December 14, 2012

Winn-Dixie Wants Local Flavor for a Winning Holiday Recipe

"Winn-Dixie Wants Local Flavor for a Winning Holiday Recipe." What a mouthful huh? Bueno, considering it's about food, that's not a bad thing.  Babushka's a pretty decent cook and is known to have her mouth full from time to time. Queee? JU SO FONII!!!  Ok si, BB's mouth is full most of the time, pero who can blame me when I get fresh ingredients and it tastes so good??

What recipes do you use during the holidays?  Share your stories or recipes with Winn-Dixie for a chance to be featured in the e-cookbook Holiday Recipes to Impress  shared on their Feibu page. Tienen de todo- they've got it all, from appetizers to desserts, you can browse or share family faves in the ebook. Go ahead, be curious, but don't be shy! After the holidays the top recipes will be selected and included in the completed e-book for everyone to download.

BB's looking forward to sharing my infamous "Tortilla de Platano a la Babushka" aka Spanish Omelette with sweet plantains a la Cubana- an exaggeration of extras. Now this is a recipe that's local to my original hometown of Miami, but since I can still get the ingredients in my local Winn-Dixie here, Up North in The South , I say it still counts as a "local" dish.  Besides, everyone who's eaten it here likes it so I'm pretty sure it will be a local dish soon enough.  As far as it being a "holiday recipe", even though this isn't the roast pork we actually have as a main dish, this definitely is a much asked for appetizer while the caja china is doing it's job.


1 ripe plantain per person (si, exageracion- proof it's a la BB)
1 potatoe per person 
1 package of Spanish style chorizos- at least 3 chorizos
1 big onion
1 green pepper
Olive oil
Eggs 2 at the least per person (further proof it's a la BB)
Milk- just enough to lighten the consistency and the color at least 3 shades

*Plate big enough to cover the pan opening.  


The plantains need to be fried, so while you're waiting for the oil to heat, cut everything into tiny pieces.  Tiny for BB = bite size, not stew proportions but not food processor either. By now the oil should be hot enough, and it's time to fry the plantains until they're nicely browned.

Once they're done they are transferred to a plate that is covered with paper towels.

That's to take out the excess oil and has been done this way by Cuban women for generations.

It is not to be changed or questioned.

The other ingredients should now be sauteed in olive oil- starting with the potatoes.

Babushka prefers her veggies slightly crunchy so after the papas, I cook the chorizo  and then quickly saute the veggies. 
Kinda like a Spanish stir fry.

At this point I heavily spray the pan I'm going to use so the eggs won't stick to it.  The eggs have been beaten and mixed with milk, adding salt and pepper to your liking.  Let the pan heat up a bit and pour the egg mixture into the pan.  Allow the eggs to cook at medium low for 2 -3 mins then add the other ingredients evenly throughout the pan.  Cover the pan and allow it to cook, being sure the middle cooks well- but don't let it dry out!  Appx 10 - 12 mins later (poke the middle to make sure it's not runny) loosen up the sides of the omelete so you can flip it over to quickly cook the other side. This is where the plate comes in.

This is what it should look like.

Nice, round, traditional.  
Now if it falls apart in the turn, don't worry about it- that's traditional too.
Doesn't change the taste, it's still DELICIOSO!

Photo courtesy of Maria de los Angeles

Also delicioso are the recipes and other goodies on the Winn-Dixie Holiday Website .
So don't stress the holidays nor the menu- check out the  Feibu page and join in on the food, fun and memories.  

Nos vemos alli- I'll see you there, with a mouthful.

; )


Oye! Got hungry thinking about the tortilla and all the comida that I forgot to invite y'all to a Tweety Fiesta.  

Sorry, see food, s'long senses.

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Now having said that let me also say that this post was written in collaboration with Winn-Dixie and the Niche Mommy Network & Conference, y BB received compensation- pero the tortilla?  That's all BB's!

Te veo Tuesday in Tweety Land! 

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Bohemian Babushka

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