October 05, 2012

What I Did This Summer

Hola Hola Hola My Beautifuls! BB's feeling a bit nostalgic today and I'm remembering the times I had to write about summer vacation during my school days. Queee? JU SO FONII!!! Yes, I remember back that far.  Besides, I'm currently in Miami, land of the perpetual summer so it's still very valid around here.

Now in between the "big" eventos- the American Latino Heritage Fund Roadtrip, the Oogieloves film debut, the Ford Fusion contest, were the everyday ordinary living life happenings.  Things like -



El Dr. from Kinder, PicaPica from VPK

DIL Early Childhood Education


La Tata enjoying herself immensely.

Ana Margarita Menendez  

Ok si, not a blood relative of mine, but it sure feels like it!  She played Carmencita on the PBS series Que Pasa USA- a much loved program that was filmed here in Miami.  My friend Carrie described perfectly the way I felt when I met her. Go check out the Tiki Tiki post -   it has videos and everything.

First Day of School

Shopping, Sleepovers and Silliness

La Princesa & El Dr doing groceries w/BB

Cousins playing in Ft. BB and of course pirates HAVE to have mustaches and beards!

Spending a glorious Memorial Day at beautiful Jungle Island thanks to Hispanicize.

PicaPica on his first audition, Rinquincaya and his Babushka.

Si, it's been a busy summer for BB.  A summer full of special moments, sacred milestones and precious memories;the "little" things in life that bring us smiles.  But looking back, these are the binding ties of families, and for me that makes them in reality, the true Biggies of our lives.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  Before anyone asks why there are so few pics of my granddaughter
please notice the two I do have are while she's in a stroller/cart. 

It's very hard to take a picture of a lightning bolt.

; )

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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