November 19, 2021

Living Thanksgiving Everyday with a #GSOG .

 From the November 2021 publication of Conexion, BB shares this heartfelt wish for all.


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Isn’t that a bella sentimiento? Speaking of bella and Thanksgiving, let’s mention the people who without their beautiful sentimientos there would be no national day of thanks. A little known, very importante, well deserved recognition to a group of people BB admires very much-the  Indigenous American People.

Gracias to their kindness and guidance, the European settlers learned to farm the lands and find foods to eat.  Their generosity helped the strangers survive an unknown land. In thanks of a year of survival, a feast was held. And from this gesture of gratitude is based the American holiday of Thanksgiving.

To this punto Babushka wants to start her writing. Giving Thanks and being a Blessing to Others. If you have followed BB, you know her #GSOG postings. That stands for-

 #GigaSecond #Of #Gratitude. Just a momento of each dia to acknowledge a blessing experienced that day. Noon is the hour an alarm goes off en el celular to remind BB to stop, take a deep breath, and give gracias for what has passed that day. Sometimes the only thing that comes to mind is to give thanks for another day, and that’s a very important punto too.  If that’s the only thing you can think of to give gracias for, it’s not a bad one, not at all.  A quick, sincere blessing each day puts us in touch with the momento, the now of our vidas. With this #GSOG the daily correcorre of the day is stopped to remind us of a bigger reason. We are here blessed and to be a blessing for others. Si, you can be and are a blessing pa’ otros. Remember this, believe this, know this.  Your actions, your being, affects those around you, and that in turn affects those around them. We are all connected Beautifuls, here to share the blessings of this bella vida. 

November is the month of Thanksgiving. May it live daily in nuestras vidas.

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

November 18, 2021

Precious, Personalized y Perfecto. PicturesOnGold Holiday Heart Locket #Giveaway!

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 HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Si, Babushka knows it isn't #WinningWednesday,

pero this is so precious, personalized y perfecto that she had to go ahead and post it hoy!

A locket to give to a loved one or to remember loved ones, is always a treasure, and here's your chance to win one- in your words, your way.

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Love, Mrs. Mommy's Review:

The holiday season is here and you know what that means! It's shopping time! We all have loved ones that we want to celebrate our love and appreciation for at this time of year. I think the best way to do that is by giving them a thoughtful gift, and if you’re like me, then you are going to want to check out Pictures On Gold!

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pictures on gold, sterling silver locket, heart locket will go even further to make sure your gift is perfect. They will make sure that your photos fit perfectly, no matter their size, and if there is awkward spacing in the photo, they’ll enhance the photo to eliminate blank space. Often, they can even remove the background of a photo, leaving your loved ones front and center in your favorite photo. The laser engraving is 100% waterproof & scratch-proof and is guaranteed for a lifetime!

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Buena Suerte Beautifuls!

November 10, 2021

Timeless Gift of Books- Miss Olive Winter Wonderland & NatGeoKids Top Secrets y Life Hacks


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

'Tis the season for gifts, and what better gift than the power and entertainment of libros? For this years choice of lifelong learning and love, Babushka shares some books from storytellers she's had the pleasure of writing about before. BB's sure you'll enjoy these.

La Princesa & Dr.J enjoying Miss Olive's adventure.

The first is Miss Olive Finds Winter Wonderland

BB wrote about the first 2 libros, and is so happy the tale continues!!

"Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland continues the story of a little Italian Greyhound with three legs who is adopted by a loving family in the first book in the series, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home. Her adventures continue in Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends, where Miss Olive encounters bullying and learns that her superpower is kindness and finds true friendships. In the third book in the trilogy Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland, Miss Olive wonders about the true meaning of the holidays, discovering the greatest gift of all is the joy of being with her “furever” family and friends and sharing the joy of the holidays with others. Miss Olive is delighted to discover that she not only has a “furever” home with “furever” friends, she also learns the true meaning of joy during the holidays."

"Recently recognized by the National Parenting Product Awards with a 2021 NAPPA Award, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland also won an award from Creative Child Magazine for 2021 Book of the Year Award in Kid’s Holiday Themed Books category.

 Recommended for ages four through nine, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland with its message of kindness and love, shows children that the true meaning of the holidays is the joy of giving to others."

Next, algo for the children a little older who enjoy fun facts.

"I'm into making life easier." El Dr. enjoying Life Hacks.

Because of prior posts, Babushka knows her Beautifuls enjoy NatGeoKids publications, 
and these two are perfecto for the preteens/teens/ya in your lives!

