August 13, 2020

#TBT US 19th Amendment, Women's Suffrage- 100 Años and Just Getting Started! @ConexionFlorida

The article Babushka wrote for the Agosto Conexion publication. 
This month es todo highlighting y celebrating 100 years of Women's Votes.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
As Babushka shared in last month’s edicion, 

AMENDMENT XV -Passed by Congress 26 February 1869; Ratified 3 February 1870 
The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color or previous condition of servitude…

This was true- if you were male. For females, that right didn’t happen until 1920. 
Si Beautifuls, Incredible but Cierto.

Some of the reasons to go against women voting:

“BECAUSE 90% of the women either do not want it, or do not care.”

The league of Women Voters, caring for 100 years. 

“BECAUSE it means competition of women with men instead of co-operation.”

“BECAUSE 80% of the women eligible to vote are married and can only double 
or annul their husband's votes.”

-Actually, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing...

And here is a retort by Alice Stone Blackwell, one-time editor of the Woman’s Journal, in the National American Woman Suffrage Association publication. She stated 16 reasons why women SHOULD be given the vote. BB will only mention two as they are in her mind the most importante.

“Because it is fair and right that those who must obey the laws should have a voice in making them, and that those who must pay taxes should have a vote as to the size of the tax and the way it shall be spent.”  

There was even a tea throwing incident about something like that way back in US historia...

  “Because laws unjust to women would be amended more quickly.”

As done in the July edition, BB points out what should be the truth, but in reality we all know better don’t we Beautifuls?  In the current US atmosphere, women still earn less than their male counterparts. According to the IWPR, Institute for Women’s Policy Research," if change continues at the same slow pace as it has done for the past fifty years, it will take 40 years—or until 2059—for women to finally reach pay parity. For women of color, the rate of change is even slower:

"Hispanic women will have to wait until 2224 and Black women will wait until 2130 
for equal pay."

Y  the magazine, Marie Claire,  highlighted “18 Ways Women Still Aren’t Equal to Men.”, although women are paid less than men, they pay more for many household items than men. Ex- shampoo, deodorant y medias! Also the underrepresentation of women in various carreras and positions in industry,govierno, and sciences is sad to say the least. Less funding is also allocated to female entrepreneurs and female owned startups. 

Si Beautifuls, mucho has yet to be done for equality all around, pero let us celebrar those brave sisters and supporters who helped give us the ground to stand up and get our Voice to Vote!

 Feliz 100 years to the US 19th Ammendment!

Babushka Besos a Todos. Cuidensen.

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