August 19, 2018

Florida's Best Choice @AndrewGillum #AdelanteConAndrew #GillumForGovernor #BringItHome

This is NOT a paid political endorsement. This is an endorsement earned by Andrew Gillum through the years Babushka has personally known him. 100% heartfelt and sincerely written by BB.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

For the most part, Babushka tries to stay out of politics. Ok Si, living so close to Florida's state capital, Tallahasssee, it's hard to not notice the rallies, and for this opinionated, passionate CubanaAmericana impossible not to join in the ones she truly believes in. Women's Rights, Immigration Policies, State of Latinas, Environment, all these BB has marched for and covered.  All these have been parts of the whole. Bueno Beautifuls, it's now time to consolidate, to find the candidate que cubre all that is special and importante; for BB that candidato is Andrew Gillum.


What you see there, is the Andrew Gillum  Babushka knows. His essence, his core beliefs, his frankness about his childhood and the gratitude for all his blessings, that is the hombre who's felt like home to BB.  Notice the first thing he starts with is familia, his children. That's the main focus of his vision, what he has brought as Mayor of Tallahassee. It all starts with the children, their future dictates our own. Give them a solid, safe start and the odds are in their favor, our favor. Initiatives , events Andrew has started, endorsed, continued-


Please note that this shows 3 years, de lo cual BB has been very feliz to have attended.

Tallahassee Future Leaders Academy, Business Leaders Breakfast

Now we all know that without funding, the best of initiatives will never turn into realities. 
Andrew makes sure businesses are included and lets them know the win/win of joining.
When we focus and start our children off right, it's a plus for everyone.

Host 7PoemedyZ , dinner by artist/poet La Poeta China

Pero it's not only about the tangible he addresses. Programs like "The Longest Table" brought dialog and dinner to diverse members of the community, to open conversations and eyes.  Real questions were asked and solutions called for.  Otra cosa BB admires about Andrew, he never thinks he has all the answers. 

And sometimes he knows he doesn't have any.

 "When trust is disrupted, it's bad for law enforcement but it's also bad for the people they vow to protect," Gillum says.

2016 deadly shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas-
Mayor hosts Tallahassee Community Vigil
For me, Andrew Gillum is very much "one of us", and every action he does, every fight he launches, BB believes in them, he believes in them, so Babushka must believe in him. In BB's ojos he covers the justo in ways that make sense and  are real. We have the same concerns and ready to luchar for them. Some of his fights are the very ones BB has rallied for.

Women's RightsAndrew believes Florida must have Equal Pay for Equal Work

Immigration Policies- As Governor, Andrew will continue to fight mass deportation policies that threaten to split families and hurt Florida’s economy.

Environment- Andrew believes that the best way to address the impacts of climate change is to embrace a plan to transition Florida to clean energy as rapidly as possible. Achieving this goal will put us on a path to a completely clean energy economy, creating thousands of new jobs in Florida, and cleaner air and healthier families.

The list of issues he believes in are on his webpage-


Andrew believes in us, the people of Florida, because he is truly one of us.  Knows what working hard to adelantar is, the constant strive to get ahead, how family values and culture sustain us, and how together we can strengthen our communities.  And now a little ejemplo of how down to earth this man is.  Mira how pendiente and one of the people he is, when his car was in the shop he took an uber. Imaginate- the mayor, candidate for governor taking an Uber. And even more, the Uber driven by Sweetie. Si, Sweetie happened to be the one who picked up the ride. He said Andrew was very courteous,remembered Babushka  and sent his saludos. 


An example of what I wish for The Grands. He encompasses all the aspirations BB wishes for her children, grandchildren, and her state. Un verdadero hombre, hecho y derecho. A self made man who knows who he is, what he stands for, ready to always strive for better- for himself and those he cares for. And Beautifuls, Andrew Gillum cares for all of us. 

From his Feibu page- About: Father of three. Proud Democrat. Mayor of Tallahassee and candidate for FL Governor. Working with you to rebuild a state that works for all of us.

Vieron?? ALL of us. Vote for anyone else? JU SO FONII!! 
Y por eso, because Babushka has seen it with her eyes, felt it with her heart, 


Campaign Feibu:


Babushka Besos a Todos.  Cuidensen.

