November 25, 2013

#Girl #Empowerment Network- GENAustin

*This is a kindasorta sponsored post between BB, Sverve, and GENAustin. Babushka says kinda sorta because I offered to write about this for $1- because BB had to put a price on it. Para mi, this is a social good post because I believe 100% in what they're aspiring and accomplishing, and I would have done it for free.  Babushka hopes other cities follow their example. Porsea, I write this disclosure; all opinions expressed are BB's and hopefully  by the end of this, they will be yours too.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!

In the last post BB wrote about the "Women Rise Above It" campaign, so now let's talk about the strength, guidance, self belief that girls need in order to become those women.  Today, more than ever, being female is full of contradicting options and thoughts, and good direction with positive programs are much needed.

Scary stuff on that infograph isn't there?  That's why Babushka ♥♥♥ what GENaustin's about.

As a mother of two girls, grandmother of one girl, and having been one myself, I know the need for such programs. Quee??  JU SO FONII!!!  Ok si, it's been a loooonnnngggg time since BB was bb, but the memory is still with me.  Do you still remember what it was like to be that age?

and just how does GENaustin help girls?  
Here are some of their programs:

They are all great programs, but the one Babushka could have used most was the Parent Workshops, because a child's Puberty ::shudder:: doesn't just affect them. Created in 1996 by a group of 12 concerned mothers raising girls in Austin, Texas, it has become a program worth donating to, emulating, and continuing. 

 A voice of someone who knows:

So what say you My Beautifuls? 

Do you agree with BB on the need for such programs?  Do you have any of these type of organizations in your area?  Isn't Genaustin worthy of our help and appreciation? Babushka wholeheartedly thanks them for their efforts and the committment to their mission. Please feel free to click on any of the above links- I'm sure you'll join me in my praises.

Genaustin- y'all are a definite ESO!!!


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Bohemian Babushka

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