February 29, 2012

February- The Month of Love Part V

Hearing, that powerful sense that brings on so many reactions and emotions... 

The sound of waves relaxes me,

 the sound of my daughter making espumita for el cafe makes me salivate, 

and the sound of "I miss you Grandma" can make me smile and tear at the same time.  

Thus ends the series of love through our senses, but not on the subject of love.

BB can go on all night about amor, but I think the bottom line is this:

To love is to live, and to truly live we must realize how blessed we are to feel, to be.
To be grateful- is to feel love.

Grateful for life, and for having you join me in the dance.

Babushka Besos a Todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  And for those of you who thought I had forgotten... JU SO FONII !!!

February 22, 2012

February- The Month of Love Part IV

Martinique my muse suggested I write on love and the 5 senses.  
This is part IV- the sense of Touch.

Touch.  Oh si, TOUCH.  A physical and spiritual sense.  You can touch a hand and touch a soul.  Countless are the examples, but let BB share some of her favoritos.

 Now, BB being a drama-club-member-highschooler-of-the-80's,my first thought on hearing the word "touch"  brings back memories of a dark movie theater. And for the mal pensados- JU SO FONII!!!  I meant a memory of a particular song from the movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"; the song where Janet sings to the creature.

 You know the song, don't play bobo- sing it with me...

"Toucha, toucha, toucha,  touuuuuuch me- I wanna be diiiirrrrrty. 
Thrill me, chill me,  fullfiiiiiiill me, creature of the night." 

Whaaaaatttt???  Random you say?  Not really. 

 If you figure it's been over 30 years since I saw that movie down in the Grove (that's Coconut Grove for you non-Miamians) and yet I still remember the lyrics , you'd have to agree that it touched me.  Of course my parents thought I was touched -in the head, but for me it was the first showing of independence and I cherish it.

You know another thing that just naturally follows this?  Money. Si, dinero, bi-lle-tes.  
Having money is independence and I cherish it.  

  "BB, you're going off topic again.  Remember, "The love of money is the root of all evil."  

Is it?  Really?

Now just unscrunch that brow and let Babushka lead in this baile.  I'll try not to step on anyone's toes.... well, not too much and not too hard. How money = independence I think you can see that, but why I cherish it and what has it to do with the sense of touch?  Let me proceed.

Primero- the physical;  I like to touch money.  The coolness of the coins, their weight, feeling the jingles as they do belly bumps- I like this.  I like the feel of paper money, the crispness of new bills and  the creases  of those that have been in circulation awhile. I like the NOW of actual currency, not the pretend of plastic.   Pretty good analogy for humans too don't you think?  Si, the physical of money- me gusta.

Segundo- the spiritual touch of money.  The true evil of loving money is wanting it all for yourself, but when you share the wealth are you not showing love?  To touch another with kindness- that is love, and vamos decir la verdad; you can touch a whole lotta  people with a whole lotta money. It's not so much what is given as the fact that someone cared about them, thought of them, that they do count and are not alone- this in our material world is shown with money.  Soup for the hungry, encouragement for the lost, skills for the seeking, beds for the beaten, and laughter for the lonely,  these are but a few ways money can touch.  Si, the spiritual side of money- tambien me gusta.

Y me gusta compartir con ustedes.  
I love to share with y'all and to prove that- another giveaway!!! 
 Yes, change of tempo, from Tango to the Pony.  That's what happens when BB plays DJ! 

 ; ) 

Let's end this post on an upnote and happy tingles; go to BB's Feibu page, and enter the 
February Extreme Cash Giveaway with prizes from $300 - $50.

Buena Suerte and remember- no matter what- SIGUES BAILANDO!!!

Babushka Besos a Todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  I'd like to dedicate this post to my highschool friend Frank Kercado who could do a 
Dr. Frank-n-Furter like nobody's business and was a rare, intense, and true talent.  Frankie, you left us as you had lived- with passion and in a blaze. I miss you querido amigo, but I know  you're getting many curtain calls en el cielo while you sing amongst the clouds.  Mil Gracias for your brilliance.

P.P.S.  My 19 year old read this post and didn't know whether to think it cool that her mom likes "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" or be embarassed by it.  Oh Sweet Karma- I love you!  

February 15, 2012

February- The Month of Love Part III

Time for Part III... now what shall it be? 
 I've done sight and taste- let me not choose in haste.

It's San Valentin- oh muse don't be mean!
Si, I know you won't be rushed, but  ideas, they are hushed.

Left are touch, hear, and smell... por Dios, can this end well?

Says the muse, 
"Not without me honey."
to which I answer, 
" JU SO FONII !!!"

Now you see why BB doesn't write poetry.

OK, Marti informed me (with tears streaming down her face from laughing) that she would inspire me on smell, because that's what my attempt of prose did- smell.   JAHAJAHAJA
Muses... you gotta love 'em !?!?

The reasons to love our sense of smell-

Café, roses, scented candles...
but mainly Café

The aroma of baking bread

and the most wonderful smell of all-


Truly miss the last one, but I'll be strong and double up on the first two. 
; )  

 Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day with lots of love.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  The beautiful baby in this post is Prince J.  He's the son of my Godson Cnotez who's birthday is today, although it seems to his madrina that he was just a baby himself.  Happy Happy y mucho amor C!

