December 02, 2012

Fofo Face Forever

I never did like the terms "snotface" or "mocosa", instead I would say Fofo face.  Especially when I'd be speaking about My Little One, the youngest of my trio.

Just too cute 2 B a snotface or mocosa.

As a matter of fact, the poor love was always sniffling- either with a cold, an allergy, or yo no se, but she was in a state of perpetual Fofo falling down from her nose. She's the reason there's a box of tissues in every room in my house. Including the garage. Even to this day.  And now that she drives, in the car too.

Of course when she was a baby I couldn't give her my mom's cold remedy, but once she was a little older I'd fix her up a cup of very strong hot lemonade with lots of honey- y Santo Remedio.  Good to go within 48 hours; my mom would have been proud.  Her sister, My Eldest, now makes this for her children when they start getting the sniffles, and sometimes she makes it for herself "just because".  Fofo face hasn't quite gotten to this point yet (you'd think she'd be used to the taste by now) but she does  make herself a cup when she feels a cold coming on.  Hopefully she'll continue when she goes off to college at the end of this year.  BB won't be there to take care of  her- I tried to convince her I'd be a good dorm mate but she said JU SO FONII!!!  So I'll be sending her a Kleenex Care Pack instead.

A fantastic find for my Fofo face!!

Included in the Kleenex Care Pack are:

lip balm
1 oz hand sanitizer
coupon booklet
Kleenex Slim Pack
card redemable to download for songs from upcoming Universal Music Artists 

Of course being the old Cuban mom that I am, I'll also include packages of lemon juice and honey -
so she can make the tea on the go-a thermometer with F and C (for Cuban reading) 
so I'll know what to tell La Tata  when she asks how high is the temperature
 and a jar of Vix Vapo Ru.

; )

So who's the Fofo face in your family?  
Comment below and one of you will win a Kleenex Share Pack for your house. Or garage. Or car.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

This is a compensated post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Kleenex, but the story is pure BB.

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Bohemian Babushka

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