October 10, 2012

Maaaa.... how do you??? Day 4 of SMCSF 30 day blog challenge

This 30 day blog challenge has inspired Babushka. Queee?? To write a daily blog?  JU SO FONII!!!  No way!
But I will start a monthly feature titled "Maaaa.... how do you???".  And it goes something like this:

It’s happened.  You have found your parents' brains.  They had lost them while you were going through puberty ::shudder::, but now that you’re the new parent the new grandparents are once again reliable and valuable sages.  I know this to be a true and never ending saga because I did it to my mother and now my trio is doing it to me.  Maaaa...How do you???

It can be anything and everything.  True, the first child is always raised via “the experts” as in doctors and child psychologists of the era, but when that fails, then common sense & experience are more reliable than “experts”.  It seems to me that today’s parents try to reason and cajole their offspring into doing what’s good for them.  Whatever happened to good old fashioned trickery?  Don’t look at me like that- we’ve all done it.  Or did your baby’s spoon really fly in the air or make choo choo sounds?  Ahuh... so today’s lesson is getting your children to eat their greeneries- veggies and salads.  

Don’t know about your children, but my trio loved the boxed Mac & Cheese and they loved hot dogs.  So I made macaroni & cheese with little bits of cut up hot dogs in them.  Once they started looking forward to that dish I added frozen vegetables cut up into small pieces “for color”.  “Look” BB would say, “Isn’t that so pretty?”  Naturally the first batch was lotsa cheese and hot dogs.  As they grew accustomed to the combination I would gradually add more veggies or have bigger pieces of veggies in them while tapering back on the cheese and hot dog.  The ratio was easily played with and calculated and they learned to eat their vegetables!  To this day I have grown up friends of my son admit to me that the only way they’d eat vegetables was at my house when I made them in mac & cheese.  

Now I know “the experts” are always touting the evils of sugar- but you know the evil of not eating greens is worse. So, Maaaaa...How do you???  make the child eat salad?  CATALINA DRESSING.  Yes it’s watered catsup w/lots of sugar, but it works!!  And like the mac & cheese you play with the ratio until they start to like other greens.  My eldest, now in her late 20’s still brightens up whenever she sees the bottle of Catalina in my home.  Think about it.  I’m sure there’s a food or ingredient that your parents have in their home that reminds you of your childhood.  Hopefully it’s a good memory and you’ll be using it in your home too.

Now what events, problems, questions did or do you have that you just had to ask- Maaaa...how do you???

So, que creen? How y'all like the first post of the series?  

What questions would you like BB to answer or topic you'd like her spin on?  
Or maybe you'd like to share a "Maaa....how do you???" moment of your own? I'd love to hear from you.


; )

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Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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  1. Love it. I would love to hear about dating for both boys and girls ;)

    1. Ya got me stumped! Have no clue how to date both boys & girls. Also, no one should start dating until they are comfortable with themselves. wow. Just realized that would sharply curtail the overpopulation problem because most people aren't totally comfortable until their 50's... if they're lucky. ; )


  2. My son is always saying " Maaaaaa.." Hope your tricks are good tools for them with their kids someday... Then they will say... "Maaaa..You were right!" and "Maaaaa...thanks." or Maaa...cook for my kids..(hopefully not;)

    1. jaha i liked that! Even the cooking part. Believe me, cooking for the grandsons is wonderful; mine already ask me for "Grandma's shrimp" (Camaron al ajillo) over linguini. Not the princess though, she just wants sweets. ; )

      Gracias Blanca, hope to bailar contigo again soon. BB2U


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