September 25, 2015

TWAM makes a Conexion to Hispanic Heritage Month. HispanicFest2015 #HHM

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!!

Si, that's Babushka en la foto.  If you've been reading BB's posts you know how important my culture
is to me, and how much I enjoy acting, so when there's a chance to combine them, Babushka's there! Saturday 26, 2015 my beloved TWAM will be performing at the Hispanic Fest 2015. Beautifuls, this goes beyond a twofer, it's a THREEfer!! This festival not only celebrates the Hispanic culture and has the Theater With A Mission troupe performing, but the proceeds will be going to the nonprofit United for a Good Cause Inc. This nonprofit gives gifts to needy children of the area and makes their holidays brighter with a party celebrating the season and them.

So who says you can't help the future by going into the past?? You know Babushka believes that things happen for a reason, and that the S Sisters are always ready when we are. It was with great pleasure BB was able to introduce David Triana, editor of the bilingual newspaper Conexion  to founder/director of TWAM Ben Gunter. And even greater pleasure when David decided he wanted to bring TWAM to the festival. He saw the vision and the reason for TWAM and how by connecting us to our Spanish past and the glory that was the Spanish Golden Age, present generations and the future leaders of society, will be proud of their heritage and the contributions made to the world by them. Besides, it's great fun for a festival!

TWAM,El Muerto,Spanish Golden Age,Theater
Cast of characters for Sept. 26 TWAM performance of "El Muerto".

Marching in to one of the mottos in the Hispanic Fest theme:  "Spain's Gift to the World!  Come see!" TWAM will perform the comedic, one act farce by Francisco Bernardo de Quiros "El Muerto" . Written in the 1600's it's the timeless tale of how Love always finds a way.  Pero here, in both English & Spanish is a better description of the play.

El Muerto TWAM article in Conexion  for HispanicFest2015

El Muerto TWAM Spanish article in Conexion

BUENISIMO verdad? And it's even better in person!!
Hope you can join us for this wonderful production and wonderful festival,
 pero si no, pueden donar to these two great non profits and do your part in helping create a better mañana.

Y con eso BB se va corriendo.
Sweetie and I will be leaving to the beautiful Emerald Coast  today and this was supposed to be just a short little post. 
 Que?? Ok si, JU SO FONII !!! 
You're correcto; this is neither short nor little. 
Talked a lot and am running late, Cubana al fin. 

Told 'ya BB was proud of her heritage.

; )

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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