October 03, 2012

Google + Left me all Googly Eyed

Babushka had just come from the Ford Fusion event in LA (wonderful event, but total shock after no air travel for over 15 yrs- but that's another post) and literally went straight from the airport to the empowering Hispana Leadership Summit  in Miami.  Needless to say I needed a rest. Queee?  JU SO FONII!!!  Ok si, Miami and rest? Bueno, maybe not rest but I did slow myself down a little.  I stayed with La Tata in Little Havana and just chilled with her because let's face it- she's a strong 90 year old, but there's only so much partying she can do.

During my "down time" I was busy with my Tweety and my Feibu, but I was reading how Google is destined to become the King of Social Media and was curious. I started playing with Google+ but really didn't quite get it.  I tried, but considering BB's no techie and am still trying to follow Feibu with the new Timeline I left it alone.  Not anymore; the S Sisters made sure of that.

I received an invitation via Google+ from Joe Martinez to attend a SMCSF event about Google+ of which he was one of the panelists. On a prior trip I had met this personable young man at a  Latism function and wanted to show support so I got bus fare and went.  Si, BB takes the public bus when in Miami ,and you should see the looks! But again, that's for another post.  Continuing with the SMCSF event, I arrived at the Hotel Urbano.

Nice.  Totally unassuming from the outside but once you're there...

you're in a mini Cosmopolitan Oasis
complete with art gallery

and reflection

In reality this was a perfect place for the SMCSF event because this too was very cosmopolitan. 

foto by Joe Martinez

The different people,organizations, oficios that use Social Media- attending were marketing professionals for the Florida Bar,programmers, bloggers and everyone in between. We were all there to learn about the powers of Google+ and how to use it better, and boy did they tell us how to use it better.

Joe Martinez, Hanae Kimura, Cynthia K. Seymour
foto by Natascha Otero

My friend Joe & moderator Liza Walton

Oh the things one can do with Google + , they left me speechless and all Googly Eyed. Esta bien, you're right, being Cubana, speechless is an exaggeration  but my head was definitely spinning with the information and possibilities. Turns out Google+ "is the best combo of all social medias- it has the conversation of Twitter with more than 140 characters, not as buttoned up as LinkedIn, and the circle of participants is bigger than Facebook" Can you imagine? Just "search" for a topic and people appear. Que fun!  And speaking of people and fun, let's not forget about the "social" part of the SMCSF.

Joe Martinez, Agustina Prigoshin,John Muir, Maria de los Angeles, BB, Blanca Stella Mejia ,Kerry Gruson 

It was so nice to see friends like my Capitan Maria de los Angeles and Lynn Ponder as well as finally meeting in person my fellow roadtripper Alex Carvaljo  and GM rep Melissa Galarza. Not only that, but I got to know Blanca Stella Mejia better and have a 3D real vision, not profile pic, of the lovely Brenda Leguisamo. I also met charming people like Agustina Prigoshin and the very down to earth Queen of thescene. Y quien dice, who says Miami people aren't nice and friendly? John Muir and Kerry Gruson (who I knew I was going to like as soon as she ordered a cappuccino)  graciously offered BB a ride home when they heard I was going to take a bus. Oh, and I got swag -and you KNOW Babushka loves her swag!! Si, not usually done at these events, but I got something I sooooo need.

Gracias to Franky Arriola from NapDogMedia.com

Babushka's entering this decade! 
Now I can understand My Little One when she posts RL or TAS 
and I now know how to have "hangouts".  AND I can also have them via YouTube!! 
Oh my. 

Consider yourselves forewarned My Beautifuls because BB's gearing up for new adventures and I welcome y'all to be part of it. 
 Estan listos?? 

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  More pics of the event on my Feibu page.  

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

Groovy Spanglish speaking Grandma of 6 who loves life and all its adventures. Motivational while still keeping it real, Babushka shows how all things looked at with gratitude are good, and how to say to la vida- JU SO FONII!!!


  1. you are traveling the world becoming a jet setter you go amiga. that's the way to do it.

    1. ::sigh:: But do I haveta do it via plane?? Oye mujer, what a shocker. tsk,tsk,tsk con el TSA. ; )

      Thanks for the baile and the apoyo- very mucho appreciated.


  2. I love that split Buddha picture!

    I was 'forced' to join Google+,out of all the social media channels it drives me the least traffic, and because of that I will admit I put the minimum amount of effort into it.

    I am The Official #TwitterPartyDJ and a good portion of my income has come from hosting twitter parties, so if someone wants me to host a google+ party then maybe I'll take a second look at it! LOL

    Great pictues!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  3. I totally hate G+, and also had to join it when everyone else was forced to do so. The thing is that I hate it because I just don't get it. For me, it's been so hard to try to figure out how to even post, much less get followers, comments on my posts, and things like that. I admit it's been a few months since I have even been on it. I would love to take a quick course or attend an event to learn what you did. It's probably such a good tool that I am just not taking advantage of.

  4. I broke up with G+ a few months back. Publicly, in a nasty break up post too LOL
    But now... I've discovered the power, the power of all things Google and the God's that which control the internet. I had to send a make-up gift but I think we're dating again.
    Anyways BB... Where's your little G+ button next to this post so I and other visitors can click it for you?? Send your brilliance out to the world? You better be clicking MY buttons! It tickles and makes me giggle. Try it!!
    AND!! When are you coming to see me in Vegas?? We could light this town on fire! And, blog about it. Cuz when FUNI grandma's 'Do Vegas'... it doesn't have to 'Stay In Vegas'... ;)

    1. Wow. GMTA. Got goose pimply because I JUST finished sending you a message via Feibu. La Grandma Juice & BB- honey, together we'd light the web on fire! Groovy Grandmas on Google+ Oh the FABULOUS FOUNTAIN OF FUNII there'll be then!!

      So happy you stopped by lady- I've been missing you around these parts! BB2U

      P.S. the G+ button is at the end of the post- on the bottom.

  5. I think google hangouts is the only reason i still have a google+ account. I am slowly learning the benefits!

    1. Muchachita querida!! Oye Ruby, it really is a neat little thing huh? So glad you came by, and learn quicker- so you can teach BB!! ; )

      Gracias for the comment. Abrazos y BB2U

  6. BB,
    It was fun to see you and I hope the tips were helpful. Please let me know if I can help. I teach a coaching session on G+ and our panel was only able to "scratch the surface" of all the features that G+ has to offer. Thank you for this personable post & I can definitely see you being a hit on Google Hangouts!

    Cynthia K. Seymour

    1. Cynthia Cariño! I most definitely accept your offer of help- now remember you offered when your G+ mail looks like BB at an all-you-can-eat-buffet ok? ; ) I know you saw me swinging my fan around and it can mean ::BOPASO:: but I'm hoping "hit" means popular- right? heje Here's hoping this Old Babushka can learn new tricks. Looking forward to hanging out soon.


  7. I need a Textipedia too! LOL It takes some time for me to figure out what some folks mean :)

    I also need to get to one of those Google events if there's one in NYC. Glad it was helpful.

    1. Lisa la Lovely you've caught your breath! What a schedule you have mujer- I appreciate you taking a moment to dance with me. I hope you have one of these events too. It kinda gave me flashbacks of Hispanicize 12- so much info!! But no square boxes of wine. ; )



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