January 30, 2015

Workplace Wows and Woahs! @SodexoGroup - Quality of Life Matters #QoL

This post is part of International Quality of Life BlogIt Day, sponsored by Sodexo. 
Added sentiments are 100 Babushka's. 

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!!

Babushka has been sharing many a giveaways with you, so when asked to write this sponsored post BB just had to say Si! The information stated here, if followed, is like winning the loteria, pero better- you don't have to pagar taxes on it.

Before Babushka started writing her blog, BB worked for the State of Florida.  At the end of my time there (6 years), I had become a facilitator for their Customer Service Representative course.  In that capacity, BB spoke on many of the points Sodexo highlights in their services. Because their initial post was so well written, Babushka will just interject where my experience was.  Besides, BB write more than she has to?  JU SO FONII !!!

"The New Year is often a time of personal reflection about life and priorities. Google “New Year’s Resolutions” and you’ll see a familiar list of topics held out year after year (losing weight, reducing stress, quitting smoking, etc.) as the path to a better life. Or more specifically – a better quality of life. And discussions about quality of life inevitably lead to conversations about work – how work contributes to quality of life – both in the workplace and outside of it.
Sodexo, a worldwide leader in Quality of Life Services, is inviting bloggers with business and workplace specialties, to join the conversation about Quality of Life in the workplace on January 30, 2015. Sodexo believes that as businesses – as a society – to create value, we must make people’s well-being a priority. By focusing on Quality of Life – society can drive individual and collective performance.
It’s not just talk. They have put resources and research to this topic. There are 6 aspects of Quality of Life that Sodexo focuses on uniquely:

·        Social Interaction  factors that strengthen the bonds of relationships. Examples are access to cultural events, concerts, exhibits, etc. for employees
The Department BB worked at didn't do all of following, but we did have gatherings for the division, section pot luck luncheons, and many long lasting friendships have come from there. Remember the post about Babushka's hat maker Ms. Evelyn

·         Ease & Efficiency  implementing programs and services to help employees carry out activities with more ease. Onsite child care facilities and programs that help employees reduce stress
·         Physical Environment  everything that contributes to an individual’s comfort and sense of safety, from building maintenance to comfortable and safe work spaces
The physical environment on the whole was pleasant. To tell the truth, Babushka wouldn't mind being back in my cubicle with the great PC and desk chair.  Working from my bedroom, Sweetie sometimes gets jarred awake from Feibu videos.
·         Personal Growth – promoting individual progress and growth. Professional development programs in technology, foreign languages, etc. can help individuals advance their education.
Personal Growth is VERY important, and though it wasn't really encouraged within my department until the end, the state did reimburse employees who continued with their professional studies.  The chance to train and become a trainor was thanks to a "Leadership" initiative.
·         Recognition – allowing an individual to feel truly valued. Helping to research and create recognition programs that truly reward employees for good work
Recognition was given by the state for time worked and if you saved the bureau money, but it was the nice post-its saying "You're Special, Thanks" given by fellow employees that helped brighten our days.
·         Health & Well-Being – promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutritious meals, a well-balanced diet and exercise. This can include restaurant vouchers and healthy food options, as well on-site exercise facilities or gym memberships"
Health & Well Being were ideas stressed during the training BB gave. Looking away from the screen 20 seconds every 20 mins, breathing exercises,exercises to do at the desk, and the ever needed reminder to laugh are tiny measures that add up to so much. The physical & mental well being of everyone should be a top priority.

Si My Beautifuls, the workplace is where we spend 50% of our lives, so make it beneficial in all aspects of life.
 If you do it well you'll never feel like you're really working.

; )


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