December 19, 2012

Upon a Star- TWAM, Wishes, a new friend.

Arrived Up North in The South on Wednesday morning, by the following Wednesday I was a little bored with my routine.  That's what happens when you live between two worlds, the world of Miami and the rest of the state.  In actuality I was missing the chispa of el Cubaneo, having someone who understood my Spanglish with no question and who could pick up my thoughts without missing a beat. Last Friday My Little One, the only one who fulfilled those missings for me here, moved back down to Miami to continue college and the separation was very hard for me- apparently I must have made a heartfelt wish.  Once again TWAM was going to help me fulfill it.

The Star

TWAM, Theater With A Mission, a theater group linked to Mission San Luis in Tallahassee and also linked to BB's corazon.  In volunteering for this troupe I've found my Spanish roots and my voice.  Queee? JU SO FONII!!! Ok si, Babushka has always been vocal, Cubana al fin, but I meant with the confidence and style one can only get when performing- especially with friends.  Especially last minute.  On the 10th I contacted our director Ben Gunter, to which he said there was a perfect part for BB in a performed reading on the 15th. We were to perform El Auto de los Reyes Magos for the second annual Navidad en Viejo San Agustin (Christmas in Old St. Augustine) ; we were to rehearse on the day of the show. 

I KNEW I could count on TWAM for some blood pumping Miami style rush!!!

Romas Sparkis, Gabrielle Reed, Ben Gunter

The play, whose interpretation and editing was finished that morning by Ben, was based upon the sighting of the biblical star of Bethlehem by the three kings/wisemen and King Herod's reaction to their visit.  Babushka was to play Melchor, one of the three wisemen.  Si, the ironic humor in that casting was not lost on BB.

Melchor as played by Babushka

Balthasar- Romas Sparkis

Gaspar- Jaime del MonteGuayava
aka  JM

The cast met up at Mission San Luis to try on costumes and rehearse.  New to the troupe was Jaime del MonteGuayava, but not new to BB.  Believe it or not, he had gone to school with Babushka in Miami. He was 2 years behind me and I still can't pinpoint from where I remember him- either in a summer class or in college, but his persona I could not forget.  JM was always bigger than life because he always questioned the whys of life and did everything with passion. No ha cambiado- he hasn't changed a bit. Seems like the S Sisters paid me another welcomed visit.

In the 3+ hours to St. Augustine, Ben, JM and BB went over our lines and had many fascinating conversations.  Normally Babushka would say "interesting" conversations, but JM has a way of speaking- part yogi (as in swami not the bear), part scholar, and part chusma de Hialeah.  Fascinating. 

Navidad en Viejo San Agustin was foggy, chilly and enchanting.  The bridges were illuminated with lights and the grounds sprinkled with torches.  Everyone was dressed in period clothing;  it truly was very easy to imagine oneself back in Old St. Augustine.

The performances (we did 3) were met well and we were finished by 10 p.m.  We usually head straight back to Tally after a St. Augustine performance, but JM wanted to aprovechar the trip and see more of the city in its' holiday splendor.  Besides, as the Cuban in him pointed out, we had to eat dinner didn't we? Taking the main street of St. Augustine- there's only 2, we proceeded to look for a natural food establishment porque JM only ate organic/vegan food.  You expected something different?  

We had a marvelous dinner, generously paid for by JM who throughout the whole event (because going out with him must be classified as an event) was enjoying his champagne, the food, the ambiance and the people.  At times BB couldn't tell if he was a Conte enjoying his subjects or a child enjoying Christmas, but either way BB was thoroughly enjoyed,entranced, and entertained.

At the end of the evening, once we arrived in Tally, we all said adios, gave each other hugs and went on our separate ways. Or maybe not, because an hour later I received this text photo.

Definitivamente a BF for BB

; )

May your inner wishes be granted by a star, and may they always be bright.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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