November 09, 2014

@DisneyAnimation Big Hero 6- Be Ready to Blubber, Blabber, and Beg for More!

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!
The Big Hero 6 team.

OFFICIAL BOILERPLATE:  (Which I guess means promo press talk)
From Walt Disney Animation Studios, the team behind “Frozen” and “Wreck-It Ralph,” comes “Big Hero 6,” an action-packed comedy-adventure about the special bond that develops between Baymax (voice of Scott Adsit), a plus-sized inflatable robot, and prodigy Hiro Hamada (voice of Ryan Potter). When a devastating event befalls the city of San Fransokyo and catapults Hiro into the midst of danger, he turns to Baymax and his close friends adrenaline junkie Go Go Tomago (voice of Jamie Chung), neatnik Wasabi (voice of Damon Wayans Jr.), chemistry whiz Honey Lemon (voice of Genesis Rodriguez) and fanboy Fred (voice of T.J. Miller). Determined to uncover the mystery, Hiro transforms his friends into a band of high-tech heroes called “Big Hero 6.” Inspired by the Marvel comics of the same name, and featuring breathtaking action with all the heart and humor audiences expect from Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Big Hero 6” is directed by Don Hall (“Winnie the Pooh”) and Chris Williams (“Bolt”), and produced by Roy Conli (“Tangled”). The film hits theaters in 3D on Nov. 7, 2014.
And if that isn't enough for ya-

Sweetie and I were invited to a prescreening of Big Hero 6 y lo gozamos!
And not just the movie!!

Big Hero 6  Disney Film Screening

The pic in the middle- BB's daily dilemma and a clue to the humor in the movie.

Without giving away the movie, you know there's always some sadness for the characters in Disney movies to overcome, and this is no exception.  Matter of fact, though it's not quite Bambi, it does warrant hankies, so consider yourself warned. 
But that makes the happy even happier right??!!??

You know what also makes the happy even happier??  More Big Hero 6!!!
A few days later we were invited to a press junket with Genesis Rodriguez, the voice behind HoneyLemon in the movie. 

She was un encanto. A dear, down to Earth, buena gente, good people.

Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon Genesis Rodriguez Baymax Miami Children's Museum
Row 1: Miami Children's Museum,El Bello Baymax
Row 2: BB trying to give BayMax a hug without popping him, Group Pic w/HoneyLemon, Genesis Rodriguez
Row 3: Movie Stickers/Trading Cards, Outside of Museum, Blogger Friends
Ana, Amanda, Tiffany

We were allocated one question each- but actually, Genesis was so nice it was like a group of friends just chatting.

  Babushka asked: What part of yourself do you see in Honey Lemon?

"Everything! The only difference is maybe she’s two octaves higher than me. She is so happy, I’ve never been so happy for such a long time. I went into the room, acted like a silly person, and went out of the room and I couldn’t believe I was working, that was so much fun. It’s just not fair to get paid for that sort of thing! It is a gift for me to be giving a Disney character to generations. Disney has always been a part of my life, and has shaped my life. It teaches me about everything magical and innocent and about hope and love, all these wonderful themes have been given to me as a child, and to be able to give that back is just amazing.

Honey Lemon wasn’t written as Latina, but I was able to put a lot of my personality in there. The way she says “Hiro”, she pronounces it in Spanish, she wants to call him in an endearing way, de cariño, and she expresses herself a certain way. I was allowed to put some of myself in there, and that’s the biggest blessing."

Here BB must thank Amanda of Brandon's Puppy for taping the conversation. Babushka was enjoying herself so much she had very big holes in her notes. For a fun and full transcript of the charla please click on the link and read the full answer/question session. 

After question time was over, we all took a group picture and were given bookbags with a Big Hero 6 Journal and un chiquito Baymax inside. Oh Si they did!! And y'all know something? One of those infamous flash rainshowers Miami's so well known for caught us at an uncovered bus stop, and those bookbags came in handy.  Big Hero 6 really did come to Babushka & Sweetie's rescue!

Big Hero 6 Miami Children's Museum Disney Cruise Dream
The museum is close to the port- but unfortunately not to any covered bus stops.

Oh, the cruise ship?
 Bueno, it's always been un sueño of BB to take the family on a cruise-
 y ya que estamos hablando Disney...
; )

Go see Big Hero 6 My Beautifuls. 
Remember to take your hankies and all the friends and familia you can. 
Quee?? Tell you why the hankies?  JU SO FONII!!! 
Pero BB will tell you my honest impression of Baymax and the movie...


Need more Baymax too??,
Disclosure: Sweetie and BB were invited to a pre-screening of Big Hero 6 & The Children’s Museum in Miami. All the above are BB's thoughts and opinions. Besides the shown promo items,no compensation was received.
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