

Sounds interesante verdad? Some preshow pics to help you envision...

Opening eyes & doors.

Look forward to seeing you there.

June 13, 2019

Proud of #PrideMonth y @TallyPride

Cover from Tallahassee PrideFest Feibu page

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
Ya estamos en Junio, half a year already. BB running on Cubantime on her posts, but this is a cause and occasion too dear to let go by sin a mention and a hug.  Este mes is Pride Month, and if you think Babushka is pasandolo without a post, JU SO FONII!!! Este post is dedicated to all the LGBT amigos del pasado, presente y futuro and a todos who love them.

The Tallahassee PrideFest took place in April, bold y bello, just like the Beautifuls who organized and participated in it.  Naturalmente BB was too busy enjoying the festival to take many fotos, pero aqui are some of the highlights. 


Feliz that the importance of self care, health in all aspects, was stressed. Kudos to local organizations and government for having booths, especially in a community with so many young adults. Only thing missing was the info in Spanish. Hopefully BB's suggestion on this will be implemented.


Pero of course, el "FanMan" has to be highlighted.

Y aunque  Babushka doesn't push her political views or beliefs, esto is a definite Eso!!
Equality Florida

To continue in this vein, let BB add the religious/spiritual tambien.  Having attended services where homosexuality was criticized, it brought relief and tears to the ojos to see churches believe and broadcast universal love.

Also sharing Amor,

Because al final Beautifuls, isn't that what it's all about? 
Porque al final, that's all we have.
And Love, is Love, is Love, is Love.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Acceptance speech, dedicated to his esposa and victims of Pulse Tragedy.

Tallahassee PrideFest http://www.tallahasseepride.com/

Babushka Besos a Todos.  Cuidensen.

May 28, 2019

Fantastic Father #Giveaway Hop - Happy Pappy!! #FathersDay2019

Hola Hola Hola Beautifuls!

It's Junio already. Y'all know what that means verdad? Time to celebrar a Fantastic Father in our lives, and Babushka's got just the thing. A GIVEAWAY!! Now, for our padres just one little regalito? JU SO FONII!!  A whole lotta love and a whole lotta presents. BB's giving a $10 Dunkin Donut Giftcard, and there are many other great prizes too. Looky here Beautifuls!

So good, maybe you'll enter for yourself...  😉

BB's contribution:

$10 Giftcard to Dunkin' Donuts
un cafecito con donuts- can't get better than that!

Buena Suerte Beautifuls, 
and may your Junio be Juntos with loved ones.