February 07, 2019

A Mother's Love is Forever. #Valentines #Preemies #PROM #FightLikeKai

To start off February, BB wholeheartedly shares this post of Amor. The biggest love ever felt. #FightLikeKai

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
“A mother’s love is forever.” We usually hear this when someone’s mother passes away or we remember a madre who is no longer on earth. But what about the painful memories of the children who have passed, especially the preemies? There too we share that a Mother’s love is forever.

About 450,000 babies in the United States are born early and 15 million babies are born preterm around the world - that's 1 in 10! 30% are related to preterm rupture of membranes. (PROM) https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/261137-overview 

“ I love you forever, I like you for always.. as long as I’m living my baby you”ll be.” 3 years ago this morning threw me back to you. The moment you coded before me, the moment the chest compressions started... the multiple viles of Epi to save you. It has been hard. I will be transparent. The first year I was numb, the second year we came to terms with what had happened ... and this year... we’ll this year we just simply grieve and miss you. No it’s not normal to see your child die infront of you, no it’s not normal to see your child being revived and no it’s not normal to hold him in your arms for the first and last time. We have had our ups and downs as a family. Our marriage has been tested through the hottest of fires. Yet through it all here we stand. The good the bad and the ugly. Being Christian doesn’t mean we have it all together, it doesn’t mean we are happy all the time. But we do carry a joy... a joy and a peace the surpasses every understanding that God provides 💙. Being happy is a temporary emotion but living with joy is a way of life. In the best time of your lives and at your worst choose JoY. As today comes to an end I want to thank all our friends and family that reached out. It was a day of reflection. This time 3 years ago I still held him tight in my arms. I held him for 14 hours straight as many family and friends came to say goodbye. Kai I love you so much. I miss you deeply. We will continue to spread your legacy my sweet Jedi our mighty little lion. -Kai’s Momma- #fightlikekai #nicu #preemies #preemieloss #infantloss #faith #brave #childloss #nicubaby #preemiedad #joy #childloss #momtoanangel #dadtoanangel @tedashii @rlpastorj @real_talktv @reallifefl Second time we visit and wow did the Lord speak through @tedashii 3 years ago today marks the angelversary of our son Kai. God knew those were words we needed to hear. Thank you for speaking out about the rawness of childloss and how your faith is tested in those times 💙🙌🏻🔥🔥🦁 #Isaiah43v2 @ancrussel thank you for being there 💙 #nonprofitlife #thisisus #ohana #disneyfamily #onewiththeforce #jedibabykai @stacey.skrysak
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The Kai Jeremiah Foundation was founded in memory of Virginia and Dane Stewart’s son Kai. From their Instagrammy account “Helping Preemie families facing hardships in the NICU. Loving on parents experiencing baby loss.” Their mission - “Our mission is to improve the chances of survivorship for premature babies through research, update prophylactic medical treatments and enhance the socio-emotional well being of the NICU families affected. Preterm PreLabour Rupture of Membranes also known as PPROM (waters breaking before time) is one of the major contributors to premature birth and highly under researched. As Preemie advocates we want to be forces of change in regards to the healthcare protocols taken during the admission of premature babies into the NICU.  In doing so, we can prevent secondary effects that may occur such as undetected infections which can lead to sepsis, pneumonia, and even neonatal death.”

Besides being a  place of welcome and solace to parents of preemies, the foundation has had events, such as a book drive, to give reading materials for parents to read to their little ones while in the NICU. Hoping to raise public awareness they are currently partnered with Disney and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for the Disney Runs and they welcome all to sign up.

Benefits for joining Team FightLikeKai:
A Team Kai's Fighters race shirt and goodies
Specially priced Walt Disney World® Resort Hotel
Specially priced Walt Disney World® Theme Park tickets
All the benefits provided by runDisney
Impacting the lives of Preemie babies and their families!

Become a Virtual Runner

***Can't join us at the race but still want to fundraise in honor or in memory of a preemie warrior? Register as a virtual runner and you will receive a complimentary gift bag when you raise $100 or more. Contact us at fightlikekai@kaijeremiahfoundation.org and we will get you started right away!

Ok Beautifuls, BB knows not all of you are into running, 
so please join Babushka in this raffle:

$5 will buy you one raffle ticket or 2 for $8
**Use donations link then let us know how many tickets you want on the FB page**

Hoping you can help keep Madres & Babies together. 
Let's help them #FightLikeKai

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful foundation. We go and volunteer in the preemie unit. Just touch is what they need.

    1. Gracias. for volunteering. "Just touch" is a blessing. BB2U

  2. What a wonderful cause. I used to volunteer in the NICU at my hospital. I loved being able to rock a baby or do whatever needed done, even if it was getting coffee for a momma.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful foundation to help mothers who are going through so much when their little ones are fighting.

  4. I am so glad there is a foundation to help preemies. I can't even imagine going through that as a parent. So it makes me happy that there are places that help.

  5. Always sad to see these preemie shots but they sure have come a long way in the care they receive. Great article.

  6. Preemies are so precious and need even more love. Thank you for reminding everyone of this.

  7. oh goodness this was so brave of you to share. i'm a 26 week old preemie myself and although i cant imagine a parents pain, i know that i do fight all the time to share my own story of giving hope to those that need it. praying and giving you big hugs.

  8. I love my mother and I can truly attest how strong and loving a mother is. These is a heart felt post and Happy valentines to all the mother out there.

  9. I gave birth to triplet preemies. Our time in the NICU was necessary yet incredibly stressful. All these years later and I still vividly remember it!

  10. This sounds like an amazing foundation. I was born a preemie and my nieces who are tweens, were preemies as well.

  11. It's wonderful this foundation exists to help parents with premature babies. I can't imagine the heartache and stress these parents go through.

  12. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It would rip my heart out if something like this happened with my child also. I am so glad that you're able to do something like this and raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. That is an outstanding way to remember your child.

  13. What an important cause to be running for. I wish you all the luck!

  14. My heart goes out to Kai's family, what a terrible loss for anyone to endure. I'm glad that they have created Kai's foundation to help others!

  15. I can't imagine what Kai's family went through that day. It's amazing that they created Kai's foundation to help others.

  16. What a beautiful foundation to support preemies. Love the cause - so many families go through this, we must support one another!

  17. A friend of mine had a preemie, she is now a teen. I will forward this info to her.

  18. This is such an important cause and notable foundation. I love that they are trying to help so many families!

  19. What a wonderful cause. My nephew and niece were both born prematurely last year and we do a lot of fundraising for the wonderful unit who did everything in their power to keep them alive. It's such a special place to us :)

    Louise x

  20. Good luck with your fundraising for this worthy cause. My sister is a nurse in the NICU and spends her nights watching over and loving those babies holding on to fragile life.


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