September 19, 2013

And the Flow continues: Further with Ford- 2013 Trend Conference

My thanks to the Ford Motor Company for providing my flight,lodging and meals during this event. There was no request to write about my experience, nor was BB given monetary compensation. The post is Babushka's thoughts of the adventure.

As I mentioned in my last post, apparently the S Sisters wanted me to see the Universal Flow we're all part of, how each of us can make a difference, because they kept sending me to events that emphasized just that. Next, BB was sent to Detroit to go "Further with Ford". Queeee?? JU SO FONII!!!  Ok si, when we think of Ford we think cars and not anything else, but they're so much more. It has been said that with great power comes great responsibility and Babushka was pleasantly surprised by what was talked about during the conference. To give you an idea of what the mindset was behind the event, before it even started Ford asked its' attendees to complete a Myers-Briggs personality test to see what our preferences would be. Oh si My Beautifuls, this was not to be a regular car show event.

The colored dots represented the different panels/discussions- chosen by the results of our test,
 pero let's follow the steps of my prior Ford trip and begin with the trip itself.

Cachita guardando & one overhead suitcase.  BB's getting used to this airplane travel.

Another thing Babushka can get used to-

The hotel right inside the airport.
i like, i like.

Once we checked in we were given our badges, our room keys, and told to board the bus for dinner at the Henry Ford Museum.  Now, you know BB loves an adventure, but seriously, a museum? Ford Museum?? Carros and all that??  Y'all can imagine the jetlag, but being Cubana the thought of dinner won out. In all honesty, I'm glad my growling tripas led me, because again my assumption was all wrong; the museum wasn't all about Ford and their cars.    

The beautiful decor and architectural details of the original Ford era.

So much to see, and they promised we could explore later, but first, our welcome.

President & CEO Ford Motor Company

Our first speaker of the conference, who in Babushka's opinion set a tone that was hard to surpass. Obviously an educated man, but his speech was easy to follow- even when he touched on some of the technical aspects Ford is working on, and he genuinely seemed impressed and content to be working for and heading the Ford team.  Management who is down to earth and actually enjoys his job and the promise of all it entails. Who'd of thunk it? But then again, not much about "Further with Ford" matched the preconceptions of esta vieja.  BB for one found him fascinating and was sorry we didn't see him again during the rest of the conference.

Now what we did see lots of during the rest of the conference-

A celebration of 150 years and excelente comida, with details Ford is known for.

After the wonderful meal, we were invited to continue visiting the museum. 
In truth, a full day is needed to just visit this part of the complex, but from my mini visita some of BB's Favs- 

Hot wax souvenir maker,old style McDonald's, working diner,Baby Boomers, and a fellow re-enactor portraying Henry Ford.

Bueno, si, there were cars and motorized vehicles,
but not your average everyday variety.

Model T,Presidential limos,Wienermobile

The actual bus Rosa Parks rode when she decided to seek justice for all.

Now My Beautifuls, after that last exhibit BB couldn't imagine anything could top it, so con barriga llena y corazon contenta- my belly and heart full, it was time to return to the hotel.  Day 2 had a full schedule y escapades of enlightenment for Babushka- and some thrills and chills too.  

Until the proxima My Beautifuls,

Babushka Besos a todos. Cuidensen.

p.s. BB was flown in, fed, and given a place to snore,
 the rest- like her post & opinion, was all Babushka's. 

Bohemian Babushka
Bohemian Babushka

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