April 29, 2013

Hispanicize 2013- ESO!!! Swag & Song

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!  Bueno, as you can tell by the title, BB once again was very happy with "The Potencia that is Hispanicize"
This year there was so much in store for attendees that the event was 5 days instead of 3!

 Along with the published program, there was an app for up to the minute changes and additions.  And boy were there additions- VIP's and impromptu get togethers abounded!  But more on that later.  Primero, first, following in last year's steps (because if it ain't broke don't fix it and Hispz12 was so good for Babushka) I bring you-


Not bad huh??

Gracias to all the exhibitors-
 starting with and alphabetically:

Quee?? JU SO FONII!!! But of course I linked ALL the exhibitors to their sites, that's the least Babushka can do; they helped make Hispz13 an unforgettable event. Besides, BB never takes less than 2.5 hours to write a post, because showing gratitude is always worth the time.  And for those who haven't attended a Hispanicize conference, believe me when I say it is sooooo Worth Your Time! 

Now on that first day BB took public transit so I lamentablemente missed the first session, but I was on time to enjoy the networking and yumminess of sights y sabores in the beautiful terrace of the Eden Roc, where we took over for 5 nonstop days. Si, THE Eden Roc, historic home of the Rat Pack y for a few dreamy hours, La Babushka.

And speaking of dreams...

Attendees were given the opportunity to preview Filly Brown before the general public AND have a question and answer with the cast and writers.  The dream here was being with actors I have long admired and an up and coming actress that I know will be a major star.

Lou Diamond Phillips, Gina Rodriguez, James Olmos, Yousseff Delara, Michael D. Olmos

Ok My Beautifuls, you've seen the SWAG, but where's the SONG you ask?

First we got to attend a screening with the stars and then we got to screaming w/the stars.

Hispanicize founder Manny Ruiz w/Lou Diamond Phillips
who says he now has one less "Bucket List" item.

 I'm very happy for Manny- who by the way is a lovely person, happy that he lived out a dream.  
As for BB, all of life is but a dream and I am very thankful that Hispanicize and you are part of my dreaming.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.  

P.S.  Of course pics will be posted on Feibu and Youtube will show other videos from that night.

April 24, 2013

Noches de Diseño 3- A Pre Hispanicize Event

Noches de Diseño, sponsored by Sherwin Williams, was an early event for attendees of Hispanicize 2013. It was so rich and full in its' activities Babushka had to make it into a series. Oh yes I did! In Part 1 it was the art galleries to show us the colors. Part 2 highlighted the stunning and savvy Sonia Velasquez and shared a Sherwin Williams store grand opening showing us how to use the colors.  Y now My Beautifuls the final post and proof of appreciating the way we embrace colors into our culture, the heart of who we are - our food.

Ok si, of course BB would give comida a starring role, but think about it- isn't it truly part of our spirit and story?  The history of our meals, the love passed on from past generations in our platos favoritos, the sense of belonging in our sofritos- oh yes My Beautifuls, the color of our lives is definitely embraced by our food.  In this, I think the choice to dine at El Mercadito was brilliant.

Excellent ambience at El Mercadito.

Esta bien, all right, maybe the bit about being brilliant with the pic of the lights was a bit of a groaner, but believe BB when I say my joke was the only thing bad about the evening.  The food was not only colorful, but the sense of community was definitely put into play.  The organizers of the event had chosen the Sharing Menu option which was fun and very tasty.  Of course those of us who hadn't been there before were grateful we had eaten at the gallery and grand opening because we couldn't imagine a "sharing" option would really be enough.  Oh us of little faith- and Latin appetites!!  

Tacos de Pescado- Fish Tacos


It was more than enough!! Plates and plates of each course- appetizer, main dishes and- 


Flan de Cajeta, Morenita de Chocolate & Pastel de Queso

Oh my and Oh Yeah.

Pero sabe que?  Ya know what My Beautifuls?
Amazingly as it may sound, this wasn't the best part of the evening for BB.

