March 16, 2013

Conference Conga Line

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!  Today BB will address a topic all bloggers love and look forward to- CONFERENCES!!!  For many of us it's a highlight of our year.  Not only do we get information, get a chance to network with sponsors and other bloggers, we finally get to put a face to those we've friended over the blogasphere. ESO!!!

Babushka's First and Favorite is of course Hispanicize.  This year thanks to the American Latino Heritage Fund Roadtrip BB will be a panelist in this one of a kind, wondeful, buenisimo event.  It's so much, so good, that it's a 5 day smorgasbord!! Naturally it's not only for Latinos- everyone is welcome, but because it's organized by Latinos, in Miami, the smorgasbord mention is not in vain. LOTS of FOOD,FUN, FARANDULA in this one!!  Go ahead and check out the schedule- I know you'll want to go.


The second conference is from a group I'm very happy and proud to be associated with- the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective.  Ok si, BB is a mom/grandma and loves writing about her family, but let's be truthful here, my blog is mainly about life, the humor in it, and Babushka's sense of adventure so I'm very comfortable with these ladies.  By the way, you needn't be Latina or even female to join this very supportive collective.  Here's their Feibu page if you'd like to see their style.

 The Third Annual National Lifestyle Blogger Conference & Junket
From Blogger to Brand

Taking place in California from April 25 - April 27, this is a conference with caché. There is space for  Only 100 bloggers so personalized attention in a non harried atmosphere is a priority.  Truly a different take from the mass production and craziness of other conferences, this is one to learn while relaxing and reflecting at the same time.  The details and sign up are here

For many bloggers- or those who are thinking of becoming bloggers, the expenses of travel and lodging for conferences, or maybe the time involved is not doable. Well, Babushka has found a conference that is doable because it's ONLINE!!  Que? JU SO FONII!!! You know BB wouldn't miss that one! Another, first, fun, and sure to be favorite.  The Blog Workshop - It's in May and BB will be already married and ready to focus on detailed, focused learning- in the comfort of home.  Oh my and Oh YEAH Join me here for a good online blogging howto/whereto/withwhoto experience.

Here's a video that'll explain a bit more:

We've got a busy,productive and fun time ahead of us My Beautifuls.
Now go and buy your dancing shoes and those comfort inserts-


; )

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

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Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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