December 11, 2014

HSF- Hispanic Scholarship Fund #HSFChat #HablaconHSF

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HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

There she is, my eldest, Babushkas Bebe. In 2008 she received her BA, and we were so proud of her!!  By this time her son had already been born and she had gone back to school to finish her degree. As a single mother, BB had sacrificed to make sure The Trio had their college covered- wish I had known about the Hispanic Scholarship Fund back in the day!!

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund, besides helping with scholarships, helps parents navigate the confusing take of college applications and guides with resources and valuable information needed before,during,and after graduation.  for more detailed information.

Founded in 1975, but who knew?? Bueno Beautifuls, now YOU know.

BB for one will go and see what's available for My Little One who's finishing her 2nd year of college.  For sure HSF will know more about it than Babushka and any help in our children's future is always welcomed, correcto??  They look for us for guidance; it's nice to know there's a place parents can go for guidance too. A great place to start is @HSFnews  "Getting Ready for College" tips #HSFchat  Also,

OJO Beautifuls. Although the official scholarship season runs from Jan 1 - Mar 30, take advantage of school recess and begin the application process. Create a profile on, que eso Santi Clo can't put into your stocking.


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