August 08, 2018

Corazon & Caresses Over Cancer. 💗 #becauselove

#sponsored and special. via becauselove,
all opiniones are babushka's.

ItsBecauseLove Journal & Blanket Cristyl's Corazon BBabushka

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
In Babushka’s post God's Wicked Sense of Humor and Life Lessons with a Smile, BB shared how her daughter contracting cancer in many ways was a gift.  Naturalmente, there were some dias that it didn’t seem like it. For those moments an actual gift helped.


There are sometimes you just don’t want to speak. Even- especially to your madre. There are only so many times that as a madre you can say “Sometimes you have to get sick to get better.” “This too shall pass.” Quee??  Ok Si. A madre never tires of saying that, but her children may tire of hearing it. There are times they’d rather be solos, by themselves. Thinking, Being. Pero always knowing that anything they do is ok, that they are loved.

With these regalos from Because Love it’s easy to show your concern and  amor without having to verbalize it in person. Let’s be honestos; how many times have you been told about someone’s illness and all you can think of to say is “I’m so sorry.” Con estos you can say so much more, con thought y corazon. Be their comfort and strength when they know they need it.

Cafe & Carinos
Perfecto verdad? Arona Martin, founded Because Love in early 2018 after dealing with the loss of her close friend to cancer and was inspired to create a platform to help support others dealing with cancer treatment.  En sus palabras, her own words:

This project came directly out of my heart for a very dear friend, Jessica, who at age 31 years old, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Not knowing what else to do, and using my art therapy background, I bought a blank journal and filled it with all the love, sass, and glitter I could find – writing prompts, doodling prompts, get your anger out prompts, prompts to throw a crayon temper tantrum (on the page) – whatever would help her get through the battle of her life. She loved it, and often told me how much it helped her with all that she was going through day to day.

While sitting in waiting rooms and therapy bays, other women asked where they could buy one. She would tell me of these conversations and I would make a few more to give to these women. That is when I decided to pursue bringing the journal to market so that others could feel comforted and loved like Jessica did.

De dolor si puede venir Bellezas- Pain can bring Beauty.  And Strength, and Comfort. It has to Babushka’s first born, with the Because Love Bundle Pack, the journal & blanket.. Tambien the quality,materials, y varieties of these details help the magia in their momentos.
the LOVE HEALS journal is the gift that is as precious to give as it is to receive. more than pages in a book, this journal is a dialogue, a true conversation about the days filled with strength and the nights longing for that strength to return. it’s the perfect size (appx. 9x7) to carry in purse or backpack, and the exquisite design is lovely on a nightstand or desk.
Comes with:
  • over 160 journaling pages
  • 28 journaling prompts
  • 14 inspirational quotes and messages
  • 90 blank pages with space to write, draw, etc.
  • 2 metallic sticker sheets
  • 1 embroidered sticker sheet
  • 2 small envelopes (retail therapy, and inspirational words)
  • 3 gold paper clips tassels
  • silver glitter washi tape
  • 1 embroidered fabric bookmark with purple velvet backing and tassels
The cover is made with a luxurious and soft blush velvet with a gold metallic faux leather closure.
That was to warm their corazones, for the cuerpos, the Big Hug Lap Blanket.
Big HUG Lap Blanket

a luxurious grey knit lap blanket with glittering metallic thread to wrap the ones you care for in love. there are 31 knit holes for you to attach personal messages. make your own or use the 6 starter tags that are provided. it is the perfect size to fold up and fit in a purse, bag, or to carry on a long, hard journey. bring the BIG HUG everywhere!
Size: 28” x 40”*
Comes with:
  • BIG HUG lap blanket
  • 6 grey velvet back tags (4 grey grommet closures, 2 jewel closures)
To know they've received algo de calidad, de valor on many levels. This is love they will feel con todo their heart, in their very soul. They need this Beautifuls,they need to be shown their worth, just as we need a way to share our amor without having to be there in person.

And as if this wasn't enough, if daily inspiration is needed-
IG ItsBecauseLove
From their IGrammy acct

Or daily exasperation/frustration-
how to say, Life- JUSOFONII !!
Feibu Post 
Their IGrammyand Feibu accounts, like their products, son EXCELENTE. Mas que Bueno. Babushka is glad to have found a company that truly knows in all aspectos, what the pain of loving someone with cancer is and how it affects all involved. Should you need the words to convey, the corazon to carry on, Because Love is a digno dance partner. Porque al final, that's all we can do verdad?


