June 08, 2022

PicturesOnGold Dia de los Padres, Father's Day Personalized Dog Tag Giveaway! $110 RV!

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HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Because nothing says "special" more than personalization, for el Dia de los Padres, Father's Day, a one of a kind, just for them Dog Tag for Dad.  Breathtaking, and sure to take his breath away. Enter Beautifuls to win this for the special Dad in tu vida.

Sponsored By: PicturesOnGold.com

Hosted By: Love, Mrs. Mommy

Winner Will Receive

Black Stainless Steel Laser Photo Dog Tag Photo Pendant w/ 24 inch Ball Chain

from PicturesOnGold.com worth $110! 


Can't wait to see if you won? I have a coupon code for 10% OFF your order! 

Just use "DAD10" at checkout on PicturesOnGold.com!


Love, Mrs. Mommy's Dog Tag Review:

pictures on gold, dog tag, Dad gift, personalized jewelry, father's day gift
Pictures On Gold has the best personalized jewelry around! I am so excited about this really amazing dog tag that I customized for my husband. We took some lovely pictures of our kids this past month and our most favorite worked out beautifully for this special Father's Day gift. 

Pictures On Gold did a fantastic job engraving our kids' picture on this stainless steel dog tag. It's going to make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for him. It came with a really nice box that showcases this beautiful piece, perfect for gift-giving. I couldn't be more thrilled!

And now you have a chance to WIN one of your very own, right here!
Good luck!
pictures on gold, dog tag, Dad gift, personalized jewelry, father's day gift

Open To US and must be 18+ to enter
Giveaway Dates ~ 6/4 9:00AM EST through 7/2 11:59PM EST
Good Luck!!

Disclosure: Love, Mrs. Mommy and all participating bloggers are not held responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize obligations. This giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Facebook or any other social media site. The winner will be randomly drawn by Giveaway Tools and will be notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to reply before a replacement winner will be drawn. If you would like to participate in an event like this please contact LoveMrsMommy (at) gmail (dot) com.

Wishing All Good Luck and a very special Father's Day!

May 21, 2022

$92 Nat Geo Kids DinoMAYnia Prize Pack! HUGE 7 Book & Fossil Kit Giveaway! #dinosaurs #summerfun #summerlearning #summervacation

nat geo kids books, national geographic kids books, dinosaur books, dino books for kids, dinomaynia

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
Es Summer, time to entertain the kids while they're on vacation.
 How about some learnin' while they're having fun?? That's what this consurso is all about.  

Sponsored By: National Geographic Kids

Hosted By: Love, Mrs. Mommy

Winner Will Receive: 

This 7 Book Dinosaur Collection from National Geographic Kids + a Cool Fossil Kit! 

A $92 RV!

DinoMAYnia, dinomania, dinosaurs, nat geo kids, dinosaur books

Now lets take a look at the prizes... and enter to WIN down below!

Little Kids First Board Book; Dinosaurs (ages baby - 3, hard cover, $7.99)
The prehistoric world comes alive with dinosaurs small, big, giant, and gigantic in this colorful book for the very youngest dinosaur lovers! Each spread in this sturdy book features a different dinosaur, along with super simple facts and lively, age-appropriate language to keep babies and toddlers--and their grown-ups--fascinated by every colorful page. Not only will readers learn about a variety of dinosaurs--and how to say their names, they can also find recurring shapes and patterns in the art, while adults can keep their eyes open for occasional funny commentary from the animals. Sidebar text offers additional learning for older siblings or those ready for more complex information.  The Little Kids First Board Books mirror the beloved First Big Books while taking a fresh new approach to excite a baby's sense of wonder and make learning about nature and science fun.

NG Kids Dinos Sticker Activity Book (ages preschool - 3, paperback, $6.50)
From T. rex to Stegasaurus, Diplodocus to Triceratops, this super engaging activity book is packed with mazes, spelling and pattern games, drawing activities, and more. Dino-crazy kids are sure to love these pages loaded with fun, learning as the go!

