June 10, 2015

#WOW2015 Miami- Women of the World.The Hashtag Says it All.

BB attended this event and of course received swag, 
pero also of course, all stated here are 100% opinioines de Babushka.

Wow2015 Women of the World Miami Event Female Empowerment Training,Networking,Pampering

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

#WOW2015  The title says it all, but you know Babushka's gotta say more than that!

Women of the World -WoW, took place this March and celebrated its inaugural event in Coral Gables Florida.  BB says inaugural because this must be the first of many. Si, it was THAT GOOD!!

When they advertised this as  "Training, Networking, and Pampering" they weren't just whistlin' La Guantanamera. It also was very inspirational, empowering, and just all out enriching on todo niveles.  Let's start by the attendees.  This was not a blogger conference. Ok Si, of course there were bloggers- we're everywhere, pero tambien in attendance were lawyers, writers, artists, celebrities, entrepreneurs, women from all walks of life and various points in life. We were all there to learn, share, and be pampered. And we definitely accomplished all that and more!

WoW and Woah.

Vieron? Babushka wasn't being Cuban, it was all BB said and mas.

From the early am (it was before mediodia so that's early), to midnight, 
these ladies know how to throw a fiesta!!

Founders of WOW2015  Madelin Bosakevich, Wendy Sayago and Aileen Abella

Philanthrophic Partners

Delectable Dishes 

Spectacular Speakers and Sponsors

And the Pampering!!!

Massages by Zeel & Facials by inspira 
there were also manicures and makeup makeovers!

Y tambien, free headshots!!

Azeez Bakare Photography

That is a foto of a happy,llena, satisfecha,relaxed,inspired and recharged Babushka!!

Again, the only word to describe this one day extra ordinary extravaganza-

BB miss the next one in March 8-11, 2016??


Hope to see you there My Beautifuls!


P.S. For more details on WOW Babushka's included the following links

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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