April 08, 2021

Third Micro-theater Festival de THT- Tallahassee Hispanic Theater- ESO!!! @TallyHispanicT #850Latinos

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls! 
On this TBT, BB is doing a Twofer with THT. And just who/what is THT? It's a theater company that has become an integral part of Tallahassee's mundo artistico. 

" Tallahassee Hispanic Theater has been serving the Tallahassee community since 2016. With the dedication and passion of its founders, board, and community, THT has presented nine performances since its creation, including two amazing micro festivals! Every performance presents contemporary Hispanic theater, poetry, music, and more!"
( and now 3 micro festivals!!)

Babushka has enjoyed many an event by THT, and even has participated in one- in Español even! 
Pero now she's so feliz that you Beautifuls can see their obras too. For Free!!  Isn't virtual a wonderful thing??  But of course we miss our in person live performances tambien, and that's what the following reposting is about. Tallahassee Hispanic Theater, a gem for Tally and now hopefully for you.


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Y’all know Babushka is into The Arts, especially theater.  Cultivating cultura, especially when it’s not your typical mainstream type is one of BB’s amores.  As part of TWAM, Theater With a Mission, specializing in Spanish Golden Age plays and Palaver Tree Theater specializing in the history of community and opportunities for locals, Babushka thought that was about as diverse as North Florida was gonna get. Tallahassee Hispanic Theater, who’d of thunk it?  Bueno, BB’s amiga Alejandra did, and not only did she think about it, but she did it! Logro the dream of bringing modern plays written by Hispanic playwrights to Florida’s Capital. 

A little about Alejandra-
Alejandra Gutiérrez

Alejandra Gutierrez Founder of Tallahassee Hispanic Theater

“Alejandra has a PhD in Spanish. She also studied theater in Venezuela, and while going to graduate school, she was a member of the Spanish Theater Group at the University of Virginia. Since she moved to Tallahassee, she’s being working with Theater with a Mission, and recently with Polyphonic Bonsai. With Tallahassee Hispanic Theater she is turning one of her dreams into reality: creating a Hispanic Theater group in the US.”

Plays performed by Tallahassee Hispanic Theater

And if you think this dream is only for the adult crowds, JU SO FONII!!!  Tallahassee Hispanic Theater has our hijos and futuro cultura very much al tanto.  Of course, to go to the future, one must know their past, so puppet shows of the classic, Don Quixote son perfecto.

THT- Don Quixote puppet show

And speaking of futures, Tallahassee Hispanic Theater just performed the first microtheater in North Florida.  Miami being the only other microtheater in the state, this is cosa grande, and as BB shared, BUENISIMO!!  Looking forward to next years offerings.

Tallahassee Hispanic Theater- 2018 Microtheater w/ BBabushka
IG Post on Closing Night
Alejandra shared, "We’ve been doing Hispanic plays in translation since 2016. The micro theater Festival idea occurred to me because it is a format very popular and successful in Spain and Latin America. Since it was during the summer we wanted to do something fun and fresh, so we added live music, food and drinks and we were really surprised with the response we got. People really enjoy the whole event and we hope to do it every summer. We will continue doing a play during the fall and spring. On November 9-10, 15-16 we’ll be presenting our next play “Idiots Contemplating the Snow”, by Alejandro Ricaño at the Monticello Opera House.

As you can well imagine, BB is very proud of Alejandra, THT- Tallahassee Hispanic Theater and all the actors and audiences who have become of part of this diversification of Tallahassee voices. Not only is the public being exposed to offerings from varied Hispanic authors, they’re beginning to realize that “Hispanic” encompasses many different types and countries. Ya Buena Hora y Al Fin!!

So you can follow, cheer, and hopefully join us un dia.

Until the next curtain call Beautifuls!

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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