March 02, 2018

Cure your Bad Credit Pains with @TheCreditRX . #ad

BB barters when she believes. After attending a credit seminar given by Jacquelyn Calloway, owner of The Credit RX, Babushka was so impressed that she offered an exchange of services. This review/sharing is a result of that proposition. No monetary compensation was given and all opinions expressed are BB's.

Credit Rx Bad Credit Repair

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
March is the month women and their acheivements are highlighted in this country. It's all about the acknowledgement and empowerment. Bueno Beautifuls, if you've been following BB you know 2018 is the year of conscious change, and she acknowledges she has the power to better her life. Bettering her credit is one of the ways she intends to do just that.  

There are many companies that promise credit help, but how does one chose? For Babushka she looks for a kindred spirit, someone with passion and belief in what they do. Someone who understands me and my baile.

Credit repair dance partner found. 

In all seriedad Beautifuls, BB go to someone who doesn't understand, doesn't listen to your concerns and needs?  JU SO FONII!!!  Por eso she's so glad to have found Jacquelyn Calloway, founder of The Credit Rx.  She knows the pain we're going through with bad credit and is passionate about helping others overcome it.  Aqui tienen a little interview Babushka had with Jacquelyn.

1) A little history on yourself and why you got into this credit repair business.
I built Credit RX because I too suffered with "bad credit".  In 2009, I went to purchase my first home for me and my kids and was denied due to my credit scores.  I had a 500, but needed a 640.   I had nowhere to go, no-one to turn to, and so I learned to repair my own credit.  In 6 months I turned that 500 into a 640 and was able to purchase that home.  This gave me a passion for helping others who are "denied" every single day when applying for a home, car, credit card, personal loan, car insurance, etc.  Where do they turn for help?  This experience caused me to find  my purpose in life, which is to help others experience the benefits of good credit.  

2) What do you want readers to take away from this post? What do you do for your clients?
Bad credit costs.  Costs you money, time, stress, health, and even to not be approved for a job.  We can help!  Credit RX specializes in boosting client's credit scores, enabling them to hear "approved" instead of "denied".  Not only do we restore your credit, but during your time in our program, you will be equipped with knowledge to maintain and continue to boost that new found credit score.

3) Can you breakdown what you've been able to do with Babushka's credit? What needs to be done for aspired score- how many rounds you figure that'll take?
Our first and second round of credit repair with Babushka, Credit RX has been able to delete a total of 23 out of 44 total items.  This is an impressive 50% deletion rate and a huge boost for her credit scores, which is unheard of for most credit repair companies. We still have three more rounds to go.  Bottom line:  CREDIT RX GETS RESULTS!!!
4) What special arrangements/deal would you make for Babushka's Readers?  
For every Babushka Reader that signs up with Credit RX, your FIRST DELETION IS FREE ($50 Value!!!)  Just mention "Babushka" at signup!
And now a video featuring the woman herself, Jacquelyn Calloway.

Isn't she just wonderful? And she's the real thing Beautifuls. She truly believes in the poder of good credit and has a proven track record in helping others improve theirs.  So, come join Babushka in this quest, this Year of Conscious Change. Acknowledge your power and fix that credit rating. Todos sabemos, we all know money talks and good credit is the spokesman.


 Go to Credit RX and move those credit nahs to ESO!!!


Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

Groovy Spanglish speaking Grandma of 6 who loves life and all its adventures. Motivational while still keeping it real, Babushka shows how all things looked at with gratitude are good, and how to say to la vida- JU SO FONII!!!


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