August 17, 2012

American Latino Heritage Fund- De Soto National Memorial Bradenton, Fl.

Day 3 of  the American Latino Heritage Fund Roadtrip in Florida and BB's in Bradenton visiting the De Soto National Memorial. Queee?? Ok si, Babushka passed Bradenton enroute to Tallahassee, and it would have made more sense logistically to stop there first pero the interview I had wasn't until Friday  and I'm sure you'll agree once you see the videos, it was worth the wait.  Also, by Friday  Babushka is more familiar with the video camera and with interviewing sooo... If a picture can say a thousand words, imaginate how many words are in a video!

Babushka will leave this post in the very capable hands of Park Ranger Jorge Acevedo, Chief of Interpretation of the De Soto National Memorial in Bradenton Florida.

Esta bien, ok si,  BB did have a brief cameo.  
You didn't really think I wouldn't say anything did you?


As you could probably tell by the video, this was just a taste of the tales Ranger Acevedo was to share. The full length first intro is on my youtube page and has lovely paisajes as well as interesting facts.

And now the second video showcasing the De Soto Memorial Museum/Theater, because it's interesting, expertly decorated, and last but definitely not least- air conditioned!  Oh yeah.

Nice right?  At this point BB had rehydrated and we were ready to continue visiting the rest of the site. Thankfully the rains were keeping away and Ranger Acevedo had commandeered a golf cart to visit the vast territory. On Babushka's Feibu page you'll see the fotos of this visit- worth the peek.

And now the De Soto National Memorial- for the young and young at heart:

The BBP (Babushka Bullet Points) on the De Soto Memorial:

* Commemorates the years of Conquistador Hernando De Soto's expedition for riches in La Florida. 1539 - 1543
* Through records of the expedition we are able to learn about the natives of this land.
* Houses a tasteful and very well structured museum and theater.
* Is very active in the Jr. Ranger program and in serving the youths of the area.
* Has year round activities 

Maravilloso Memorial verdad?  What's also the verdad is that although BB was more familiar with the operation of the camera, the editing options are still out of my grasp.  Lucky for us though, knowledgeable guides have been on hand and their talks have been interesting enough to compensate for my film making follies.  Besides, the bloopers are so BB!

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S. I was bestowed the title of Jr. Park Ranger- oh yes I was!!  Please look at the video showing the nombramento; I'm so honored.

P.P.S. I'd like to express Mil Gracias to Park Superintendent Scott Pardue for graciously letting me monopolize Ranger Acevedo during my visit, and to the other rangers who were always ready to help.  Por supuesto this couldn't have been done without Ranger Acevedo whose dedication to the De Soto Memorial is evident and very appreciated by this Vieja Viajera.  Nos vemos in Tally for VivaFlorida 500! 

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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  1. I think America needs to be aware that the national parks service refuses to allow my friend Ranger Scott Pardue of De Soto's National Memorial as a Superintendent to welcome home the very reason for this fine memorial's existence that was donated to the Museum of Florida History in 2008 and has been kept locked up in the archaeology lab ever since without any mention that it even officially exists. It is wrong for the State of Florida to turn their backs on this fine Latino Heritage. To tell a national memorial that they can no longer be of any assistance in preserving their national past. Pretending history never happened at the same time you keep on commemorating it did makes no logical historical sense. Respectfully, Loren Blalock Discoverer of De Soto's lost trail.

    PS. I had hoped Midy Aponte would realize the importance of this. But sometimes nobody can do anything about it.


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