April 04, 2018

South Florida, Miami #ReachForTheStars with #DisneyOnIceSFL American Airlines Arena April 5-8

Gracias to +Heather Lopez for sharing her tickets on Media Day, and to +Feld Entertainment for the Friday tickets. Opinions expressed are Babushka's and her guests. Quee?? 2 year olds not have opinions? Ju So Fonii!!!

Disney on Ice_Reachforthestars_Babushka Collage

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Disney on Ice is in South Florida, and Babushka's Bunch were invited to go.
Por supuesto and without a second thought we said Si!!

Disney on Ice_Reach for the Stars_Media Day

1000x Gracias to Bloggin' Mamas President Heather Lopez for giving us tickets to Media Day.  Feld always does such a good job with these pre show parties. Everyone enjoys the goodies.

and the special guest appearances!!

Bueno, DIL SimplySmile365 and BB thought, "If this is the only thing Laughing Buddha understands and gets out of this, then it will still be worth the viaje."  Oh we of little faith.  He LOVED the show!

Disney on Ice_Reach for the Stars_Laughing Buddha

Si, he obviously loved the show. And it wasn't only when Mickey was on the ice. Laughing Buddha loved the pageantry and performances. From the pics, the 2 year old and the 55 year old had quite a good time.  De veras, it was quite a spectacle, deserving of watching it again. So we did!!

BBT Arena_Disney On Ice_Babushka's Bellas

This time around it became a GNO. Turns out Rinquincaya and PicaPica had already made plans, so not being a small grupo, Babushka's Bunch esta vez was made up of Bellas.  Nieces of DIL ages 4-15 were ecstatic to learn they were going to see Disney on Ice #ReachForTheStars !!

“Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy set the stage for a star-studded talent extravaganza as Disney on Ice presents Reach For The Stars.  Unleash the magic with royal sisters Anna and Elsa and the hilarious snowman, Olaf, as they sing captivating songs like “Let it Go” and “In Summer”. Life is the bubbles when Sebastian strikes up his hot crustacean band and the Daughters of Triton make a splash as they introduce Ariel in an ‘80s pop montage. Get tangled up with a chorus of harmless hooligans when they get a visit from the spirited Rapunzel and her charming ally, Flynn Rider, on their journey to see the floating lights.  Relive tale as old as time when Belle opens her heart to new adventures as the Beast’s enchanted objects take center stage for a dazzling skating spectacle. You never know what unforgettable feats your whole family will discover when Reach For The Stars debuts in your hometown!”

Disney on Ice_Reach for the Stars_GNO

The girls were old enough to understand the theme and appreciate it. They also were old enough to have a princesa favorita and shushed the others when she was highlighted.  Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Anna and Elsa all were on ice, and all were loved.  Apparently there's no age limit to enjoy Disney On Ice, and especially Reach for The Stars.  And just incase you need mas -

Aha, no doubting now verdad?

Tickets on line: Disney On Ice 
Tweety: @DisneyOnIce #ReachForTheStars
IGrammy: @DisneyOnIce

Have a wonderful time Beautiffuls!!


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