August 11, 2012

American Latino Heritage Fund Roadtrip- Tallahassee Twofer

The wonderful people of the American Latino Heritage Fund Roadtrip have graciously let BB start the Florida edition in the state's capital of Tallahassee.  Queeee??  You thought Tally had only politicians and college kids?  JU SO FONII!!!  Of course there's a Spanish influence and history here Up North in The South and many people/organizations who study, celebrate, and embrace it. The pity is that it's not better known- and who better than Babushka to spread the cheer?? Now you know BB loves her twofers, so put on your dancing shoes my Beautifuls, because I've dedicated two days of the trip to Tallahassee and its' big part in preserving our latino heritage for future generations.

The first stop is seemingly unassuming, pero sumamente importante- 
the Governor Martin House.  

Currently used as the office for many archaeological organizations, it is believed to be the site of De Soto's winter encampment.    De Soto?    In North Florida? 

 Oh si, parece quel el Sr. De Soto estaba en todo; 
he was Conquistador, business man, seeker of fortune.  

Think combo Atila the Hun and Donald Trump.

BB w/De Soto in de lobby of the Gov. Martin House

On BB's Feibu page, you will find a video interview with Dr. Daniel Seinfeld where he describes a little of the history and significance of De Soto's time here in Tallahassee.

Dr. Franklin H. Price  and Dr. Daniel Seinfeld,
Senior Archaeologists

In quick BBP (that's  Babushka Bullet Points) the De Soto Winter Encampment site:

*  The Only documented De Soto Encampment in US
*  De Soto and 600 + set up quarters for appx. 5 months looking for gold/riches
*  Brought/introduced pigs and horses to the region
*  Village burned by Apalachee twice 
*  Discovered in 1987 while building office buildings, the artifacts found were dated pre1600s 

*  Not the easiest place to find- took BB 3 hours to find. 
Ok, si, part of it was Cuban time, pero still, it's hidden behind modern day businesses.  
Call to set up tour and ask for directions- por sea. (850) 245-6340

Now the De Soto Encampment is within walking distance of the capital, which is within walking distance of our second stop of the day,the Museum of Florida History. Ahora, within walking distance if you're in good shape, which Babushka is not- besides, Carlitos is here to take care of BB and who am I to take away his oficio?

Curator Lisa C. Barton, BB, Wanda Richey Public Relations

Once I arrived at the museum, I was given a tour of the "Forever Changed La Florida" Exhibit.  I had seen the exhibit briefly when I was part of it's inauguration, but this time I enjoyed having the details shown to me.  Besides, I could see much better now without a metal helmet sliding over my eyes. 

Here is a video with Curator Lisa C. Barton that BB filmed.  Be kind, be open minded, BB tried to be all artistic at the end by changing the camera angle and then couldn't figure out how to edit it.  Bueno, the most important parts- the reason we should study and acknowledge the latino heritage of our state and nation is there.  El resto... ::sigh::  I tried.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen

P.S.  Special Thank You to KC Smith who organized all of today's interviews.  On Feibu I will post pics of today's activities and hopefully be able to upload further interviews of Dr. Daniel Seinfeld, Wanda Richey Purblic Relations of MFH and Catherine Sincich Asst. conservator for MFH.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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