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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wedding- Time to get serious. Day 18 of SMCSF 30 day blog challenge

Less than six months away, time to get serious .  Quee??  JU SO FONII!!!  Si, Babushka can be serious.  Bueno, Ok, not so much be serious as "taking things seriously."  And marriage I take seriously, I mean honestamente, it is my third...

Como saben, as y'all well know, My Capitan, Maria de los Angeles has been doing the honors of organizing the wedding.  She's looking for venues, sponsors, dresses, and doing the whole Social Media Event.  All suggestions/hookups/ideas are welcome and appreciated because she is one person handling a bigger than life persona.  (Who is soooooooo grateful.)  For my part, I am thinking about the wedding program, the words, the theme/tone of the day- of wedded life.  This was prompted by Adriana Iris, author of  La Dulce Vida ~The Sweet LIfe  and her marvelous line:

What says you My Beautifuls?  Do you agree with this?  Do we lose ourselves when we become "one" with another? Should we only give what we get?  What would you use as a quote? What should the program look like?

Y si, I want to hear from YOU, I am sharing the day with ALL of you.  

Think of this as one big Cuban fiesta for the blogasphere.  
Lively, loud, energized, passionate y very public- but not a media circus, no not a circus.  

BB likes to think of it as a collaborative Conga line.

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  My Capitan has started a hilarious Pinterest board titled Babushka's Wedding.  Click on her name and it'll take you there.