February 27, 2013

#BabuBoda- The Counting of Days & Details has begun!

BB's Popa Bag, Sweetie's Hat, sandwiching our marriage license.  It's getting very real My Beautifuls.

April 14, 2013  Bohemian Babushka and Sweetie will be married.  A little over a month away- a little over a million details still not finalized.  Good thing my hair is already full of silver lifelites and Sweetie's already bald, 'cause the details are the deadly doer inners.  Many a happy couple have corroded because of details- and legalities!!  Did you know you know have to read up on marriage and it's ramifications in the state of Florida??  Ok, let me start there in this series. Quee?? JU SO FONII!!!  You thought ONE singular post would suffice for this epic social media event hereby and herewith to be called #Babuboda ?

Actually, first let me explain #BabuBoda.  My friend and Teacher Yadira Ambert coined this marvelous phrase by combining my name Babushka with the Spanish word for wedding- boda.  Babuboda.  Just bounces on the lips right? Then My Capitan Maria de los Angeles places a # in front and VOILA! it becomes a Social Media Socialite.  And like all socialites, it takes a lot of work to make it seem effortless. We've got a Feibu Page, a Pinterest board,and of course our own Feibu and Tweety accounts spreading the news. And what good is a Social Media Event without a logo?

Link for Cutisimo Codgers

Yep, ya gotta have a logo and in the Sunshine State ya gotta have a license too.  Here are some of the main points of Matrimonial Licensing and Ceremony. Marriage in Florida no longer needs a bloodtest, however, to get the license there is a three day period from the day you apply.  Yes, the same as a gun.  This fact was not lost on BB.  Continuing; The cost is $93.50, however you may obtain a $32.50 discount if you take the marriage course, which is great if you feel the need to spend $30 on the course... No se, must be some sort of new discount math, but Sweetie and I decided  the $2.50 was better saved elsewhere and we read the 9 pages of the handbook instead.  We're not knocking the course or the handbook, and we're especially not bashing the reason behind this requirement.  There really are a lot of good points made in the handbook- matter of fact, once you're in a serious relationship, or before you let a relationship get too serious, this would be valuable reading.  Here's  the link- take a look yourself.  Florida Marriage Handbook.

Some other interesting tidbits.  You do not have to be a resident of Florida nor do you need witnesses to validate your marriage ceremony.  Oh my.  Dear visitors to our fine state, be verrrryyy careful when partying, especially since Florida Fiestas are so much fun.  Bueno no, I guess that's where there'd be a lot of witnesses- just no memory of the event, and who wants their wedding to be easily forgotten?  Not BB that's for sure, and My Capitan and I are gonna do our darndest to make sure it isn't!

Consider this your "Save the Date" notice.

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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