For Babushka the best part was:
Sweetest of Swag

Quee?? JU SO FONII!!!  Ok si, BB's love of swag is almost as infamous as her love of food, but it's the meaning and thought behind this particular swag that Babushka cherishes. The quality of product is excellent and not cheap on any level; this shows they think the same of us.  Not only did they give us some of their best to help us do our best, they took the time to research what else was in store for us during Hispanicize 2013 and gifted us Rita Moreno's autobiography for her to sign during the Adelante Movement/Coca Cola event.  That's the extra step that makes all the difference in Babushka's eyes.   From the hiring of art curator and tour organizer Susana Baker and the multi talented Sonia Velasquez, to including the memoir of one of our own, Latinas were highlighted.  Mil Gracias Sherwin-Williams for your insight, acknowledgment and appreciation.

Showcasing the best, because we deserve it.  

Let's not forget that My Beautifuls.

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  Once again, this was not a sponsored post, just BB sharing her thoughts and showing her thanks.

P.P.S.  Sherwin Williams had many more wonderful times in store for us via their "Colores Latinos;Artistas Latinos" project, 
but that will be part of my Hispz13 recap.

April 20, 2013

Noches de Diseño 2- A Pre Hispanicize Event

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!! Gracias for joining me for part 2 of Sherwin Williams' Noches de Diseño. And porsea- just in case you didn't read the first one, aqui lo tienes, here it is.  It was good verdad?  Ok, Continuing.

After the art galleries and street murals we were all inspired by the colors and different styles we saw, and quite a few of us had multi ideas on how we would bring some of this into our own lives. Don't know who put this event together, but they know their stuff! They organically tied this in to a new store opening, where the amicable owner/manager Angelo helped us find the materials we needed for our creations. Did you know Babushka used to be a faux painter?  Oh si My Beautifuls, I was in heaven!  Y ahora that Sweetie and I are consolidating living spaces and remodeling our home??  Por fa, this was second only to café y chocolate!

Grand Opening of Miami Store
2615 Biscayne Blvd.

They showed us various cool apps available to make your world exactamente how you want it.
  Here's the page so you can choose your favorite color-based on your life's hues. 
And a video peek because BB thinks it's so cool.

Buenisimo right?!?!?

And you know what else, actually who(m) else is cool and buenisima??

Photos courtesy of SoniaVelasquez.com

Known as "la periodista filantropica"-"the philanthropic journalist", she's the host of Extreme Makeover Home Edition Latin America.  Bringing over 13 years of experience in the Hispanic TV Market, she's a celebrity, fashion setter, commentator, tv show host and a natural choice for a guest spot w/the Sherwin Williams team.  And natural is the perfect adjective for this lovely lady.  Not only does she inspire others to overcome their perceived handicaps, she comes across as totally sincere and real when you speak to her; truly "plain folk", which in BB's eyes makes her a Perla. Having lost her eye at the age of two, she didn't let anyone stop her from her dreams and now is helping many acheive their dreams.  Sonia exemplifies how we choose the colors of our lives and again, good job @SWPintura group for seeing the match in this. Ok si, I have total admiration for this Bella who exudes intelligence, self-reliance, and inner strength - not to mention the BEST first name ever!!  

; )

At this point it was getting late, but the organizers of the night still had wonderful plans for us.  Les digo, I'm a tellin' ya, the Sherwin Williams team definitely knows how to throw a party!  Y los "goody bags"? The goody bags proved to Babushka that they know Latinas well and I will use and enjoy the contents for years to come.  But that reveal will be in the next and final post of the series.  Quee??  JU SO FONII!!! Oh My Beautifuls, you should know by now BB savors each adventure, the story it brings, and my dances with you.  Hasta la proxima-

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  As previously stated: The opinions expressed here are from the corazon and all BB's.  No expectation of posts or any social media promoting was stressed by the sponsor.  Babushka received no monetary compensation- though, como siempre, I'm always open to negotiations.  ; )

April 17, 2013

Noches de Diseño - A Pre Hispanicize Event

Before a concert or show there's usually a warm up or opening act to get the audience ready for the headliner; the "Potencia that is Hispanicize 2013" had just that, thanks to Sherwin Williams and their Noches de Diseño.

