April 24, 2013

Noches de Diseño 3- A Pre Hispanicize Event

Noches de Diseño, sponsored by Sherwin Williams, was an early event for attendees of Hispanicize 2013. It was so rich and full in its' activities Babushka had to make it into a series. Oh yes I did! In Part 1 it was the art galleries to show us the colors. Part 2 highlighted the stunning and savvy Sonia Velasquez and shared a Sherwin Williams store grand opening showing us how to use the colors.  Y now My Beautifuls the final post and proof of appreciating the way we embrace colors into our culture, the heart of who we are - our food.

Ok si, of course BB would give comida a starring role, but think about it- isn't it truly part of our spirit and story?  The history of our meals, the love passed on from past generations in our platos favoritos, the sense of belonging in our sofritos- oh yes My Beautifuls, the color of our lives is definitely embraced by our food.  In this, I think the choice to dine at El Mercadito was brilliant.

Excellent ambience at El Mercadito.

Esta bien, all right, maybe the bit about being brilliant with the pic of the lights was a bit of a groaner, but believe BB when I say my joke was the only thing bad about the evening.  The food was not only colorful, but the sense of community was definitely put into play.  The organizers of the event had chosen the Sharing Menu option which was fun and very tasty.  Of course those of us who hadn't been there before were grateful we had eaten at the gallery and grand opening because we couldn't imagine a "sharing" option would really be enough.  Oh us of little faith- and Latin appetites!!  

Tacos de Pescado- Fish Tacos


It was more than enough!! Plates and plates of each course- appetizer, main dishes and- 


Flan de Cajeta, Morenita de Chocolate & Pastel de Queso

Oh my and Oh Yeah.

Pero sabe que?  Ya know what My Beautifuls?
Amazingly as it may sound, this wasn't the best part of the evening for BB.

For Babushka the best part was:
Sweetest of Swag

Quee?? JU SO FONII!!!  Ok si, BB's love of swag is almost as infamous as her love of food, but it's the meaning and thought behind this particular swag that Babushka cherishes. The quality of product is excellent and not cheap on any level; this shows they think the same of us.  Not only did they give us some of their best to help us do our best, they took the time to research what else was in store for us during Hispanicize 2013 and gifted us Rita Moreno's autobiography for her to sign during the Adelante Movement/Coca Cola event.  That's the extra step that makes all the difference in Babushka's eyes.   From the hiring of art curator and tour organizer Susana Baker and the multi talented Sonia Velasquez, to including the memoir of one of our own, Latinas were highlighted.  Mil Gracias Sherwin-Williams for your insight, acknowledgment and appreciation.

Showcasing the best, because we deserve it.  

Let's not forget that My Beautifuls.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  Once again, this was not a sponsored post, just BB sharing her thoughts and showing her thanks.

P.P.S.  Sherwin Williams had many more wonderful times in store for us via their "Colores Latinos;Artistas Latinos" project, 
but that will be part of my Hispz13 recap.

Bohemian Babushka
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