April 19, 2022

Oh Si, #BloggingBranson Baby!! Dia 2- Stone Castle Hotel, Beyond the Lens, Legends in Concert, Rick Thomas Illusionist

 This is a hosted fam trip to Branson MO, #BloggingBranson.

Opinions shared are Babushka's. But if you go there, they'd be yours too.  😉

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
Feliz and ready to start day 2 of our #BloggingBranson adventure, we made our way to breakfast.  Desayuno is included in the hotel stay, and is served from 6 - 9 am everyday.  It's an interesting set up actually.  There are tres buildings that comprise the Stone Castle Hotel, connected by covered walkways. Little confusing the first time out, pero after that your tummy leads you. 

Down home cooking is DELICIOSO!! And the vista is too.  We enjoyed our desayuno of sausage patties, bread, scrambled eggs, country gravy, muffins, butter, juice, and coffee. Of course coffee. It's a special blend and Sweetie and BB had seconds. Actualmente, we had seconds of everything we tried. Sweetie filled up so much that he decided to go back to bed! So off to discover Branson went BB and Little One, a lovely mother-daughter time.

We drove around Branson Missouri to see the strip. And boy is there a lot to see!!
  Little One and BB decided to visit Beyond the Lens porque it seemed so interesante.

Epic proportions for an epic exhibit of soooo many American memories! The entrada gives a good indication, grande and airy, at times a bit scary. Ya veran, you'll see what Babushka means...

BBAbushka Big FootBeyond the Lens Branson MO Lobby
Big Foot w/ BB

They have "TECHNO-TAINMENT" that'll have you there all day!! BB's not much for a virtual mundo, but this one was definitely worth going into.  Matter of fact, we visited again the next day with Sweetie because we knew he'd enjoy it as much as we did. Moments in American history, Pop Culture, Aliens, Big Foot, interactive exhibits, so much pa' cer Beautifuls! A definite place to enjoy con familia and we could have continued, pero it was time to pick up Sweetie to go to a show. Will share more about Beyond the Lens in the next post, but pictured are just some of the highlights the whole family will enjoy. 

Legends in Concert. Now what kind of entertainment strip would it be without celebrity imitators? Bueno, Branson definitivamente has some of the best. This is such an interesting and fun way to introduce and reminisce. For her part, now after watching "The Blues Brothers" on stage, BB wants to see some of the original films, and remembered fondly Mama's love of The Tempations and Elvis. A wonderful time was had by everyone in the theater. 

The final show of the day was Rick Thomas's Mansion of Dreams.
 An award winning illusionist, he performed 15 years on the Vegas strip and now calls Branson home.

And what a casa it is Beautifuls!
The Andy Williams Moon River Theatre is spectacular. It truly shows the classy, simple elegance that was Andy Williams' style y persona. Just being there made Babushka nostalgic and so glad this teatro was still in existence.  

And not only is it in existence, it is currently magical, inside y out.

To be honesta, the scenery was mysterious and on the verge of macabre, pero  magical it was for sure.  The show just took you into another world with wonders and wizardry, pero before you got too swept away, the "real mundo" was given credo too.  Rick brought children onstage to participate and lighten the air, and then adults were brought up to entertain from the audience tambien! Si, a family show, not only by audience participation, but as most shows in Branson, it was a family show,  as Thomas' wife and fur babies were major elements. For BB, that is what real magic is.  Go, you'll be enchanted.

Enchanted, Encantados, that's what we were/are with Branson. 
To our casita in the castle, to rest y mimir feliz, looking forward to the next dia.


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