So Cool! Dinos (hardcover, ages 3-5, $6.99)
Those sharp, pointy teeth! Those terrifying claws! Those long necks and pointy spines! Let’s face it ... dinosaurs are SO COOLBlending dinosaur art with silly quips and Informational fact boxes about when dinosaurs lived on Earth, stats about dinos, dinosaur feathers, and more, this is the perfect little reader to get kids’ brains buzzing and keep them laughing while learning.

National Geographic Readers: T.Rex (ages 4-6, paperback, $4.99)
Giant teeth! Crushing bite! Slicing claws! And … feathers? Scientists have unearthed new knowledge about the king of the dinosaurs, and now you can, too. Travel back in time to the Mesozoic forests to meet the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex. Learn how their bodies were perfectly adapted for hunting, how T. rex parents guarded their nests, and just how much meat they could guzzle down in a single bite. Then explore some of the fascinating fossils―including Sue and Scotty―that have helped scientists make important discoveries (for example, T. rex may not have roared at all!). National Geographic Readers’ combination of expert-vetted text, brilliant images, and a fun approach to reading have proved to be a winning formula with kids, parents, and educators. This level 1 text provides accessible information for kids just beginning to read on their own, perfect to encourage the scientists and explorers of tomorrow!

Ultimate Dinopedia, 2nd ED (hardcover, ages 7-10, 296 pages, $24.99) 
Big, beautiful and gift-worthy! The new edition of the popular Nat Geo Kids Dinopedia includes all the latest species and is the most complete, up-to-date dinosaur reference available. Find favorites, like the fierce T-rex and the gentle Brontosaurus, plus audacious new finds, like the Anzu, Kosmoceratops, and Yi. Every dino profile is colorfully illustrated and features descriptions of when they roamed the Earth, how they lived, what they ate, and more. There are more than 600 dinos featured in all, including 10 profiles of recently discovered dinosaurs and new entries in the Dino Dictionary. Reports from paleontologists present the latest news and insights from the field.

Get ready to meet the record-setting creatures from the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, including the biggest, smallest, smartest, weirdest, deadliest, most notorious, and most mysterious of all time. Young paleontologists can explore fantastic firsts, including the first dinosaur fossils found and the first dinos in space. They'll also meet other rad, remarkable creatures that lived before, after, and alongside them.  Did you know that the largest fish, the largest turtle, and the largest flying animal that ever existed lived during the time of the dinosaurs? Or that mammals – no bigger than a small dog when dinosaurs roamed – eventually evolved into massive land animals? See who wins in head-to-head species smackdowns and enjoy games that complement the records.

1,000 Facts About Dinosaurs, Fossils and Prehistoric Life (ages 8-12, National Geographic Kids Books, Hardcover, $14.99)
T. rex, triceratops, pterosaurs, saber-toothed cats! This eye-catching, comprehensive, and “browsable" title is jam-packed with 1,000 fascinating facts about what these prehistoric creatures looked like, how they lived, and the evidence they left behind. Uncover amazing fossil facts about the first four-legged creatures; find out what it's like to be on a dinosaur dig; and marvel at some of the fiercest, most fascinating claws and teeth. Learn how dinosaurs and birds are connected, find out the biggest prehistoric mysteries that scientists are still trying to crack, and sink your teeth into some seriously supersize dino stats.

Your child will be able to do the work of a real paleontologist as they excavate a T. rex tooth replica from the large dig brick with tools similar to what paleontologists use in the field. This T. rex tooth is a very special item because it was molded from a real T. rex tooth fossil, so your child will have the chance to see, feel, and treasure an artifact from one of the most famous and fearsome dinosaurs yet discovered. A genuine coprolite (dino poop) fossil is also included.

nat geo kids books, national geographic kids books, dinosaur books, dino books for kids, dinomaynia

Open To US entrants and must be 18+ to enter
Giveaway Dates ~ 5/19 9:00AM EST through 6/16 11:59PM EST

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Love, Mrs. Mommy and all participating bloggers are not held responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize obligations. This giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Facebook or any other social media site. The winner will be randomly drawn by Rafflecopter and will be notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to reply before a replacement winner will be drawn. If you would like to participate in an event like this please contact LoveMrsMommy (at) gmail (dot) com.

