September 14, 2021

Amando Ameo Life with #BlogginMamas

 The following is a sponsored post for Ameo Life via the Beautifuls de Bloggin’ Mamas.  But of course BB will share her thoughts and reactions to products used, porque Babushka not post from the heart?


HolaHolaHolas Beautifuls!

One of the lovely presents Babushka received on her cumples was this box of productos de Ameo Life. Honestly, had never heard of them antes, pero it’s never a bad time to try new and natural, so here’s an intro.

Our Mission

Our mission at Ameo Life is to produce amazing natural products to support the body using only the finest natural ingredients and are free of chemicals, toxins or any harmful substances that are not designed to naturally promote care for the body.

Sounds promising verdad? Vamos a ver los productos they sent BB…

Babushka picked these to try out. Waiting for final ok del Dr., porque con Diabetes she checks everything twice, pero here are the descriptions that BB’s sure she’ll approve. There are many more, check the link to see which you’d prefer.


BB ordered these for Sweetie who’s always so cosquilloso about throat tickling.  Figured if he’s gonna be using them, they might as well be made of natural ingredients! Tried some y son ricos. They have 13 different offerings, some even sugarfree, which will be the next type to try.

And hablando about trying… Babushka was very happy with the following-


“Tame and decongest your skin with our Lemongrass Silver Soap. Its organic, natural ingredients tone and minimize your pores. The luxurious scent will transport your senses, bringing to mind a day at the spa.”

They ain’t just whistlin’ La Guantanamera con este Beautifuls! Wow and Woah. This has become BB’s favorito way to start el dia on those days needing to jumpstart pero relax a la vez.   Leaves the skin feeling clean and smoother, y that lemongrass scent? BUENISIMO. Wake up y be happy!

The Silver Gel “ has been formulated to sooth and rejuvenate the skin naturally and is safe to use on all areas of this skin” Bueno, si me dicen “rejuvenate” BB’s gonna use it on la cara. Definitely felt refreshed. Will be using it again for this Florida humidity.

Y eso Beautifuls is the intro to Ameo Life. BB was pleased with the productos and has no doubt you would be too. Para más information-



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Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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