June 22, 2013

Send It Over Sears!!!

*This post was sponsored by The Niche Mommy Network & Conference- but sentiments are totally BB.

Ok, ever had the most wonderful opportunity/fiesta/event just pop into your life and not know what to wear for it???  JU SO FONII  Ok, you men out there- BB knows it's happened to you too!!  Bueno, Babushka just got the most incredible invite from Ford to attend an event they're sponsoring next week in Michigan, and of course I must find something new to wear right? Verdad.

It so happens my friends at The Niche Mommy Network asked me to write about the Sears Marketplace and their Newest Arrivals. Now how perfecto did the S Sisters get this one?!?!??

This is the "official" scenario they sent us:

One of the most discouraging feelings is finding something you love in the store, but only to realize someone snatched the last one in your size (we all can’t be size-stealing ninjas)! Lucky for you, Sears has expanded its website and it is now exponentially larger than the stores! Sears.com carries more sizes and colors than you’d find at your local Sears! You could even discover the same style in a color you like more! We know what you’re thinking: “But I wanted to wear it this weekend!” Have no fear, you can buy it online and schedule an in store pickup. Sears guarantees to have your item ready in 5 minutes or less, or you’ll get a $5 in store coupon. So turn that frown upside down and visit Sears.com to pick up what you want! http://bit.ly/11aMfxu

In addition to having more colors and sizes on the website, Sears carries more brands and styles than they do in the store! Sears has stepped up their game with brands you’d never think you’d find on Sears.com. A few examples include: Ray Ban, Michael Kors, DeWalt Tools, Steve Madden, Nike, Vince Camuto, Tory Burch … the list goes on! Along with your favorite Sears brands, you can treat yourself to a few luxury designers without having to open another tab on your browser! http://bit.ly/11aMfxu
All very feasible and good, pero since Babushka is all about keeping it real, my nearest Sears is an hour away, y we all know BB doesn't do heat nor frustration (which is the drive and then not finding something I like or in my size) soooooo I go straight to the source. 
I mean seriously, don't these just scream "Babushka, order, order!!"
and the $5 in store coupon guarantee???
Oh my and Oh yeah- Wow and Woah.
Sweetie, ya better hide that Visa Card.
; )
Babushka Besos a todos.  Cuidensen.
P.S.  For those who didn't see it at the top-
*This post was sponsored by The Niche Mommy Network & Conference- but sentiments are totally BB.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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