Here's to a Happy Summer Beautifuls!

May 13, 2022

MAY is for Mothers and Motivation. #FBF May Conexion 2022

 Written for the May 2022 Conexion edition. 


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

Es May already. Wow and Woah. No se about y’all, but the start of 2022 BB was slowly leaving the Covid cloud, emerging at a hesitant pace, pero happy to be emerging. Pasito a pasito, truthfully it was kinda nice to go at a measured mind frame. Febrero of course being the shortest month went by quickly, after that, the “new normal” has sent in and ya May is here! They say April Showers bring May Flowers, which besides the obvious means adversity brings loveliness, what slows you down becomes an asset. Think about that Beautifuls. Have you been watching your jardin grow?

Do you remember your New Year’s resolutions? Your goals for the year, the things you wanted to do, the vision of your life. Go back to your garden. Si, BB knows, a lot of fertilizing has been going on, time to till the tierra. Weed out the things you no longer want or have space for and cultivate your cosecha. Think and Thin Out what is truly you, all else can be put aside.

There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.~Janet Hilburn Phillips

And what has this to do with Mother’s Day? Bueno, to start, we’re talking May is for new growth, and isn’t that what makes mothers, that “new growth”. Again, besides the obvious, the growth is a wonderful gift to mom. To see their child grow against life’s adversities, to see them find their strengths, their desires, and go for them in all weather, to bloom into their own and stand tall in the sun. To see them swaying through the seasons, staying true to their colors and calling, this is the greatest gift you can give your madre. Her cosecha is charged and cosmic, ever growing, filled with truths and love. Show her your love and gratitude Beautifuls, show her a life you love. Become a master gardener and share your bounty.

A lifelong gift for a lifelong love.

Babushka Besos a Todos. Cuidensen.

May 11, 2022

Life's A Beach Giveaway Hop #Summer22 #LifesABeach #BTEvents

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
You know the song, "Summertime, and the living is easy."? Bueno, it's gonna get a lot easier if you win prizes!! Go ahead and see the encantos de concursos below. Naturalmente BB is part of the party and her offering is a $20 GC to Babushka's Bellas Lilla Rose site.  So enter, enter, porque summertime goes quicker than you think!!

Abajo are all the wonderful participating bloggers and their concursos.

Here's BB's contribution to the hop-

Babushka's Bellas lillarose.biz/BabushkasBellas

$20 Gift Certificate on BB's Lilla Rose site- shipping on Babushka! 

Cuantas Bellezas!! Go ahead and visit the site and set your eyes on your prize. The hairsticks and upins are BUENISIMO for keeping hair up, and there are also the new sport flexs. There are so many choices and different ways to use the productos, you'll be feliz with todo the possibilities!


And hablando of possibilities, look at all these wonderful prizes to be won!! Enter, Enter!!

Enjoy your summer plans
and Buena Suerte Beautifuls!!

April 28, 2022

Oh Si! #BloggingBranson Bye Bye Branson- For Now. #hosted

 Babushka was hosted by #BloggingBranson to see the many maravillas for familias it has to offer.

  The series of posts are BB’s honest opinions and views.

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
So, "tell me how you feel about a place without telling me how you feel about a place."
That foto says it all.

Our last day in Branson, MO. 
 Time to gather the memories and souvenirs. 
To make sure todo we want to take back is packed away- at least in our recuerdos.
pero first, 


Oh how we were going to miss this....
Actualmente, we were going to miss our Castle Casita mucho.

Es cute, quirky, a timeless beauty that doesn't take itself too seriously, but knows its worth and is happy and comfortable in its being. Welcoming all with amor and simple sincerity. Sounds familiar verdad?  Si Beautifuls, if there ever was a true kindred spirit, this palacio is BB's place.

