November 21, 2014

The Avengers of #MUL and the Adventures of 3 Generations. @MarvelOnTour Magnifico!

Marvel Universe Live

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

Gracias to +Feld Entertainment and Bloggin' Mamas, Babushka was able to attend the Marvel Universe Live show at the +BB&T Center in Sunrise. Not only did BB attend, but I had the whole family with me! Nowadays it's very hard for familias to get together unless it's a special occasion.The different tastes, distance, work/school schedules make it very difficult, PERO it appears the chance to see Avengers in person was worth any sacrifices, thus making it a very special occasion indeed!

It took almost 2 hours for the Miami Mob, and BB had left Little Havana at 2:30- almost 4 hours (tale will be told later), but we all arrived. All 4 Grandsons, +babushkas bebe and @IamPugilism , my son MAC and DIL. You can't really see it, but my son's gang all had on Avengers shirts under their sweaters and of course Dr. J had to wear his Captain Adorable bib! Y como lo gozaron- they soaked up every second being in the Marvel Universe, and this was only the pre-show! A very rare memory indeed, all together for a live show.

And then- the actual show!!

Quick Plot share- Loki comes to take over the Earth.Naturally Thor, Ironman, Spiderman, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, and Captain America take the first line against him. But Loki has incorporated many of the super villains to battle for him. Green Goblin,Doctor Octopus,Hydra, just one group of many. Luckily there are many more super heroes too. The battles are many, but only one group can win...

My Beautifuls, there were high tech video tracks, motorcycle stunts, and there was even humor!
Oh si, humor!

There was a moment after Spiderman and Thor defeated the Green Goblin, that Spidey exclaimed
it was a good selfie moment.  To this, Thor said he had a Tweety account.

Spidey: "YOU have a Twitter account???"
Thor:  (Deadpan) Yes, I have a million followers.


You know what else Babushka adored?  The reactions of mi familia.

Dr. J was so sure of his Avengers, he donned their hat and slept peacefully through the whole show.
The others were definitivamente more animated in their reactions.

At the end the Good Guys won- and that includes Babushka.

Being with friends, to see mi familia all together and so happy.
Gracias Adriana for the pic.

+babushkas bebe +Heather Lopez BB Adriana Carrera  the Grands w/Heather's two

It's not often 3 Generations can agree on one thing and enjoy it. Was it worth all the extra effort?


BB looks forward to doing it again & again.


Opinions and smiles are all mi familias & BB's.  

Marvel Universe Live- #MUL will be at the BBT Center until Sunday, for the complete tour and tix.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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