February 08, 2012

February- The Month of Love Part II

Ok, Martinique my Muse, petname Marti (not to be confused with martyr, though being a CAP she can definitely play that part) was none too happy with me today.  Seems she didn't appreciate me cleaning the house on the day I should dedicate to her.  Truth be known it wasn't my idea of a fun day either, but when walking through your house becomes a state approved obstacle/training course it's time for a little cleaning up.  Operative word- little.  Gathered all items into a line, spread my homemade rug freshner (yes I make my own, cheap frugal genius that I am) and vacuumed on both sides of the line. Whaaaaatttt?? You thought I put everything away?  JU SO FONII !!!  

Bueno, para no cansarte, I got tired after that (and my regular 10 hours of Twitter & Feibu) and took a nap. The "nap" lasted 7 hours.  Jolting from sleep I asked Marti what happened to her usual 2 am appearance?  She just smiled and said, "Asi es, that's what you get when you're not all rested up and waiting for my brilliance."   ::sigh::  Lesson learned.

After making Martinique her cafecito just the way she likes it- fuerte with lots of sugar and espumita, she informs me that we will be continuing The Month of Love.  "Si, I sense that's a good topic, y vamos usar that- Amor via the senses." "Oye, no hay cookie with this café?"

And so dear reader, there you have it- BB's 1st series.  I suppose the last post would fall under the sense of Sight, so this one will be for the sense of Taste.  Soul of Cubana that I have I would have started with this sense as all our views,beliefs, sayings, come down to comida, pero, I'm not questioning her- as I said, lesson learned.

But of course I had to start off with this one. 
 How tempting, aprobo and perfect verdad?

Oh my.  Perfection once again.

If I am to truly continue the series I must once again mention individuals who merit attention.  For this post no one but Janet Christina of Sweet Temptations comes to mind.

Chocolate Covered Oreos.

Red Roses Oreo

For those that can't choose between roses or chocolate- the perfect combo.

Pink Hearts Oreo

When words aren't needed.

                                          I love you Oreo
I do Love Oreo

When you can't say it enough.

And I can't say it enough- lesson learned.  I also can't say it enough- how much I appreciate all of you and love the time we spend bailando.  Sorry this post is late, but know it was made with  love in the heart and cafe con chocolate on the lips.   ; ♥  See you for part III.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  Actually, these oreos could have gone into the prior post- they truly are works of art.  Also, as in the prior post, no compensation was given for mentioning the product, but should the artist care to send BB some of the art she won't say no.   ; )

P.P.S.  Also sending ♥ to my comadre in computerland Grandma Juice, who let me know the battle against seriousness and cleanliness is not mine alone.  Tambien, gracias to her I now know the correct usage of  P.P.S.

February 01, 2012

February- The Month of Love

February, the month of amor. As you know by now BB doesn't look at life in the typical or "expected" way. To most, February brings thoughts of Valentine's Day, presents, boxes of chocolates, sweethearts and romance. JU SO FONII!!!  Por fa people, if I had to wait until February for my sweetheart to romance me, give me presents or chocolates, we wouldn't be sweethearts for too long! Nope, for me the whole month of February is about love.  I know, you're waiting for a story about the grandbabies here aren't you?  Not happening, at least not in this post... but we've got 29 days this February so you never know.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing...    John Keats 

I love art.  I love how it enlivens ones surroundings and emotions.  Yes there are those who say art should make one think, an intellectual statement, a provocation to react.  Naaaahhhhhhhh-  nada de eso.  Too much thinking brings gray hairs- and I've enough of those thank you.  Encircle me with art that makes my heart sing, reminds me of the beauty of the world, of its existence, and of the promise of its continuity. Of course, being BB this may encompass many styles and subject matters, but for now let's start with the beauty of nature.

Morning Glories

Bello.  This would be the yin side of Babushka.  He manages to portray the vibrancy of life while also the sweetness of subject and gentleness of a natural style  - excelente.  
So Bohemian, so BB.

Talk about Yang for the buck!!  Hablamos about vibrancy- between the colors, the lines and the subject (and those who say coffee is not nature have never seen the beast that is BB w/out her cafecito) this is an artist who gets my Cubana side. 
Bailando just looking at this.

The beauty of balance

Bird of Paradise 3

Cuban Coffee and Lime- Red

Spanish Shawl

Vibrating passion and life while "just being"- 
that is my final destination. 

 These paintings make it seem possible.  To live, to love- this is art.

Babushka Besos a Todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.   If you enjoyed the works of the above mentioned artists- who I thank for their permission and contribution- then please visit their sites. I never did like the phrase "starving artists"; it's so un Cuban Grandma...

 P.S.P.S.  There's a saying "Por el amor al arte" which means to do something because you love it, not because of monetary gain. I received no monetary compensation and literally posted this por el amor al arte, but should any of the artists want to send a print of their work BB won't say no.    ; )