March 13, 2013

♪♫ Making Musica With My Friends♪♫

Actually, it was making a music video, not music.

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!  Another installment of 2013's firsts, favorites and fun- BB was in a music video.  Quee?? JU SO FONII!!! No, Babushka wasn't the star; the days when BB could sing are actually part of the Mayan calendar. Si, it's been that long. For now I'll be content in helping someone else fulfill that dream and be an extra on a video.

On Feibu a call was put out for extras-

Music Video Shoot coming up for artist Royce Lovett ( and we need you!
We're looking for extras of ALL ages and ethnicities for a wedding scene! You'll be acting as the wedding guests. There will be refreshments provided and you'll be notified of the video's release.

Song: "Wedding Song" off of his Sunday Morning EP

Perfeccion right??  Wedding- as in #Babuboda and refreshments- as in BB's snack bag.  Babushka was soooo there.

Running Cubantime BB arrived 20 mins late and wasn't sure it was even the right place until I saw 

Food for the cast and extras

Oh, and this too.

The actual scene for filming.

Matter of fact, BB arrived when the director Alexandria Collins  was telling everyone what to do for the first run through.  But as things can sometime happen, not everything went according to her plans.  One of the extras had a diabetic seizure and landed on Babushka's feet. De veras. We had to stop production until EMS showed up.


A preliminary EMS pickup because that's how we roll in Tally, which was followed by a full ambulance.

I would have taken that as an omen, pero Alexandria knows her stuff. 
A trooper and true professional she did whatever had to be done to get the shot she had in mind.

She was directing, filming, trying to outwit an enamored bumblebee who wanted to land on her camera, and appeasing the beautiful people in the video who were getting a little tired and bored. She filmed  every possible shot she could think of during the 3.5 hours we were there.

And speaking of appeasing and beautiful people, here's Royce himself helping out

Quee? Ok si, you're right, BB outdoors, in the sun that long?? Bueno, you know Babushka has a heart of Gold, loves helping out young talent and dreamers.

And also loves her 

BB with Bubbles- Que fun!

Free food


So, how did the video turn out? 
 Alexandria  promised to let us know when it was out and BB in turn will share it with My Beautifuls.
 If Royce's other videos are any indication it'll be phenomenal. 

 Besides, with Babushka in it, how can it be anything less?

; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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