August 27, 2013

Red Carpet Manicure- Nail Art & DIY Gel Kit

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HolaHolaHola My Beautifuls!!

Originally this post was on Feibu, but then Babushka realized not everyone is a Feibu Fanatic like BB so I decided to share it on my blog too.  Just as well, because now more people can enter the giveaway.  But first, the original post.

Now you know BB’s all about Plebian Pride, keeping it real and not having to work too hard at anything, so you’ll understand why I’m dancing about this. Remeber the post where Babushka adds some sparkly to her toes?  Bueno, it’s time for her to update her fingers too, with Nail Art!!

BB refuses to work double so I never really bothered with nail polish. Pa’ que??  It would be all nice and purdy for all of… 2 days- if Babushka was lucky.  Now the award winning Red Carpet Manicure, the first at-home LED gel manicure system, is gonna make it possible for a DIY professional looking manicure that lasts for weeks! ESO!!! BB’s soooo there.

Click on BB’s code  and sigue bailando to  RCM’s Feibu page.  Like their page, fill out some info, and you’re in a contest to win various prizes. Oh my and Oh Yeah.


P.S. Si, this is a sponsored #ad, pero BB’s glad- it’s been years since I’ve had a nice, longlasting manicure. My opinion and I’m a lookin’ forward to it!

So there you have it My Beautifuls- the original post. Ahora, so the powers of Google stay happy (as well as the sponsors) , I will add some words to the original posting. Not one to reinvent the wheel I share with you some points RCM wants y'all to know:

"Red Carpet Manicure, the first at-home LED gel manicure system, is all about the trend of DIY application, making gel polish easy and accessible.

 It’s made for women to do at home and it’s a celebrity favorite. Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, along with many others, have completed their red carpet looks with sophisticated and stylish Red Carpet Manicure nail art! With the brand’s wide array of nail art kits, nail appliqués and nail art tutorials, it’s super easy to add pizzazz to your nails.

 A leader in the nail art category, Red Carpet Manicure’s LED gel nail polish lasts for weeks with a fast, safe and easy application that guarantees a professional salon manicure without chipping or peeling. Just ask SELF, Health and Essence magazines, which have honored the brand with beauty awards while being named "Mass Launch of the Year" by Beauty Inc in 2012." 

BB's looking forward to trying this out- how about you?  Go ahead and click on the link and enter.
  We'll meet back here to share our creations ok??


Per FTC- this is a sponsored ad post, but you know BB- it's done her way.

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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