You don't get to be almost 150 years old without knowing your product and the people who use it, and with this initiative, Colores Latinos;Artistas Latinos , Sherwin Williams proves why it gets a definite ESO!!!  For a full background on this, the above link with the NBC news release will give you detalles, pero Babushka will give you the visual and the sabor!

We were greeted by the impassioned and irrepressible Susana Baker, private curator and owner of TheArtExperiences  who whisked us away to the Wynwood Art District .  The first stop on our bus tour was the  Center of Visual Communications, a blue chip gallery whose director Barry Fellman graciously showed us the works of Iconic American photographer Clyde Butcher in his series of black and white photos showcasing Cuba.  Call me biased, but even without color the richness of the island and it's intoxicating beauty is very evident.

Salto el Rocio

"There are many waterfalls in Cuba, but I don't think Ive ever seen one as graceful as this one that is located in the Sierra del Escambray area.  We hiked quite a distance to reach the waterfall, and then down a narrow trail into the small stream flowing from the bose of the waterfall.  It was a beautiful place where I could have spent several days photographing. " 

Clyde Butcher  Silver Gelatin Photograph Ed.5;Ed.3  $8,000 for 36"x46"; $10,000 for 40" x 60" 

The ArtExperiences offered us signature bites and sparkling wine, furthering the art exhibit experience.  Babushka at one point looked around for cameras, as this felt surreal but at the same time so real. Si, BB could definitely live this way.

The next gallery, also under Barry Fellman's directorship was Guerra de La Paz.  Cuban born artists schooled in Chicago, they epitomize our love of color and talent of readapting articles, prolonging usefulness. All their works are made from manufacturer cast offs-new and now used in a new way.

Rainbows - y si, BB always wanted to go inside a rainbow, so I did just that.

The Zadok Gallery, showcasing works of art from Masters to Mid Career artists in its' 12,000 foot gallery also filled our senses with color and awe.

Mark Messersmith- Where have all the birds gone?

Gabriel Dawe- Threading Light

Pero the most impressive work of art that filled us with color and awe?  
The curator.  Bernice.

Supuestamente,supposedly, after years of owning her own gallery she retired.  
Thankfully she didn't fully leave the scene for long because we all fell in love with her.  
Her charm, her chispa and her chutzpah.  
Si, we'll be back.  

Returning to our coche, we toured around the district. The neighborhood walls were alive with modern murals whose scenes and colors were bigger than life and just as big or bigger than our tour bus.  We ended the art portion with the Wynwood Walls, graffiti and street art genre extraordinaire.   BB was grateful for the giant windows and air conditioner of our transportation and enjoyed from afar. Quee?? Babushka's baterias were needing a recharge. It's a three hour tour and we were running 1.5 hours behind schedule and playing catchup. Actually, for being a busload of latinos, in Miami, we weren't too far off Cubantime...

As I said in the beginning, you don't stay in business for over a century if you don't know your product and the people who use it.  The colors of life for Latinos isn't only in art, it's in every aspect of our worlds and cuisine is definitely a big part of it.  This too Susana Baker and Sherwin-Williams understand, so the next part of this adventure was fine dining.

Quee?? JU SO FONII!!! Ok si, BB was still a little llena from the gallery appetizers, pero if the food was 1/2 the caliber of the rest of the tour, Babushka will always be able to make room.   And you My Beautifuls, I hope you make room to read the following posts in this series. Yes, it will be a series of posts because this is one sponsor who "gets us" and touched me in many ways, in aspects so sublime yet meaningful that I must return the appreciation they showed us.  So until then,

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

P.S.  The opinions expressed here are from the corazon and all BB's.  No expectation of posts or any social media promoting was stressed by the sponsor.  Babushka received no monetary compensation- though, como siempre, I'm always open to negotiations.  ; )

April 06, 2013

BBisms- My Answer to Late Posts

 I'm about to show my multiculturalness. Quee?? JU SO FONII!!! Ok si, more so than usual. HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls, hoy BB is going to write about what she does when she hasn't had time or chosen what to write about.  My Midnite Muse, Martinique has not adjusted well to my new married status.  She needs to be the only voice I pay attention to, so now  inspirations only come while I shower. Needless to say I'm running up quite the water bill. And of course, should you and Babushka ever meet, those wrinkles you see are from meditating with My Muse.  De veras.  ::blankblink::  Continuing.

