February 19, 2014

A Giveaway and Review: Disney's Sofia the First CD - Fun, Fabulosa y Free!

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!

Ok si, Disney's Sofia the First CD no es free- but definitivamente it is Fun & Fabulosa!!  

When Babushka was offered the chance to review this CD you KNOW La Princesa came to mind, and good Cuban Grandma that BB is had to aceptar!  Say no to Sofia the First??  JU SO FONII !!!

Now the review. 

Sofia the First- Songs from Enchancia

Did you notice it has Karaoke tracks?  Oh Si it does!!

As always, the artwork is digno of Disney with details and beauty.  

They've even included coloring book style artwork you can cut out to enjoy. 

So, the cover is Fun, but the musica- is it Fabulosa?

Bueno, BB enjoyed the first track "Sisters and Brothers" where the simple truth of sibalry is shared, but the favorite has got to be Track Ten.  Digan lo que digan, they can say what they want, but I still believe Sofia's got a bit of Salsa in her.  Ok, maybe she's like a lot of us latinos who don't speak Spanish well, or maybe not at all, but there's no denying la sangre- it's in the blood, and "A Recipe of Adventure" definitely has that Latin beat.  Besides, isn't that a perfect title? But of course Babushka would love that one- combo Broadway style music/Latin Beat/Food/Adventure.  Mas perfecto, more perfect it couldn't be!! Actually, it can be more perfect- you can get it free. 

 Si My Beautifuls, the wonderful people of Disney Music are going to give 3 of you a free copy of 
Sofia the First, Songs from Enchancia.

Pero, if you can't wait to win (and BB doesn't blame you)
 then you can go to iTunes  or Amazon to order your copy YA!

There you have it My Beautifuls. 

BB's Review, in her words, of Disney Music's Sofia the First Songs of Enchancia, facilitated by ENMNetwork and hopefully enjoyed by you as much as Babushka enjoyed listening to it.


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

Groovy Spanglish speaking Grandma of 6 who loves life and all its adventures. Motivational while still keeping it real, Babushka shows how all things looked at with gratitude are good, and how to say to la vida- JU SO FONII!!!

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