August 02, 2018

Childhood Friends Are Forever #ChristopherRobin

Every once in awhile there comes a pelicula that touches every part of us.  Babushka believes #ChristopherRobin will be one of those classics. Gracias to Disney for sharing a little peek. Opinions y ganas to verlo are BB's.

Christopher Robin Disney Childhood Friends BBabushka

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Our childhood goes so quickly, yet it doesn’t ever completely leave us.  Some of our best memorias come from then,forever touching us. Just thinking about them brings sonrisas.  This is very true for our Amigos of the Hundred Acre Woods. Through many years and many generations, we smile with delight when they enter our mundo again.  

You smiled didn’t you?  Reunited with Pooh and the other amigos, Christopher Robin is reminded of that childhood joy. Hopefully he’ll be able to find that “Silly Old Bear” sparkle, and in the process, help us find the magic we forget we have.

In Disney’s heartwarming live action adventure, the young boy who shared countless adventures with his stuffed animal friends in the Hundred Acre Wood has grown up and lost sight of what’s important in life. Now it is up to his childhood friends to venture into our world and help Christopher Robin rediscover the joys of family life, the value of friendship and to appreciate the simple pleasure in life once again.

Babushka is looking forward to this pelicula very much.  Already have a GNO planned with my hijas and then a Grand Outing to take The Grands.  As they share in this promo video, this is a story and sentiment for generations. Of course we are all waiting for #ChristopherRobin so BB not give you something to relive this belleza over and over again? JU SO FONII !!! Here is a set of activity and coloring sheets for y'all to enjoy. De Nada.

Disney Christopher Robin Activity Sheets BBabushka

Be sure to follow our Childhood Amigos as they bring a bit of that magic back to us.


Follow Walt Disney Studios on Twitter:  

Follow Walt Disney Studios on Instagram:

Disney Christopher Robin Poster
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN arrives in theatres everywhere on August 3rd! 

TTFN Beautifuls! Nos vemos en el cine.

July 31, 2018

THT- Tallahassee Hispanic Theater- ESO!!! @TallyHispanicT #850Latinos


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Y’all know Babushka is into The Arts, especially theater.  Cultivating cultura, especially when it’s not your typical mainstream type is one of BB’s amores.  As part of TWAM, Theater With a Mission, specializing in Spanish Golden Age plays and Palaver Tree Theater specializing in the history of community and opportunities for locals, Babushka thought that was about as diverse as North Florida was gonna get. Tallahassee Hispanic Theater, who’d of thunk it?  Bueno, BB’s amiga Alejandra did, and not only did she think about it, but she did it! Logro the dream of bringing modern plays written by Hispanic playwrights to Florida’s Capital. 

A little about Alejandra-
Alejandra Gutiérrez

Alejandra Gutierrez Founder of Tallahassee Hispanic Theater

“Alejandra has a PhD in Spanish. She also studied theater in Venezuela, and while going to graduate school, she was a member of the Spanish Theater Group at the University of Virginia. Since she moved to Tallahassee, she’s being working with Theater with a Mission, and recently with Polyphonic Bonsai. With Tallahassee Hispanic Theater she is turning one of her dreams into reality: creating a Hispanic Theater group in the US.”

Plays performed by Tallahassee Hispanic Theater

And if you think this dream is only for the adult crowds, JU SO FONII!!!  Tallahassee Hispanic Theater has our hijos and futuro cultura very much al tanto.  Of course, to go to the future, one must know their past, so puppet shows of the classic, Don Quixote son perfecto.

THT- Don Quixote puppet show

And speaking of futures, Tallahassee Hispanic Theater just performed the first microtheater in North Florida.  Miami being the only other microtheater in the state, this is cosa grande, and as BB shared, BUENISIMO!!  Looking forward to next years offerings.

