March 28, 2012

Harrroooo Duh Duh Duh- Goodbye

As soon as she saw him at the pound she was in love.  A rusty colored,  all feet, big laughing mouth with dos enormous eyeliner lined eyes that seemed to laugh too, this mutt was what my little one chose.  To me he looked goofy, cute, but goofy.  I wanted her to pick the older Collie in the next room but she wouldn't budge; she had seen him and knew they belonged together.

After the animal shelter had given its o.k., we went back a few days later to pick up "Rocky".  How she came up with such a tough name for such an obviously goofy ball of fur, feet and muzzle was beyond me, but that was his name.  As my little one held him in her hand cooing his name, his tiny tail seemed to be thumping yes, yes each time she would say Rocky, so I guess he liked it too.

But a rosa by any other name is still a rosa.  The dog was a goofball.  Oh si, give him the big he-man name, but he was still goofy.  The times he would be running on our ceramic tiled floor, try to stop but ended up sliding across the house...  I swear sometimes he'd do it on purpose.  BB hears you saying it- JU SO FONII!!! but I think he did.  He was just too cute being goofy, and when we'd laugh at him he would always open that big mouth of his and let his tongue hang out- as if joining us in the merriment.

When we moved up to the South, Rocky fell in love with the 5 acres of land he had now permission to run.  And boy did he run them- and everyone else's acres too!  In Miami he would shoot out the door if given the chance, so up here he happily spent the years investigating all happenings in the great outdoors.  He loved his escapades, but would always spring out of nowhere when he saw our car coming down the road.  By this time he was almost 5 years old; his ears would flop with each pace and his grin with the flopping tongue would greet us.  My nickname for him- Duh Duh Duh 'cause now he was a big goofball.

Now don't confuse being a goofball with being dumb- they are definitely two different things.  He would have done his animated kins Astro and Scooby proud on so many occassions!  The times we would catch him jumping off furniture when we were entering a room- or how about the times I'd find an empty Starbuck's  cup upon my return to a room?  Yes a goof, but definitely no dummy.

Oh the many tales and adventures we have shared these past 11 years dear Rocky Rook.  How we both  enjoyed seeing our Little One grow, how we enjoyed living out in the country, how we both grayed gracefully, and how we agreed that nothing beats that extra squirt of caramel  in a Frappuccino.

Mil Gracias for all the love.
3/11/2001 - 3/27/2012 

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Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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