May 12, 2016

.@EinsteinBros #TwistNDip Twofer- A definite ESO on every level!!

Einstein Bros. Bagels Logo #TwistNDip

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Now you KNOW Babushka’s all about Social Good and Eating good . The new #TwistNDip campaign is exactly what BB loves. So glad they asked Babushka to share with you, porque a better twofer hay que fabricarlo! Now that school is out, esto es Perfecto for the summer breaks and time with The Grands, “Breakfast is fun again this summer with Einstein Bros. Bagels’ fun twist on the classic bagel, the Twist ‘N Dip. “ Not only is it yummy Beautifuls, but you get to win in many ways too!!

· “Between now and July 31, bagel lovers everywhere have permission to play (with their food) to show off their best Twist ‘N Dip moves. Fans are invited to post a photo or video that captures how they Twist N’ Dip on Feibu, Tweety or Instagram using the hashtag #TwistNDip. Einstein Bros. will select weekly winners to receive cool prizes such as Six Flags prize packs, summer swag and even FREE bagels for a year.
Beginning May 5, the all new Twist N’ Dip bagel gives fans a reason to look forward to morning office meetings, an afternoon escape or even the simple joy of a shmear mustache on their kid’s face. The Twist N’ Dip bagel doesn’t just offer a new way to enjoy a bagel, it offers a FUN new way to play with your food!

· Revolutionary perforated plain bagel easy to twist and tear into bite size pieces for dipping into two of Einstein’s 16 flavors of signature schmear.

· For every Twist N’ Dip sold Einstein Bros. Bagels will donate a bagel to someone in need.”

Not only will you be giving someone a bagel everytime you buy uno, but go to for a BOGO coupon! 
 Giving AND getting, ese Karma esta en candela!!

Einstein Bros. Bagels BOGO #TwistNDip

Ahora, you know food isn’t the only thing BB gets The Grands. Quee?? JU SO FONII!!! Ok si, it’s the MAIN thing we do, pero they do like parks and rides too. Felizmente Einstein Bros. have us covered there too!

So, the reaction of El Dr. y La Princesa??

Einstein Bros. #TwistNDip Social Good Grandchildren Miami @BBabushka

jehe  No creo que the gift cards we got to try it out will make it through the summer.

; )

Go to your local Einstein Bros. today Beautifuls.  
Enter the photo contests, feed someone in need, cool off at Six Flags. 
 To BB, you can't ask for a better Summer than that.


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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