August 31, 2011

My Miami Vacation - Revel, Relive, Recover

Revel, Relive, Recover.  Yeap, that's my Miami vacation in a nutshell.

Numero Uno- Revel.  How can I not revel in my family's love and attention?  Rinquincaya and PicaPica were counting the days until I got there.  How precious is that?  Not only did I spend time with my two eldest children, their families, my grandmother, my comadre/cousin, my father, my aunt and uncle, and medio Miami, I got to catch up with my two bestest beasties BFGF  (Best Friend Girl Friend).  It's been years since we've chilled.  Even though chilled is not a word used too often in Miami- in any sense of the word.

Numero Dos- Relive.  Went to Miami with My Sweetie, so I was the designated driver.  Not because he was drinking, but because it was Miami and everyone there thinks they're the sons of Fangio.  This was where I learned to drive and it's amazing how fast I got back into the Miami madness mindset.  Sweetie learned very quickly to look at the sights instead of the road.

Oh- and what sights we saw!  In the course of 7 days I tried to relive the best of almost 40 years.  The first day there I took him to a beach.  Note I said A beach- not THE beach.  We did not go to South Beach where "the beautiful people" hang out.  You thought I'd purposely expose him to that land of dental floss wearing dainties who didn't have detailed body dimples/dunes acquired so lovingly from time and childbirth? JU SO FONII !!! >No, no, no.  We went to a "family" playita.  Babushka believes in keeping it real.  

I showed him Miami Lakes where I grew up, Kendall where I raised my trio, Flagler where my grandmother had lived,and Dadeland, where while in college he had lived.   Not only did we relive places, we had to relive plates.  As in food, lots of it- in every visita and in every corner.  Sweetie was mesmerized that every block had a bakery and a restaurant.  El es flaco, but loves to eat; he looked like a kid in a candy shop.  How precious is that?  

Pero 7 days of non stop food,fanaticism,and heat takes a toll.  Oh si, I was reliving Miami- for sure, for sure. This was too far South for us Southerners. Ok, ok- he's originally from Pennsylvania and I grew up in Miami, pero ya yo estaba fuera de practica- I was out of practice and he was out of sunscreen. Time to go home- back North to the South.

Numero 3- Recovery.    Having been through many tearful goodbyes -esta bien- it wasn't that many, but when you're a grandmother even one is excessive,  I bribed them with a goodbye goodie which I would leave on the table if they didn't cry.  They promised they wouldn't cry.  Por supuesto that made me want to cry double.

We left Miami at 7 a.m..  Of course we had to stop at a bakery to take home some pastelitos and Cuban bread.  We hoped the 6 loaves would make it home.  After all, it was a 9 hour trip...

Making it home in record time, si, ok, I was still driving Miami style, Sweetie started unloading the car while I made sure the air conditioner in the house was working and set to 60 degrees.  Oh yeah, you betcha.  I was going to make up for that Miami heat y el traqueteo.  I was going to rest.  Rest, relax, and recover  in cold and silence.

How precious is that?

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

Sonia Guerra
Sonia Guerra

Groovy Spanglish speaking Grandma of 6 who loves life and all its adventures. Motivational while still keeping it real, Babushka shows how all things looked at with gratitude are good, and how to say to la vida- JU SO FONII!!!

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