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Friday, November 27, 2015

.@HometownAStars Es Un HomeRun. Review & #Giveaway

BB's sharing this post as part of a collaboration with Bloggin' Mamas and The Hometown All Stars. Babushka's received books and other items in exchange for participating. All opinions expressed are BB's

The Hometown All Stars Logo

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!

This book and series hasTwofers ALL OVER THE PLACE!  
And you KNOW how BB just loves that.  

Con 5 (soon to be 6) Grands, it can be challenging to get them interested in something that doesn't need batteries. Seems almost everything they like is electronic. How nice to be able to share with them a libro. Quee?? JU SO FONII si, an actual book- not an app, or a book on a screen, but a hard covered, pages need turning, book. Oh, and not only is this a book, but it's about a sport, one that actually has children go outside!! Baseball!! Siguen leyendo, keep reading; BB's sure you'll like the next base.

The Hometown All Stars is a book series for children that focuses on teaching early sports skills along with interactive, educational activities, and more importantly – fun! Kids ages 3-7 years old and parents, teachers, librarians, and others who want to promote “Less Screen, More Green” and get kids outside and active again! The Hometown All Stars series is also for parents who don’t know much about baseball and want to be ahead of the curve when their kids begin to play, for sports enthusiasts looking for a book that doesn’t involve talking animals to read at bedtime to their children, and for anyone interested in promoting the love of baseball and sports overall to a new generation. Visit the site at


The Hometown All Stars Team

Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball

Nick's Very First Day of Baseball

Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball teaches children about baseball using real coaching techniques. In this interactive storybook, kids will find hidden baseballs in the pictures, answer trivia questions, and there’s even a page for autographs from their favorite players. Fun, interactive and educational.

Another Twofer- Not only do children get tips, but so do grownups!  Suggestions and examples for both groups on how to be a true team player and help the team.

Magic Bat Day

Magic Bat Day Cover
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Magic Bat Day is the first real practice after the Hometown All Stars get their uniforms. Batting is the most fun of all skills and drills! This book concept shows techniques of how to hold the bat and where to stand. Most importantly, it shows that every kid can find their own ‘magic’ bat and the magic within themselves to hit the ball!

The magic of sport, baseball and team work estan all over en este. The story really could be applied to so many levels is ALL our lives Beautifuls!

BUY The Books & Help Others!

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BUY Nick's Very First Day of Baseball for $12.99 (Print) or $3.99 (Digital)

BUY Magic Bat Day for $12.99 (Print) or $3.99 (Digital)


What Babushka truly liked about the series are the things it's teaching-without preaching.  There are children of different colors, sexes, ethnicities, all playing together, and it shows that warmup and focus are part of the game too. Now how wonderful a world seria if we all applied this to how we live verdad? The series also shows how math can be translated to baseball for another angle parents can use in teaching their children. There are MANY lessons here for parents, making this a series the familia completa can share, learn from and enjoy.   Para mas information and to follow this great team- 

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And Now For The Giveaway

The Hometown All Stars Giveaway- Ends 12-10-15. US 18+. Win a Barnes & Noble Giftcard, books and more!

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Dis­clo­sure: Blog­gin’ Mamas is host­ing this give­away and the Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment. While Babushka received the items mentioned above, all opinions expressed are BB's.

Buena Suerte Beautifuls!


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sweetie & his Shark. @SharkCleaning

BB received the Shark Rocket ® Powerhead for review. All opinions expressed are exclusively Babushka's & Sweetie, especially Sweetie's.  After all, he's the one who'll be using it.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Back in July, Babushka attended the #Blogher15 Expo in New York. Wow and Woah. Como tenian booths!! Wonderful exhibits, sponsors, products, campaigns, all over the place! Todos muy nice, very interesante and entertaining, pero there was one in particular that BB just stood staring at... the Shark Cleaning booth. Limpiar? JU SO FONII!!! If you know BB, cleaning isn't one of her greatest passions, matter of fact, she doesn't do it at all. However, they were nice gente, so Babushka humored them by trying out their latest model, the Shark Rocket ® Powerhead . BUENISIMO!!  Light, purty and powerful, this is BB's take.

