October 24, 2012

Fans Forever- The Sequel. With Actual Fans. Day 17 of SMCSF 30 day blog challenge

In actuality the title should be- My Last Day in Miami Part 3a Fans Forever  Day 17 of SMCSF 30 day challenge, but that would be too over the top even for BB.  Queee?  JU SO FONII!!!  Ok si, nothings too over the top for BB; I just like this title better.  And I like sharing better, especially when it's beauty. So, without further ado, my favorite fans from the Fans Forever exhibition currently showing at the Miami Dade College Museum of Art & Design.  Bueno, not all of my favorites because the lighting didn't always work well with my camera, but a lot of my favorites.  I could have scanned in the pics of my favs because of the marvelous book Mr.Jeremy M. Mikolajczak bestowed me, but that would have taken away the look of Plebian Pride Babushka so likes to compartir with y'all. Of course you have no idea what I'm talking about if you haven't read the first part.  Go on, it's here and we'll be here.  Heje  BB being BB and playing the tease again. But really, it does make more sense if you read the first part.  Ok, ok. Continuing.

From the introduction pages-


A fan is much more than a tool to cool oneself.  It is the means for a woman to say something special to a man.  Also, it is an object that, for its beauty, constitutes a work of art.  These days, fans are used less frequently than in the past, a sign of advancements fut also a reflection of the lack of gentleness and charm that surrounds us.

In 1943, the splendid Paris Church of Santa Maria del Rosario, a jewel of Cuban Baroque, held an exhibition and auction of fans to raise funds for the church's care and maintenance.  The event was memorable because of the quality of the works exhibited.  Almost seven decades later, with the title Fans Forever, today's exhibition not only recalls that event but also rescues the magic and beauty of the Cuban fans.

In this exhibition, we have fans painted by some of the artists who exhibited in that historic occasion.  Fortunately, we also have fans painted by artist of later generation, both on the island and in exile.  At a time when the world of creativity seems dominated by works that are primarily destined to oblivion, Fans Forever is a most appropriate title.  This exhibition is worthy of enjoyment and celebration.

Armando Alvarez Bravo

And now in no particular order, except the order in which they were photographed, 
the Fabulous Fans Favored by this Fanatic

Descriptions taken almost directly from the book because they've said it all oh so well.

TONY LOPEZ  1918-2011

And So It All Began

One of his last compositions, filled with a marvelous tenderness and innocence: Adam and Even in Paradise.


"colorful fictional characters, humor and sensuality"


"Symbols of the inexhaustible mystery of the aesthetic genius."


Cesar's artristic energy always inspires him to design figures and objets that are believable and convincing.


Tomas suggests that we look at others through nature, as a a fair way of looking at and respecting ourselves.


Sweet dreams, a large dose of humanity and a message of hope.


"with a brilliant explosion of blazing colors and beautiful silhouettes"


"with his creative capacity, comes with fish and travelers, and with other elements that denote his arduous work."


"fills a great void of remembrances and absences, rescuing the hopes that he immortalizes forever."


"an artist of great spiritual and mystical gentleness, always engaged in an infinite quest across the universe"


" a painstaking composition by the artist, like his circus scenes, that he paints not as they truly are but as he interprets them."


His works, according to the artist himself, represent an unexpected path. 
 Lies and truths that bare themselves on the same stage.

Of course my Plebian photos can not compare to seeing the fans in person, nor the photographs in the book.  As a matter of fact, the pictures of the artists are also in the book, giving further glimpses into their souls, and they are works of art within themselves. BB wholeheartedly states you see the exhibition and/or buy the book- for the history, the beauty, and the art. Por supuesto y sin duda, I emphatically agree with Mr. Bravo-

"This exhibition is worthy of enjoyment and celebration." 

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  The museum is open Tuesday - Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.
  Si quieren ver los abanios, corrrrrrreeeeennnnnn the exhibits last day is November 2.

P.P.S.  Fotos on Feibu of My Last Day in Miami, con abrazotes a todos and hoping you found it as fascinating as BB did and well worth the wait.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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  1. ooh wow, they are so pretty. I like EMILIO SAUMA's the best. I'm attracted to the colors and curving lines. Fantastic piece. I'm sure it was a blast for you.

    1. Gracias Letty- I knew of all My Beautifuls you'd be the one to appreciate this the most. You picked the fan that to me was almost a self portrait for BB, as you saide, the colors the lines- the headgear! heje It WAS a blast and you should make the trip to Miami.

      So glad you stopped by and appreciate the comment. BB2U

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed the exhibit. I definitely need a fan during these hot New York summers because the train station gets so, so sticky. Ick. There's so much art here. I love the Ismael Gomez Peralta one.

    1. Darlin' Desiree Gracias for dancing w/me again!! I should have know you'd be another one appreciating the fabulous fan- you and your vintage classy taste. Gracias for the comment y BB2u


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