April 17, 2015

@PGATourWoman and the #EWD Executive Woman's Day Event- How to Play the Game while AT the Game.

BB was invited by the PGATourWoman & Bloggin' Mamas to attend the #EWD. 
No other form of compensation was given. Como siempre, opinions expressed are all Babushka's.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!!

If y'all recall, BB had started sharing her March events, and had listed several in one post. Bueno, all the events Babushka attends are good and merit posts, but there are some events that are so monumental and special in mis ojos that they deserve one all by themselves; the Executive Woman's Day Event sponsored by Astellas is one of those.

Was it really as good as it looked? 
Ponte comodas My Beautifuls 'cause this one is worth estudio.

Primero, First, the Invite.

TREMENDO schedule right? And TREMENDO LUGAR!!

Now, BB not being a big golf fan had never been to a PGA course- 
oh my, what Babushka has been missing!!

More fotos of the grounds later, now let's get to the Executive Woman's Day event.

PGAWomanTour Power Panel Astellas Sponsored

A better pic of the panel from the PGAWomanTour Feibu page

Sonya Canas- Mercantile CommerceBank, Dondra Ritzenthaler-Celebrity Cruises, Michelle Beauchamp-Bacardi
moderator Kristi Krueger -Local 10 Newscaster

Que inspiraciones, what inspirations!  And what quotes!! Aqui are some:

Sonya Canas with a saying she learned and followed while going up the corporate ladder- 
"Be careful of whose toes you step on On The Way Up.
They may be the foot you have to kiss on the way down."

Work with people. People help you go further than you'd ever go alone. ~Dondra Ritzenthaler

Mentoring is very important; it makes a big difference. 
Seek it out, and pay it forward. ~Michelle Beauchamp

After the panel, they saw that everyone in the room was buzzing and besides themselves with all the powerful points made and shared, so it was time for a break and breath of fresh air.  
No podian escojer a more perfect and beautiful spot.

Bohemian Babushka Trump National Doral PGA Course

Babushka HAD to take a foto w/the trophy. Porque?? JU SO FONII!!! 
Because that's the closest BB will ever get to having a sports one.

Bloggin' Mamas at the EWD

Aqui with some of the +Bloggin' Mamas #PGAMamas

They must have thought that fresh air opened up our appetites, because the food-

tantalizing salad and dessert at the Trump National Doral EWD Event

it was fancy, filling y Fantastico!! Y Si, the dessert deserved AT LEAST 3 fotos.

Beautifuls, BB didn't think the day could get better. 
A true "power panel" of women, a beautiful Miami day, a magnificent meal, but there was more. 
More, as in MUCH more, porque that's what the keynote speaker believes in and is. 

Carla A. Harris Keynote speaker #EWD PGAWomanTour collage

Her book is like her public speaking. It grabs you instantly and keeps you there with her humor and real talk. Intense and straight to the point, she shares her story with no pretense or pretty pictures, making us all feel and believe that we're coming from the same place and like her, can live our dreams.

Carla A. Harris EWD Keynote Speaker PGATourWoman
Picture from PGATourWoman Facebook Page

Some Sabidurias of @CarlaAnnHarris

Perception is the copilot to reality. 
You can train people to think about you how you want them to think about you.

Pick 3 adjectives that describe who you really are.
Find 3 adjectives of company value.
Where they intersect is where you must concentrate.
Strive for consistent behavior in these 3 adjectives.

It's about how to tell the story.

To succeed you must be comfortable taking risks.

Wow and Woah.

In the beginning of this post you saw a video featuring Donna Fiedorowicz, the Senior Vice President Tournament Activation & Outreach. Having started this event, this mindset of @PGAWomanTour just four years ago truly encompasses everything these ladies speak about. From an article of PGATour.com, some of her visions,insights and quotes:

"Most women who attend do not play golf and have not attended a TOUR event. By creating these programs, we are creating a destination at our events they would have otherwise chosen to pass on."   100% correcto in Babushka's case

"Fiedorowicz believes the PGA TOUR provides a unique backdrop to host an Executive Women's Day event" and is proud of what is accomplished when events are given, what it means to the local community.
"The women are exposed to our product in a fun and 'safe environment.' It also provides us the ability to educate them on key facts such as the TOUR's strong charitable mission and recent milestone of surpassing $2 billion dollars in charitable giving."  2 Billion  Again, Wow and Woah.

Deserving of it's own post verdad?  Also deserving are YOU My Beautifuls.

 If you can attend one of these Executive Woman's Day Events, treat yourself, invest in yourself. 

Babushka's Favorite Quote of the event is also one of my life beliefs.

Do something you genuinely love.
You can never,never,NEVER give up.
~Dondra Ritzenthaler

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

Groovy Spanglish speaking Grandma of 6 who loves life and all its adventures. Motivational while still keeping it real, Babushka shows how all things looked at with gratitude are good, and how to say to la vida- JU SO FONII!!!

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