For the Secret Agent in Training:
 "A visually stunning book bursting with riddles, intrigue, and history..." (starred review).  -- School LIbrary Journal

From mastering escape and evasion techniques, to crafting the perfect disguise, building a gadget on the fly or decoding secret intel, Top Secret: Spies, Codes, Capers, Gadgets and Classified Cases Revealed (ages 8-12, Hardcover, 192 pages) takes recruits beyond the page and into the shadow world of espionage and all things clandestine, where “all is not what it seems,” including:
  • The ins and outs of international espionage
  • Spy agencies across the globe
  • Clandestine Dos and Don'ts (DO: Use Dead Drops, Think on Your Feet, Remember Everything! DONT: Break Cover, Trust Anyone, Admit to Anything!) 
  • Fascinating profiles of history-making spies, like, "The Limping Lady" -- World War II's most dangerous spy -- and an interview with Lindsay Moram, a real-life agent of espionage for the CIA
  • Hands-on how-to's, including: a step-by-step guide to setting up your own spy network and detailed info on how to make your own disguises, create fingerprint kits, engineer a deck of cards with a secret compartment, design rearview spy glasses, and mix up some invisible ink for writing secret messages
  • Bold secret missions -- like how the CIA stole a Soviet spacecraft -- and gave it right back!
  • Gadgets, tools of the tradecraft and surveillance equipment  
  • Tips for uncovering secrets and hidden messages that are all around you -- in advertising, at amusement parks, in video games, on cash -- they are everywhere!
  • Code-cracking of secret messages hidden throughout the book
  • Cold cases and hidden places, cool disguises and wicked surprises, menacing mysteries, undiscovered histories, and so much more!

Suggested age to 12, pero Babushka KNOWS her son MAC and 15 yr old PicaPica will read this one over and over again.

101 Life Hacks: Genius Ways to Simplify Your World (ages 8-12, paperback) - Try these cool hacksTurn ordinary into awesome with this fun book, jam-packed with science-inspired ideas kids can use to simplify, prettify, and eco-fy their lives at home, school, and on the go. Get tips and tricks for upcycling and reusing old stuff, as well as hands-on activities, fun facts, and insights from professional-grade life hackers who use their problem-solving skills to change the world.  Make cool lantern lights for your room, discover a tried-and-true brain freeze cure, learn how to boost your memory power, and more. By the end, you'll be able to hack your way through all kinds of problems, from a messy backpack to stage fright, a drippy ice pop to smelly shoes! 

 El Dr. literally took this book from BB's hands as soon as he read the title. He's 15 and "all about making life easier".

And there are some suggestions para literature for loved ones. From the sweet and sentimental to the secretive and stimulating, great gifts for lifelong learning. The wonderful publishers are feliz to be featured and are giving 2 of Babushka's Beautifuls their choice of libro to win. ESO! 👍

Naturalmente, if you prefer the seguro, you can purchase the books online. 

Buena Suerte Beautifuls!

November 09, 2021

Be Santa and Win!! Giveaway Hop #November #StockingStuffer #BTEvents


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
It's been awhile since BB posted, so here's a giveaway showing the love- from Babushka and many others!! Enjoy the love and the chance to enter and possibly ganar de muchos. 

Abajo are all the wonderful participating bloggers and their concursos.

Here's BB's contribution to the hop-

Babushka's Bellas

$20 Gift Certificate on BB's Lilla Rose site- shipping on Babushka! 

Cuantas Bellezas!! Go ahead and visit the site and set your eyes on your prize. There are so many choices and different ways to use the productos, you'll be feliz with the possibilities! 

So have fun entering all the concursos
and Buena Suerte Beautifuls!!

October 29, 2021

Pa' luego es tarde. Do it Now. #FBF October 2021 @ConexionFlorida

Sharing of BB's October article in Conexion on the last Friday of the month. Better late than never, both for the message and the sharing. 


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

This almost didn’t get published, didn’t make it to the editor. It barely missed going to print because BB forgot to press send. That, after the initial corre corre, had Babushka thinking in circles. Ok si, a natural flight of thought talvez, but it started BB pensando of all the other instances in life that we don’t “press send”.

You know, the times we think of things to do, what we’d like to do sometime, someday.  Those things that are wishful thinking. Beautifuls, the wishful turns into wasteful if not carried through. Time is not our amigo on this one. Before we know it, la oportunidad has gone and the chance of it returning as we had pictured is not in our favor. The visions of our mañanas are but flashes in the pan and never pan out. This, is of our choosing. You will never achieve what you never do or truly go after. Consider this your poke to stop procrastination. 

