September 04, 2013

Cryoow! Corazon Taker- Keepsake Maker

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!

Babushka has a very good friend, Paula, who gets the best giveaways for parents- especially those who want to raise their children bilingual. Interesting enough, she has a blog called "Growing Up Bilingual"- imaginate!  Well, if you've been reading BB's posts you'll recall many a giveaways I joined with her, but THIS one My Beautifuls truly did take my corazon.  Go on and read the official intro, you'll see what I mean.

"Cryoow! is a company that literally makes your child’s imagination become a reality! Cryoow! turns your child’s drawings into dolls they can play with, hold and sleep with. It brings your child’s creations from the a two dimensional paper to reality and it does so staying true to the child’s original idea down to the smallest detail. Children learn through play and the best toys are those that leave the door open for children to use their imagination and creativity. Cultivating a child’s imagination and creativity will promote learning and brain development in young children, so I try to stay away from fancy toys that talk and walk and only require children to push a button or two.

cryoww! doll
 Cryoww! doll and the original drawing by Sebastian, age 5.

Cryoow! dolls are a truly unique toy that any child would love and cherish and that would make the perfect gift for a creative little one. Not only that but this toy is also a great motivator for children to work on their drawing skills, which in turn improve their fine motor skills and their cognitive development.

Cryoow! Bringing Children’s Creativity To Life

All your child has to do is make a drawing. Then scan his artwork and email it to Cryoow! You can add some notes regarding colors and even had some ideas regarding textures. Once Cryoow! had received the drawings it takes them 2 weeks to produce the doll. Each doll is hand made and once it is finished it is shipped via DHL and it takes around 3 working days until it arrives on your doorsteps. While you are waiting your kids can play the free memory game that you can find on the Cryoow! website.

cryoww doll and dog
The inspiration for this Cryoww! doll was the family dog Sally.

The dolls arrive in a beautiful bag, wrapped in tissue paper and accompanied by the name of the person who had created each one. You will be truly surprised by the attention to detail and how the choice of colors and materials follows the original drawings as closely as possible.

You can visit the Cryoow! website, like Cryoww! on Facebook and follow @Cryoow on twitter to learn more about their handmade one of a kind creations and stay up to date with their latest news.


Win your own Cryoow! doll and make your child’s imagination come to life. You can win a Cryoww! doll based on your child’s own drawing ARV $149.00 including shipping. Giveaway open to US residents 18 and older. To enter follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want more pics, go to Paula's post and see the ones her children made. Cutisimos!!

As for BB, I'm sure y'all are thinking I'll be making this for my grandbabies- and I might, Pero what came to my mind/heart were the countless pics I have that my trio made. Queee???  JU SO FONII !!!  Of course I still have some.  Esta bien, you're right, it's been a long while since they've made pics for their vieja, but this empty nester remembers as if it were just yesterday.  Oh si, the memories of their childhood, much better than the memories of their ::shudder:: PUBERTY. Definitely prettier pictures all the way around.

; )

Which pictures will you send?

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

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