June 24, 2016

Culturally Quirky Tallahassee, Day 2 #BBTallysItUp #iHeartTally

"Culturally Quirky" Tallahassee tour gracias a Visit Tallahassee .
Opinions and felicidad are Babushka's.

Tallahassee Florida Frank Lloyd WRight Salmon FAMU UptownCafe KoolBeanz

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!

This is Dia 2 of BB's Tally Staycation, and como BB said in the first post, according to the itinerary, today we were gonna see " Architecture and Archives,History of Florida and History of Craft Beer,Beanz for Lunch,with an Illuminating Dinner and then ending the noche by a
 Campfire Cantando the Blues. Sounds super interesante right? Pero first, BREAKFAST!! 

Now, Babushka has lived in N.Florida for almost 10 years and though the reputation of the eatery was local legend, BB hadn't stopped by. Oh the missed delicacies!! And Babushka's not being Cuban here, there's no exageracion when she says this about the Uptown Cafe.  Family owned and run for 30 years it's deserving of all the accolades. Bueno, don't think you could stay in business so long if it wasn't so verdad? Starting from the unassuming locale, decor, staff and owner Fred Tedio, era un encanto total.  

Tallahassee Florida Uptown Cafe Smoked Salmon

Y si, that's Salmon. 
Cooked Fresh there, shipped anywhere and everywhere; it truly is as fresh and delicioso as it seems.  

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Here you can see BB's Corned Beef plate and the Banana Bread French toast Fred had talked about.  Quee??  You wonder if this Vieja Adventurer cleaned her plate?  JU SO FONII!! This was just our first stop to a full day of Tally; extra nourishment was needed. Por supuesto que si! Besides, it was just too delicioso and BB's a bit glotona.

Breathing heavily because we all ate to full capacity, we arrived to our next stop. A little known spot that's a little hidden away, we took a Tour of Spring House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Si, ESE, THE Frank Lloyd Wright; Spring House is the only private residence designed by him built in Florida.

Our tour guide, the absolutely delightful Byrd Lewis Mashburn was one of the original inhabitants of the house.  A little sampling of her knowledge and hospitality-

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Public tours are given the 2nd Sunday of every month.

WELL worth the viaje and visit Beautifuls.

Tour of Spring House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
3117 Okeeheepkee Road, (850) 321-6417
Feibu: Spring House Institute

In Tallahassee we are proud to be the home of the  Meek-Eaton Black Archives at Florida A&M University .  Founded in 1976, it has become a state,national and international research center for studies pertaining to African-American culture and history.

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Gracias to the wonderful graduate student tour guide, Tayrone and Dr. Nashid Madyun, we were shown the interesting exhibits and artifacts contained in the archives. Here you will find the good, the bad, and the ugly of the African-American experience. But mostly the maravilloso contributions, in many areas- sciences, arts, religion, politics, and the pride to maintain their own identity, as is heard in this little recording Babushka was able to make...

Loved the campus and hope mi nieto El Dr. continues wanting to learn more about his black identity and wanting to be an engineer, both things he can definitivamente learn if he attends this great institution.

 Meek-Eaton Black Archives at Florida A&M University
 445 Gamble Street, (850) 599-3020

 Feibu: Meek-Eaton Black Archives
Tweety: @FAMU_1887

It was now well after 1230 and time to have Beanz for almuerzo.  

Tallahassee Florida Kool Beanz Cafe Electic Electric

BB has passed by here  many times and was thrilled to see it was as electic/electric as it seemed from the outside.  It has a covered outdoor terrace and indoor dining also, walls covered with works of local artists.  Naturally we were still semi-full from breakfast, pero when we saw the original platos... some room was found to try them.

Tallahassee Florida Kool Beanz Cafe Electic Electric Lunch

and although it seemed imposible to try more...

Tallahassee Florida Kool Beanz Cafe Electic Electric Desserts

It was imposible to say no...

Ahora, don't be disappointed if the menu isn't exactly as the one you see aqui.  Just as they use local artists for their decor, they use local farmers for their dining y desserts. As BB said before, it lives up to the reputation of being electic/electric.

Kool Beanz Cafe
921 Thomasville Road, 
(850) 224-2466

There was no way to take another step; Babushka had to take a siesta.
Until they told her where the next stop was, what part of the History of Florida we were going to see.

Pero that will be pa' la proxima, for the next post.
Just writing about all this has Babushka bushed, y today,
 BB can take that siesta.

; )


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