February 20, 2013

Even BB Gets the Blues

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!  Sorry I skipped Saturday's post- I really didn't feel like posting.  And since this baile and BB are all about following our hearts... actually, it wasn't my heart not being into it - it was more like being too into it.  I'm overwhelmed. Quee? JU SO FONII!!! Ok si, the overwhelmer had met her match.  So I did what any self respecting go getter would do. I had a piece of chocolate and went to bed.  Whaatt??  I didn't want to wake up groggy!

So what started this un BB like spin?  Well, first of all I lost my iPod touch on the bus. With all my pics of the grandbabies. Then once I got back Up North in The South I entered to find my place in need of... oh so many things.  You know the saying "There's no place like home."? They ain't just whistlin' La Guantanamera with that one. Hopefully there's no place like Babushka's. This is what was waiting at Babushka's home.

I know Babushka's not the only one who's kitchen table looks like this... right?

Actually the kitchen sink wasn't that bad when I arrived, but due to some unforseen leaky- shower -faucet- repair- gone- wrong- now- leaking -behind tub -walls -and -into- the -bedroom, we've had to shut the water off.  The picture is 3 days accumulation.  And speaking of bedroom-

Office side, bed side, walk in (more like tiptoe in- only 3 ft) closet

Hace tiempo, it's been awhile since it went from Eclectic to Eek!

Site of my future home office. For now, it's just a sight!


So how do YOU chase away the blues?

Babushka finds solace in song, in finding stories of inner strength, of dreams not yet diminished.  
In other words, I spent hours on YouTube.

Queen Emily David- ya gotta be grovin' with this one!

Listening to your inner voice,being true to yourself and having the courage to say "this is me- ALL of me".   Andrew de Leon

Alice Tan Ridley, 58 and still following her dreams after 20 years.

You're feeling better now too verdad?

It also helps to know you're not alone; the angels made sure I saw posts sharing my current blah sentiments.  Two of the best were Mami Holistica's   marvelous list of blues breakers (it's in Spanish, but sooo worth the translating effort) and my dear friend Carrie's article on the TikiTiki Blog.  Carrie's another fluent Spanglish Speaker, baby boomer who wrote about this in December.  P.S.  So sorry mujer that I'm getting to it Cubantime, but I guess it's true what they say.  "The teacher will appear when the student is ready." Maybe for us self taught people it's "posts will appear when the baile is the blues."  But you know what also will appear for sure when the Cuban Conundrum of the Moco Caido aka sad/sadness/blues appears?  What else, but


I see you- don't deny it.  You're smiling and salivating at this very moment.

My weapon of choice this day is a sundae of banana split ice cream with nutella, sprinkles, and strawberries.  
This is Babushka's plate of perkiness and it's even good for me too. 
 Calcium and fruit requirement met for the day. 
Vitamin packed.


Gracias for bailando Babushka's Blues. 
BB's feeling much better now that you've danced with me.
Pero porsea- but just to make sure of no relapses, I think I'm gonna go double up on my vitamins.

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

Groovy Spanglish speaking Grandma of 6 who loves life and all its adventures. Motivational while still keeping it real, Babushka shows how all things looked at with gratitude are good, and how to say to la vida- JU SO FONII!!!