Bohemian Babushka at #Blogher15  Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Pero we have to let the final user be the judge.  So they promised to send it to Sweetie.

Couldn't have asked for a better delivery date.  
Two days before Thanksgiving, and just as he was about to start cleaning for guests we got this beauty.

Babushka's Sweetie Shark Rocket Review
En un 1,2,3, Sweetie had opened and assembled the Shark Rocket ® Powerhead 

and then with no further ado

Babushka's Sweetie Shark Vacuum Cleaner Review
Are you seeing that Beautifuls? Sweetie's really getting into it.

This is what BB was told about the Shark Rocket ® Powerhead :
·         Weighs a total of nine pounds, and less than one pound in hand when vacuuming
·         Interchangeable brushrolls are easy to assemble and clean via innovative roller garage
o    Carpet & Floor Brush and Gentle Touch Hard Floor Brushroll clean carpets, rugs and hard floor surfaces
·         Fingertip Controls for easy transitions between hard floors, carpet and area rugs
·         Multi-position adjustable heights tailored to personal preference and compact storage

·         Breakthrough engineering combines motor and dust cup in the head of the vacuum, reducing airflow path and maximizing efficiency and power

And THIS is what Sweetie said about it-


De verdad he's like a little boy with a new toy car.
"Didcha see how it took those angles?" "It followed every movement."  "It's even got headlights!" 

and after emptying out the dust holder-
"Wow honey, and I thought I cleaned well before...we had a lot of dirt!"

Next thing BB knows, Sweetie's out the puerta with escoba in hand!

Babushka's Sweetie Bye Bye Broom  Shark Rocket Review

Y despues hablan de Cubanas!! 

Had to remind him that brooms are good for getting things in upper corners like cobwebs and such, porque si no, out and ready for trash pickup that would have gone.

So now we're ready for our Thanksgiving guests with nice and clean floors, another thing we get to be thankful for.  Along with you Beautifuls. We're ALWAYS grateful each time you dance with Babushka.  

Feliz Thanksgiving and may the dia be filled with joy, love & realization of blessings. 

Y also Pumpkin Pie & Pavo 'till ya POP!!! 


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Summer of the Gypsy Wagon - #Familia #FloridaKeys #Ford

@Ford_Southeast lent Babushka & Sweetie the Ford Transit, but the story, opinions and memories are totally our own.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!

BB can hear y’all now. “Summer?? Pero Babushka, it’s fall!! Talk about running Cubantime!!!” 

Ok si, we’re now nearing Thanksgiving and there’s a nip in the air. That’s exactly why this memory came to mind.

Unlike the lower part of our beloved state, Up North in The South starts to have a season change in November and the temperatures really can dip.  Around now, when we start to plan out the menu for Thanksgiving, we also start to look back at the events of the year and begin our fond recollections of the blessings enjoyed till now.  It was actually cold enough this weekend that Sweetie started taking out winter clothing, and the memories of the year's summer adventure came out with them.

“You remember the great time we had at the Keys hun?”  “The Gypsy wagon was a beaut wasn’t it? Wouldn’t mind going on another trip with her.”   “You know, we really could camp out in her with no problem at all. Now wouldn’t that be great?”

Ford_Transit_Babushka's Sweetie_Florida_Keys

Quee? Esta bien, it didn't have all those BB markings on it, but it did have the following that made it feel like ours.

Ford Transit Babushka's Sweetie Florida Keys Trip

Vieron to' eso Beautifuls? Chargers in the back, in the front, cup holders all over too!! Y con BB you KNOW you have to have all those little compartment spaces for the various pamphlets, cameras, cell phone, tablets... things we all carry everyday. The Gypsy Wagon was a diesel and mas que amplio, so it was ready for any clase de trip we'd ask of her. Roomy, spacious, note the amount of trunk space,the bags fit comfortably- and so did Sweetie!! Look at that smile on him. Midiendo 6'4" there aren't many vehicles he can stand straight in.

