October 07, 2012

SMCSF Day 1 of 30-day blogging challenge

The Social Media Club of South Florida placed the following on their Feibu page:

Starting on Monday, October 8th, for the next 30 days, those who participate will commit to writing a blog post daily. 


- There is no word limit.

- The post can be text, a photograph, a video, a podcast, or mixed media.

- The blog must be a personal blog or your own company's blog. However, it should not be the blog of a company where you're being paid to post or where it's a part of your job description.

- Do not promote your blog posts here. Just sign up below with your blog URL. We'll set up a directory of bloggers and RSS feeds - we'll figure it out.

- Participate in this group by giving blogging tips and lessons learned.

- Do comment on each others' blog posts!

Don't know if it was the S Sisters, the momentum from the SMCSF event I went to or just plain old martyrdom, but Babushka signed up. Queeee??? JU SO FONII!!! You may be right, being an old Cuban Grandma it probably was the latter, but whatever the reason, I committed.  So My Beautifuls, I hope you stick around and cheer me on in this. Thirty posts in thirty days. Oh my. And here I thought I was being ambitious by upping my blog to two posts a week!

Anyone know where there's a good sale on café, chocolate and vitaminas?

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

Groovy Spanglish speaking Grandma of 6 who loves life and all its adventures. Motivational while still keeping it real, Babushka shows how all things looked at with gratitude are good, and how to say to la vida- JU SO FONII!!!