September 11, 2014

No mas hiding for BB!! ZYRTEC® Fall Season 'Allergy Face'

Babushka wrote this post as part of her participation in a blog tour for Latina Mom Bloggers on behalf of ZYRTEC® ALLERGY FACE® and received compensation to thank  BB for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are purely Babushka's.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!!

Another season change is coming and with it,the allergies.  Above you see how Babushka used to handle them, not too well. This Latinita needed to be out there doing my daily dance, pero no could do. Eyes would water and puff up, and then BB would get drugged out with the medicines used to combat the swelling and pain.  Right now Up North in The South, Fall is ready to make itself known.  Pretty soon the leaves and the temperature will be falling, but not BB! With the help of ZYRTEC® and their ALLERGYFACE® campaign with makeup artist Jackie Gomez, Babushka will be Bella y Bright Eyed- and rewarded for it!!

Join ZYRTEC® Rewards for Great Savings and Exciting Rewards 

The makers of ZYRTEC® know that allergies can affect not only the way you feel, but also how you look. To help you Face Your Allergies this fall, we’re giving you and your readers 20 bonus ZYRTEC® Rewards points! All you have to do is sign in or register (, then click on the Earn Points tab to enter the Secret Word ALLERGYFACE

Points vary depending on count size and frequency of purchase as well as completion of non-purchase activities. See Terms and Conditions Restrictions apply.  Offer expires 10/18/14.

You can get a free $2-off coupon for ZYRTEC®, just for signing up. Once you’ve earned 500 points, you have the option to redeem them for a Neutrogena® mascara to help disguise ALLERGY FACE® beauty challenges. 

Looking Fresca AND a coupon?? ESO!!! That's definitely a twofer BB can get into!

This is the look Babushka will recreate.  The object here is to detract from watery eyes.

Por Supuesto looking nice is wonderful, but if you end up as a sleeping beauty you're not gonna get much done.  Here are the points that has BB poised to take this allergy medicine.

    • ZYRTEC® Dissolve Tabs can be taken anytime or anywhere because they dissolve in your mouth without water and provide allergy relief for 24-hours. They’re perfect for someone who is on the go!
    • ZYRTEC® (cetirizine HCl) is the number one allergist recommended brand among OTC oral antihistamines.
    • ZYRTEC® helps relieve the allergy symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes and itchy nose or throat.  These symptoms can be caused by allergy triggers such as dust, mold, pet dander, tree pollen, weeds and grasses.

  • ZYRTEC® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it and provides 24-hour relief.
Again BB must say,  ESO!!!  
What a welcome relief this allergy season will be compared to those before.

How will you be welcoming the new season My Beautifuls??


P.S.  You can go to ZYRTEC® Feibu page for more great info

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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