The Beautifuls de #BloggingBranson had arranged a visita with The Track Family Fun Parks that Babushka had saved 'till the ultimo dia.  As soon as she saw that ferris wheel and the montañas surrounding us she knew that was how she wanted to end this trip. 

The Family Fun Tracks  a fun place whether you play or just watch. 

Perfecto for the intergenerational trip de familia!!

Feibu https://www.facebook.com/bransontracks

Tweety https://twitter.com/bransontracks

IGrammy https://www.instagram.com/bransontracks/

BB's trip to Branson, MO.  And for those that didn't see the other places, a quick resumen-

Clay Cooper_Branson MO_BBabushka

A perfect intro to the marvelous musica and musical talento in Branson.  Clay is a natural entertainer who clearly loves the audience, what he does, and his talented familia- who join him on stage! An all around people pleasing party.


The Greats done justice by great impersonators. Whether you remember the originals or are seeing them for the first time, you'll see what made them legends via these performances.  The voices, the moves, the essence of the past are performed with respect and real love, and you'll love the show. Shows why the legends deserve their own living legacy.

 Mansion of Dreams- Rick Thomas
Rick Thomas_Mansion of Dreams_BBAbushka

They say Rick Thomas is a Master Illusionist, when in actuality, he's a Master Showman.
Way past "magic tricks", these are most assuredly illusions, although many a time Babushka was left wondering, but one thing no one questioned was the way he twirled story and mystery with bits of humor or playful banter.  When bordering on macabre, merriment would find its way into fun, a joy for the whole familia!

Babushka would love to go to their family reunions! Actually, when you watch the Hughes Brothers perform, you feel like you are in a family reunion.  It's so easy to get caught up in their brotherly banter and jabs. It's also easy to get caught up by their talent, harmony done with heart and perfection.  The love of performing and each other is obvious, as is the reason they've been performing for over 30 years together. Heartfelt horas worth sharing. 

The Haygoods_Branson MO_BBabushka

Wow and Woah. That's what y'all are going to be saying during and after el show de The Haygoods.
A family of 5 brothers, one sister, with their own take on music, dancing and performing which will take your breath away. Ranging from pyrotechnics to party, humor to harp, tap dancing to toe tapping, this familia leaves no doubt as to why they've been performing for over 28 years. All ages, all gustos will enjoy este!

This one isn't a "show" perse Beautifuls, unless you make it into one. Si, this is a totally interactive, submersive you get out of it what you put in kinda place y BB LOVED IT!!!  Plan at least half a dia for this and prepare to be amazed, amused and astounded by all you can do, play and learn here. One big building for all kinds of fun que the whole familia will enjoy. Definitivamente a DO in Branson MO.

If you'd like a more detailed descripcion, here are the posts per day:

So Beautifuls, what's BB's verdict on Branson MO as a place to visit?

Branson is a place for families; establishments are owned and run by families, not big corporations. A little piece of the US that is big on pride and gratitude. Where God, Familia and Country are celebrated in every show and all are welcomed. Here are the big shows of Vegas and Orlando, without the casinos or chaos. This is Branson, Missouri, and this is a place BB looks forward to visiting again.


April 26, 2022

Oh Si, #BloggingBranson Baby!! Dia 3 Stone Castle, FlyRide, Hughes Brothers Country, The Haygoods

Babushka, her Little One, and Sweetie were guests in Branson, MO .  
Hosted via #BloggingBranson , we saw many of its maravillas.  
These are some of our opinions and observations...

Branson MO, #BloggingBranson, BBabushka
Flyride, Hughes Brothers Country, The Haygoods, Stone Castle
#BloggingBranson #hosted

HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!
Ok, Ok, Si, the collage is a bit busy, but then again, so were we!!!
The fabuloso friends of #BloggingBranson had our plates full on this final dia.
Y speaking of full plates...

