August 30, 2012

OOGIELOVES- A Review/Giveaway of The Big Balloon Adventure

Don't you love going full circle?  I started off the month with my screening adventure of the OOGIELOVES movie (and yes, anytime I'm with La Princesa it's an adventure) and I'm finishing it with my review.

I took my grandchildren El Dr. and La Princesa along with their other grandmother y La Tata. Queee? JU SO FONII!!! I'm no dummy, you better believe I took reinforcements! El Dr. is six years old and loves the movies, La Princesa is 3 and has never been to one.  Oh yeah, you know I took reinforcements!  I sat with my grandson near the front while the other grandma was in charge of the girl, behind us, in the first row of the upper level. Whaaatt?? I was "working", besides, my mama didn't raise no dummy! So, it was 2 grownups taking care of La Princesa; enough for one toddler right?  So you would have thought... but this was no regular 3 year old and definitely no regular movie either!!

Didja see that?!?!?

Now mind you, my grandbabies don't read yet, but they sure got the butterflies and turtle part down fast!  Mariposas - fly, get out of your seats.  Turtles- slow down, sit down.  An interactive movie My Beautifuls- how "about time someone did this" is this? Children were laughing, jumping up and down, dancing- and so were the adults!  This is not a movie for stick in the muds or Uptight Ursulas, this is for the kids in all of us. Warning though- wish I would have had more cafe, 'cause Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure had me getting up and down more times than a Catholic misa, but of course that just got the kids to giggling more!!  Thankfully there were times to rest, at least for me and 6 yr old El Dr.; he did tend to be a bit bored during the slower songs and some of them were a tad long for my opinion, but as far as the 3 yr old La Princesa?  She was just starting to catch on to the movements- so for her it was great.

Actually, for La Princesa it was too great.  Now she'll think all movie theatres have this kind of movie and you're allowed to jump out of your seat and go to the screen to touch the characters.  Ok, Si, she really did do that- and she was la unica who did that, but the point is she had a blast and future expectations will be high.  Hopefully this will start a new trend of TRULY RATED G movies, interactive movies for 2 - 6 yr olds who enjoy a song and silly dance, especially if their grownups join in the fun.  So go have a good time, see some well known actors show some hidden talents, and let the theater and others know how much you enjoyed it.  If we're lucky the movie makers will see what a great idea this is, and I won't have to wait until La Princesa's a teen to take her to another movie.

; )

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

P.S. In case I was too subtle (jehe) I'm giving this movie an emphatic ESO!!! Not only am I giving it an ESO!!! I'm having a giveaway.  Oh yeah.  Just comment about my review, what you thought of the pic if you've seen it, or who you would take if you haven't.  Anything related to OOGIELOVES is welcomed- just remember to keep it TRULY RATED G!  One of the comments will be picked the winner of:

Obviously I was given the above prize pac for this post, 
but the review (hopefully also obviously) was my own. 

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