Tallahassee Hispanic Theater- 2018 Microtheater w/ BBabushka
IG Post on Closing Night
Alejandra shared, "We’ve been doing Hispanic plays in translation since 2016. The micro theater Festival idea occurred to me because it is a format very popular and successful in Spain and Latin America. Since it was during the summer we wanted to do something fun and fresh, so we added live music, food and drinks and we were really surprised with the response we got. People really enjoy the whole event and we hope to do it every summer. We will continue doing a play during the fall and spring. On November 9-10, 15-16 we’ll be presenting our next play “Idiots Contemplating the Snow”, by Alejandro Ricaño at the Monticello Opera House.

As you can well imagine, BB is very proud of Alejandra, THT- Tallahassee Hispanic Theater and all the actors and audiences who have become of part of this diversification of Tallahassee voices. Not only is the public being exposed to offerings from varied Hispanic authors, they’re beginning to realize that “Hispanic” encompasses many different types and countries. Ya Buena Hora y Al Fin!!

So you can follow, cheer, and hopefully join us un dia.


Until the next curtain call Beautifuls!


July 26, 2018

#ad Moving Up con @BestBuy #Windows and @HP

Part of the Best Buy Bloggers, Babushka was compensated for this post. 
Opinions of course, as always, are BB's.


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

In August, Babushka is celebrating 7 years of blogging. Who’d of thunk it?  Guess it isn’t just a hobby or a passing phase. Ya es hora to take this “up a notch” and get some heavy duty, for real tools.  Naturalmente the main tool to upgrade has to be BB’s computadora.  Of course and por supuesto the first place to go is Best Buy and look at the latest HP Hewlett-Packard.

Now those of you who’ve danced with Babushka before know she doesn’t work or think any harder than she has to, so we’ll be looking at the HP Envy x360 que parece it does TODO.  It combines laptop screens that con Windows Ink lets you write on the screen!!  Miren, let them tell you themselves.

"Product Specs:

Windows 10 operating system
Windows 10 brings back the Start Menu from Windows 7 and introduces new features, like the Edge Web browser that lets you markup Web pages on your screen.

Built for Windows Ink
Quickly jot down notes and ideas with ease.


Full HD touch screen
The 1920 x 1080 resolution boasts impressive color and clarity. Natural finger-touch navigation makes the most of Windows 10. IPS technology for wide viewing angles. Energy-efficient WLED backlight.

8GB system memory for advanced multitasking
Substantial high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run your games and photo- and video-editing applications, as well as multiple programs and browser tabs all at once.

360° flip-and-fold design
Offers versatile functionality with laptop, audience, tabletop, presentation and tablet modes."

Que perfecta right?? All that power, performance, PLUS portability. Did you see how thin the HP Envy x360 is ? Muy importante, because Beautifuls, you know the size/weight of Babushka’s Snack Bag! And as if that wasn’t enough, you can save $100 off until July 28, so corrrren to Best Buy!! BB not know a good thing when she sees it?  JU SO FONII!!  The toughest decision is whether to get the HP Envy 13in  or the HP Envy 15in.


Beautifuls, which one will you choose ?


July 24, 2018

God's Wicked Sense of Humor and Life Lessons with a Smile. @Courage_Cancer - Courage4Cristyl

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Mira que somos cabeziduros; humans are hard headed. And God has a wicked sense of humor. We go around doing what we want, focusing on our wants without realizing what we truly need or worse yet, what we already have. We may get reminders to look, episodes of life that make us stop for a moment, but those are fleeting and quickly pass. A child’s birth, reunions with an old friend, life moments that spark the love of life in us. Unfortunately we tend to focus on the mundane and insignificant, because as BB said before, we are hard headed. Fortunately we are given many nudges along the way to focus on what’s truly worthy; sometimes those nudges become slams.

My eldest, Cristyl’s Corazon has  stage 2 breast cancer. At 33 years of age she is facing her mortality. Now before you start feeling sorry for her, let Babushka show you the blessing of this.

Nothing makes you reevaluate your life attitude and actions quicker than the threat of losing it. For years she has refused to seek medical help for depression, for years she has been in a relationship that constricted, not daring to follow her true fullfillment of self. No more. Gracias to that golf ball size lump, she is happier than she’s been for years. She’s tending to her physical, spiritual and emotional self. With therapy and medicines she’s mentally in a much better place. With renewed and real faith she is content and feeling purpose, ready to conquer all. She’s following life loves and goals. Que te dije? Wicked sense of humor.