Stone Castle Breakfast Buffet
Sweetie's Happy Face, the only reason he'd get up early. A good breakfast.

Fully rested and knowing he was going to have a good desayuno, Sweetie was ready for his two servings of breakfast. They switch up the types of fresh fruit and fresh baked muffins, pero the main elementos of scrambled eggs, country gravy, sausage, biscuits, waffles, cereals and coffee were the same. Delicioso. So just one go round?  JU SO FONII!!  Especially since today he was going to play catch up on missed activities. 

And catch up he did!! We went back to Beyond the Lens because we knew he'd love it. (ok, because we wanted to do some things again too.) Naturally he had to take pics with the alien and Big Foot, play virtual, electronic basketball (had to drag him from that one), pose in the GI Joe box, play some Skeeball, read EVERY SINGLE Kennedy conspiracy, took in the simulated oval office and sat in the president;s chair.  We had to rush him a bit at the end, porque although it was in the same edificio, we had an appointment to go on FLYRIDE, and BB was not about to miss out on that! 

Although, looking at this picture you might think otherwise...

What you see Sweetie hanging onto is a pic of the seats used in the ride. They move and help simulate flight through different regions. Along with air currents, water spray and sound, you truly do feel as if on a magic carpet in faraway places. So realistic que BB is rethinking the rapid water rafting item on her bucket list... Seriously, this ride is worth signing up for and glad Sweetie took his Dramamine. It's very well done.

And speaking of well done, a show that has held it's own for years...

 “It’s good ol’ Country & Western music, with a tad of Doo-Wop, Patriotic and Gospel mixed in.  Expect Country Music past, present, and way cool.  Everything from Ghost Riders in the Sky and Johnny Cash to Aaron Tippin and Diamond Rio. 

 The harmonies this band of brothers produces are a treasure richer than all the gold in California."

And they ain't just whistlin' La Guantanamera Beautifuls!
True to life hermanos, they have been performing together since childhood and it shows.  The good natured jokes and jabs, it's like being in a family reunion- of a very talented familia. BB can just see them as niños...

Little One was most amused and amazed by the bagpipes...

 The years have their timing and tuning down to a T, the harmony impressive and at times hair raising at the perfection.  A not so simple talent that is truly a gift. 

Ask them what the gift is and they share it's God, Familia and Country. 
As Babushka said Beautifuls, it's like being in a family reunion. 

Y speaking of family reunions, Cubanos are known for their "cajitas" of food in fiestas. That's where the finger foods are served in individual boxes so they'll be protected from the elements, distributed evenly, and be easier to take home.  BB uses this to explain why she didn't partake of the included BBQ; we were waiting to be served during intermission. Apparently it was served before the show. We saw the ends of it when we came in, but we figured halftime so everyone stays...

Oh well, barriga empty pero corazon lleno.  It's a show worth seeing, even without the food. And from Babushka, you know that means mucho.

Hughes Brothers Country Show
Feibu Hughes Brothers Theatre
IGrammy the_Hughes

If the Hughes are the understated downhome family, the Haygoods are completamente opposite!  This familia of 5 hermanos and one sister got their start listening to their padre's 60's lp records and remastering them acoustically. And Babushka does mean master them Beautifuls! Raised in the Ozarks they share their downhome roots, but in no way are they understated.

What they are is very talented, in many ways and on many diferente instrumentos!
 Oh, and mountain does not mean not modern. Miren pa' esto- 

Performing Beyonce

They sing, play instruments, tap dance, pero of course they play to an almost capacity theater every time!! Ya figure, to have a favorite show for 28 years, they gotta be doing algo right. Don't pass up this one if you want to be energized and entertained at the same time.  Amazing the variety of songs they cover in their style and they do it so well!! BB garantia that everyone will leave hablando and happy.

The Haygoods   https://thehaygoods.com/

What a dia Beautifuls! 
Cansada pero Contenta, we headed back to our Castle Casita.
One more noche in the mountains, enjoying todo and feeling blessed.
Hasta Mañana,