To tell the truth Beautifuls, when we first saw the Ford Transit, we were "OMAIGAA, it's a bus!" Babushka had expected the midsize version, pero knowing we were going to visitar The Grands they sent the grande. Believe it or not, when we decided to go ahead and drive, it drove like any other car!! Unbelievable pero cierto. Matter of act, es mas, BB forgot it wasn't regular size and nicked it on the top in a parking garage. Also unbelievable, pero cierto. Quee? JU SO FONII!!! Ok si, maybe not so unbelievable.

Oh, what fun adventures we had in the Gypsy Wagon!! From mid state Lake Wales, to Miami, down to the Florida Keys, back through Miami and then ending at Lake Wales again. TREMENDO VIAJE y TREMENDO TRANSIT!!

Key West_Florida_Ford Transit_Holocaust Memorial_Freedom Tower

Just a sampling of what's to come.


Friday, November 13, 2015

The Christmas Decor and Coffee Giveaway $130 RV #Ohuhu ~ Twitter #6

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Bienvenidos to Tweety Follow Grupo #6

Buena Suerte Beautifuls
See Y'all on Tweety!!


The Christmas Decor and Coffee Giveaway #Ohuhu ~ FB #4 $130 RV

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!

And now, the FB  Feibu Page.

Buena Suerte Beautifuls!


The Christmas Decor and Coffee Giveaway $130 RV #Ohuhu ~ Co-Host Page

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!

The Co-Host Page so y'all have more chances!

Buena Suerte & 
Gracias for Dancing With Babushka!!


#ViveMejor appreciates Classic Beauty. AKA Happy Cumples to BB!!

This post is a Giveaway sponsored by Babushka's much querido ViveMejor .  
All opinions expressed are exclusively BB's.  No one else would take credit for them.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!!

Now before y’all get excited, BB’s Cumples was in September, and though it was celebrated all month long - Quee,you thought One Day was suficiente?? JU SO FONII!!! Babushka didn’t really write about it too much. So 
imaginate the sorpresa when this came in the mail-

Betsey Johnson Earrings Birthday Present


Porque they appreciate BB and KNOW her style!!

Y ESTO porque they TRULY appreciate BB and know her needs!!


From mis querido ViveMejor- And You wonder why BB loves them so!!!!

Productos known for their moisturizing powers for those of us with Classic Beauty.
(That sounds so much prettier than Vieja verdad?)

"infused with richminerals from the sea, gives hair buoyant body without compromising on moisture."

Caress Daily Silk White Peach & Silky Orange Blossom
"will effectively cleanse skin while providing moisture and a long lasting scent of Orange Blossom."

Beautifuls, this is one I can't get enough of. Primeramente ,it reminds me of mi abuela Mima. It has a scent of rose and encompasses you in abrazos which you feel and smell all day.  BB used to put baby oil after showering to maintain the soft skin feeling, pero with this it truly isn't needed. Now Babushka wants to try the whole Silkening line!

& the Clasico of ALL Clasicos-

BB remembers and knows that the theater lives on Pond's cold cream, it's the staple in all dressing rooms.  For over 100 years this has been much beloved and used, "combining gentle deep cleansing with moisture that stays locked in." Just straightforward and  uncomplicated, it really is a perfecto match for Babushka right?!!

Ahora, knowing how much y'all mean to BB they wouldn't leave you out of the celebration-

a giveaway for the same productos they sent will be given to 3 of my Beautifuls!!

Viste? Didn't exagerar with how wonderful they are!!

Here's to Getting Older and having gente around you who wouldn't want you any other way!!

Buena Suerte Beautifuls y