I try to post every Wednesday and Saturday.  Used to post by midnite the day before, then I tried by 3 pm on those days.  Nope. NanaNina.  My American side is frantic over my tardiness and my Cuban side is, "ya vendra, drink another cafécito and taykitizy" - that's "take it easy" for the Cubaneo deprived.  So I've learned to compromise.  On Feibu I have started BBisms.  When you see these you will know a post is a comin' but Marti is waiting till I hit the showers with the tropical scented bodywash. Si, it must be tropical scented to make her want to dance; I tried coffee/vanilla scented and all she wanted to do was eat.  

So here are some of the BBisms I've posted.

and although this hasn't been posted as a BBism yet, we must have our Classic Babushka-

From Foni to Inspirational to Life Observations- I hope you've enjoyed my answer to Late Posts.

Oh! And I'd appreciate knowing how you get your Muse moving, 'cause Pruneface should only be in the comic strips.

; ) 

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.

April 03, 2013

Quiet, Quaint, and Quirky- Crawfordville Florida, My Home town

HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!  
Many of you wonder where exactly BB lives. 
Does Babushka truly live in a rural little town?  

Come join me in a tiny toquesito of my home town, Crawfordville Florida.

Azalea Park Crawfordville Florida USA

 One of the things that endeared me was the park right smack in the middle of the town.  
Truly, it was one of the deciding factors of my move.

Crawfordville Florida Hudson Park MarkerCrawfordville Florida Park Marker Raker Farm

On the town's main street (for most of it there are only 2 lanes) is this charming park, stopping any road rage or work worries and instantly calming the soul.

Azalea Park Crawfordville Florida USA

Of course if you want something a little livelier the park can supply you with that too.

Hudson Park Crawfordville Florida USA
Hudson Park

Activities Pavillion- some great shows have been put on here!

Azalea Park Crawfordville Florida USA

Walking Trail where Sweetie and I met for our first date.

Azalea Park Crawfordville Florida USA

At first I thought it was a rural salute to Stonehenge, but then I saw-

Quee?? JU SO FONII!!!  BB had no idea what the round was for.  
In my defense, if they had to put up signs then Babushka wasn't the only one.

Pet walk Crawfordville Florida Azalea Park

And speaking of signs...
leashed dogs are welcome to use the walking trails too.

Of course there are other animals in the park 

No se, don't find these so cute since I heard they're called the Rats of the Forest.
But you know what really is cute?

Crawfordville Florida USA Town Mascot
Town/Park Mascot

Donated to the town, this statue is painted by volunteers.  We never know what he'll be from one month to the next. Usually he's painted to match the season or an upcoming holiday or event.  Some will hate it, some will love it, but he's done with the heart and we all call him Ours.  

Crawfordville, you've seen the quiet and quaint, now for the quirky. Quee?? No, No My Beautifuls the Lion-dressed-as-a butterfly isn't it.  Having moved from Miami this rural little town is my vacation place, my place to relax and just enjoy. Y tu sabes where my fav vacation place is right?  Disney World of course and Crawfordville has  in BB's mind many similarities, and I've even found a real life homage to Disney right here.  I call it-

Wakulla County Landmark  Mater Mile Florida US_smalltown


Babushka doesn't believe in coincidences/casualidades.  
You've got (Tow) Mater Mile and (Doc) Hudson Park
And our own Rodent (of the Forest) too!!

; )

Quiet, Quaint, and Quirky- My Home town of Crawfordville fits BB to the Q.

Y'all come up and visit us sometime oyeron??

Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.