To ayudar, a visual for you.


“This is a round tuit. Guard it with your life!
Tuits are hard to come by, especially the round ones.
It will help you become a much more efficient worker.
For years you've heard people say "I'll do that when I get a round tuit."
So now that you have one, you can accomplish all those things you put aside until you got a Round Tuit.”  

As you can see, this has been a human trait since the beginning of time,so don’t feel bad about it. This is not a new sentiment by any stretch, pero ahora it’s fall and another year almost over. Don’t let another snowflake melt. Pa’ luego es tarde.

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen. 

October 14, 2021

#TBT Papa Nic & the Boo Bees Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 This post was originally written in 2013. Many cosas have happened since then, pero still a very valid message BB wants to share, especially since my eldest had breast cancer. Get those exams Beautifuls!!

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!

Throughout the month of October, Babushka attended many Tweety Fiestas stressing the importance of breast self-examination and mammograms and in memory of My Mom I would attend, but in all truthfulness it had been over two years since BB had gone to a doctor. Apparently the S Sisters thought it was time to change that. 

 My Little One's wisdom tooth had developed a painful cavity and we went to the health department for a dental exam. While waiting, BB saw this and immediately knew I had been set up. 

The program provides a free Pap test and mammogram to qualified ladies.
Those sisters- they know BB can't pass up a twofer!

Quee?? JU SO FONII!!! Of course it wasn't a twofer of the best kind, but it really wasn't all that bad either.  Babushka was attended very well by the ladies of the Wakulla Health Department, matter of fact it was the best exam of that kind I had ever had. Sherry Bramblett RNP and her assistant Celeste were very personable and professional. Sherry explained the procedure step by step, which although we both knew this wasn't BB's first Pap, it helped to relatively relax, and their sincere attention to any questions was most appreciated.

Wakulla County Logo, Pap Schedule, Poster on ceiling to help relax

 Did you know that bb (that's BB as a child) in her Spanglish innocence would hear La Tata talk about Papanicolaou and think she was talking about Santi Clo. Truly. bb knew of  Papa Nic. Quee?? Y'all never heard of Father Christmas?  Bueno, we all know a Papanicolaou or as BB now calls it, The Pap Test has nada to do with Christmas, but you should look at it as a gift to yourself and your family.  A monthly self exam and your mammogram and Pap Test is the best defense- early detection could be a life saver.

Go on, be a good Bella

Visit your Mam & Pap.

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

p.s.  For those lucky enough to live in Florida, 
go to to see all available services.

Get those exams Beautifuls!!

October 08, 2021

Addams Family 2- A Spooky Good #Giveaway ! #AddamsFamily2

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls! 
BB doesn't post like subjects close together, pero exceptions ocurren cuando algo esta excelente. Based on the prior Addams Family 2 post and the love of sorteos, Babushka was asked if there was a giveaway. At the time there wasn't, pero now there is!! The wonderful and adored Allied Global Marketing Bellas were feliz to help that petition come to fruition, and what a good giveaway they put together!  Pero first, porsea you didn't read the first post, a little background on #AddamsFamily2:


   Everyone’s favorite spooky family is back in the animatedcomedy sequel, The Addams Family 2.
 In this all new movie we find Morticia and Gomez distraught that their children are growing up, skipping family dinners, and totally consumed with “scream time.” To reclaim their bond they decide to cram Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester and the crew into their haunted camper and hit the road for one last miserable family vacation. Their adventure across America takes them out of their element and into hilarious run-ins with their iconic cousin, IT, as well as many new kooky characters. What could possibly go wrong?

Y ahora that y'all know what the pelicula is about, let's get on to entering the contest!
Prizes are shown in the first photo, and they are:
  • Neck Pillow
    Adult Mask
  • Pugsley Mask
  • Wednesday Mask
  • Tattoos
  • poster

And as if that weren't good already, they added a Fandango code for 4 to see #AddamsFamily2 !!

To enter there are many options and oportunidades, you can do any o todos!!
Via IGrammy y Feibu like the post about the giveaway.
Comment on that post.with #AddamsFamily2
Tell BB who'd you'd take with you to the movie include #AddamsFamily2

RT BB's Tweety post about the Giveaway.
Reply on BB's Twitter post who's your favorite Addams family member-include #AddamsFamily2

And here on the post, you can answer any and all of the above. A separate comment for each for more entries!!

Alli tienen a fun and fast giveaway. BB says fast because it only runs until noon Monday.
 OJO !!  That is 12:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday Octubre 11 to enter. 

Buena Suerte Beautifuls.