March 17, 2016

A #Giveaway thanks to Dr. J , a Strong, Sensitive Guy who needs @Renuzit #SensitiveScents

BB received the following as a member of the Purex Social Insiders Program in exchange for a review.  All opinions son de Babushka, and mi nieto Dr. J.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

My bello nietecito Dr. J is the picture of health and happiness, pero he does suffer from fofo face. A very sensitive olfato, he's alway runny so his mom @CristylsCorazon didn't use air freshners for fear they would make the situation worse.  No se about you, but BB loves going into a home that smells good. Si, ok, sometimes too much of a good thing marea, pero it's something right?  Bueno, Renuzit has come up con algo that's really something, a line of air freshners that Dr. J would appreciate and feel good with!

As part of the Purex Social Insiders, bloggers sign up to receive products to test and review.  Honestamente, Babushka didn't sign up for many because BB was happy with the scents currently used, pero not try something for her Grands?   JU SO FONII!!!

Mira lo que me mandaron!!


Que caja mas bonita right?  


Because Babushka has the GrandPuppy and new Gato, the first thing we tried was the super odor neutralizer en White Pear & Lavender.. BUENISIMO!!! Impresionante how it gently overcomes the not too gentle odors of pets.  Ahora, gently doesn't mean it doesn't have a scent, porque si they do, and very pleasing ones at that.  A soft, pero steady scent para those who are sensitive. The same can be said of all the Sensitive Scents line. BB and Sweetie found the cone in Water Blossom and Cucumber perfecto for the bathroom, calming yet somehow refreshing. Y el Pure Ocean Breeze Oil was delightful and delicate like a calming beach breeze and we enjoyed it in the bedroom, for our own virtual getaway. Now y'all know que Babushka does extremes, so at first being so used to the "in your face" scent of some freshners, we thought we had mis installed or not used enough, pero once we were still and let the products do their trabajo, the scents just enveloped us and it was lovely.

Y que dice Dr. J, who will most likely grow up to be the strong, sensitive type??


Which of these would you like to try Beautifuls?

The buena gente de Renuzit gave BB tres coupons for a free Sensitive Scent product.  


If you'd like to try to win one, these are the entries:

1. "Follow" @BBabushka on Tweety.
2. Tweet the following: #Giveaway with nieto Dr. J, via @BBabushka for @Renuzit #SensitiveScents
3. Comment here on this post which of the products you would purchase with the coupon.
4. Comment on Feibu where you would use the product and let me know on this post what name you commented under. 


Buena Suerte Beautifuls!!

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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