God's_Humor_Cristyls_Courage _PinkWarrior

At this stage of life BB has become a fulltime madre again. Blessed Be. The first time around BB didn’t spend much time focusing on my first born because she was perfecta. Good grades, bella ballerina, popular, Babushka mistakenly thought she didn’t need a mama’s hovering and constant attention. The first time around she left home as soon as legally possible. This is our chance to makeup for missed moments. Not quite the same, but on many levels so much better. 


Life now is for living and following ones heart. Being older has helped her realize what is truly in her heart and who should be there. She has found a stronger love of family and her family in God. Her vision is to start a dance ministry, to combine two of her major loves. This is her first performance where she shared that dream.

Gracias to many she continues finding more ways to give and to live. One of these inspirations is from a book her therapist suggested , Living with Cancer by Barbara K. Linton. Gran casualidad that Barbara lives in Tallahassee? Again, Wicked Sense of Humor. Thanks to this book Cristyl found answers and strength. On the back cover, “Linton’s story promises that if you let Him, God will stay right beside you, loving you and willing to give you strength to walk triumphantly through whatever life may bring your way. It won’t be an easy journey, but if you let Him, God will prove that even with can live!” Not only is BB’s Baby living, but she’s living for others too.,
For our children we are capaz to do anything. Even physical labor, in the sun. Babushka has signed up to walk on Cristyl's team and hopes y'all can join us. We'd love to have you there or/and donate for this wonderful cause.  The link for her walk page is  We would love to raise at least $100 to help buy supplies for the many projects Cancer Through Courage has.

So, are we feliz that we've had to come to this point to realize what's lifes point?  Por supuesto que no, wouldn't wish it on anyone. PERO knowing what's really valuable, THAT we wish for TODOS.

Y remember daily with a knowing sonrisa the motto, now mantra, 




July 19, 2018

Slammin' Summer Colds and a #Sponsored Giveaway con @Myrtol300 #Myrtol300

This is a sponsored ad for Myrtol300 which Babushka gladly shares her results and opinions.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Summer Colds. An oxymoron que BB doesn’t appreciate un bit. You know the feeling, all embullada, all psyched up for that trip and Prrracata! Your sinuses get clogged and you’re spitting up stuff that makes that scene from The Omen look like fun.  Babushka has been there, so when the makers of Myrtol® 300 wrote to her con-

"Instead of treating symptoms with over-the-counter medicine that can often cause drowsiness and further ruin summer plans, 4 out of 5 Americans prefer to use a natural supplement so they can stay awake and alert.

Myrtol® 300 is a natural dietary supplement made up of essential oils that helps the respiratory system by supporting healthy mucus production allowing sinuses to clear up and breathe easier. It also supports sinus and respiratory health that can be damaged by violently coughing and sneezing during a cold.

Would you be interested in learning more about how Myrtol® 300 can benefit help combat cold symptoms this summer?"

BB be interested?  JU SO FONII!!! Con all the summer plans we have for The Grands?  Por supuesto we asked for the samples and info.

About the product-

Myrtol® 300  provides lung support and sinus support and helps break down mucus to alleviate sinus congestion.

Clinically proven in over 25 clinical trials and 6,000 patients to help maintain respiratory health
Natural congestion relief that starts working in hours. Most patients are symptom free after just 3 days.
Made with a mixture of essential oils including eucalyptus, sweet orange, myrtle and lemon

Myrtol® 300  is a natural dietary supplement featuring a special blend of essential oils designed to support respiratory and immune health, and that it is a great tool for staying healthy and enjoying your summer.

For over 40 years Europeans have been using this and now it's our turn.  Ya era hora!

And Beautifuls, como si eso no fuera enough, they're having a giveaway .

 Myrtol on the Move giveaway where one winner will win $1,000 for use towards their dream trip. To enter, users must share an image of their dream destination, either by completing the form at or sharing the image on Instagram with the hashtags #MyrtolontheMove and #Myrtol300

So, how did Babushka's sinuses react to Myrtol® 300 ??  Within just a few horas the difference was felt. Ahora se. At the first stuffiness me lo estoy tomando, no hesitation in slammin' that summer cold with it. Definitivamente ESO!!


For mas informacion:

Wishing a Breathable and Delightful Verano
 to all you Beautifuls.