August 21, 2012

American Latino Heritage Fund Roadtrip- Ft. Matanzas

Day 5 of the American Latino Heritage Fund Roadtrip finds BB at Ft. Matanzas National Monument. Fifteen miles away from St. Augustine, it was a nice leisurely Sunday drive, especially with Carlitos and his guided navigation. Ok si, a lo bueno se acostumbre facil. I am quickly and easily spoiled by the finer things in life.  But can you blame me?  Look how purty he makes it!

Colorful Composition by Carlitos

And talk about purty-  look at this pic of Ft. Matanzas.

Of course this shot was taken when the ferry was close to the fort.  Queee?? You didn't know it was only visitable via ferry?  Here, a little video to give you a taste of the waters and what's ahead. 


Now remember the part about the narrow opening at the top to go to the flag...

We arrive at the actual fort, Fort Matanzas. 

A National Monument for its' history, its' longevity and its' service to our country.  
As told brilliantly by this Park Ranger.

In the fort-  

On the ground floor we see how soldiers may have been housed 
and the different uniforms used by various troops who served at Ft. Matanzas.

the view from inside-

the second floor- 

These stairs Babushka had no problem with.

The sentry's quarters.

Now, remember what the ranger had said about a narrow opening?  
BB had no problema with the stairs going to the second story, but the ones going to the roof?

Babushka's Cuban Cadera (Caboose) going through there?


BBP (Babushka Bullet Points) on Ft. Matanzas National Monument

* Back door protector for the city of St. Augustine
* Under Spanish govt. Gov. Manuel de Montiano commisioned the fort 
* In 1740 construction made from coquina taking 2 years to complete
* Never overtaken by battle
* Acquired by US in 1819  Declared a Ntl. Monument in 1924

*Can only be reached via ferry- so take precautions if you get seasick.
*No entrance fees but donations are always welcomed
*Is very relaxing and if you want to make a day of it you can go fishing, hiking, and picknicking. (of course check out licenses for the first one- the other two are done near the visitor center.)

So tempting and sooo perfect for this Sunday afternoon,
but Carlitos was ready to navigate to Ybor City, and at this point I happily let him.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  I had such a lovely time and the surroundings were beautiful, plus I actually had a good camera, so look at the photos on my Feibu page- they're very good- if I say so myself.  
; )

and don't forget my YouTube Channel-

P.P.S.  Thanks once again to the Beautifuls at Florida's Historic Coast for all their hospitality in this part of my travels.

P.P.P.S.  And of course, to the wonderful major sponsors- Mil Gracias.  The views expressed in my posts are always mine (who else would claim them?) but there'd be no roadtrip w/out them.  Thanks.

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